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We're stuck in an eternal summer; let's enjoy it.

Skyla and Cress were in an eternal summer when they were together. The smile, the laughter, the subconscious flirting… of course, this was in Cress' best dreams.

In reality, he was Cress, the good mannered, fancy, sophisticated one of the three. He didn't do things that people would remember for their lifetimes, like when Chili fainted because Elesa finally made eye contact with him. He didn't do things that would make people stop and stare like when Cilan was found with Iris in a make-out session.

Oh no. Cress was the one that daydreamed, but he was level headed and, compared to his brothers, normal.

But there was one day he'd never forget.

It was a Monday—he'd remember because he absolutely loathed them—and the red headed beauty had asked for Cress to be her waiter. When he ventured over to take her order, she began a conversation.

"So, how's it like for you, having two co-gym leaders?"

She was very calm about it, simply ordering water with a lemon slice and a small slice of cake.

When Cress returned, she said, "Thanks, Cress."

He felt his face heat up. She knew his name?

"You're welcome," he said politely.

Fifteen minutes later, she got up to leave. When Cress took her tip, she smiled as she said, "We should do this again. Well. I'll see you around."

With that, she left on her unfezant, flying back to Mistralton City.

Maybe it was a dream to Cress, but it was one he'd never forget.

They were stuck in an eternal summer when they were together, after all.