Ok so i wrote this for an English assignment after reading Romeo and Juliet and watching like three difrent versions of the movie... To much Elizabethian speak... anyway it's supposed to be from Benvolio's point of view after the play concludes, it's pretty much his opinions on Romeo and Juliet's death and the end of the fued between the famiies...

i don't think it's very good but hey... give me your opinion

It is over, the peace I have always longed for is finally here, and yet it is with a heavy heart I write these words. For so many had to die to achieve such peace as this. My cousin and friend Romeo slain by his own hand with poison, leaving his wife Juliet to follow after with the blade from his sheath. Mercutio killed by Tybalt and Tybalt in turn by Romeo, two pointless deaths in their own right. My aunt and the Lady of the house of Montague struck down with grief over her only son's exile. Paris who was found slain by Romeo as well laying dead in the tomb of the Capulets, along with all others who died in a fight that was not theirs. It is sad to think that in order to achieve the peace that was long overdue this bloodshed needed to be.

Romeo and Juliet were lain to rest earlier this beautiful but dreadful day. Life was so much simpler when Romeo was in love with Rosaline, before he saw Juliet and before this mess began. Simpler yes, but still full of hate and ill will. In their deaths the Montagues and the Capulets finally find peace, they have taken an example from their children and put aside their differences and quarrels for a final, ultimate peace. Oh, how I wish that this would have been decided before so many had to die in mindless bloodshed.

Love and hate are fickle things indeed. They are the exact opposite of each other and yet so readily confused, they are both emotions filled with a passion that is blind to anything else in it's path. It is strange to think that two emotions so different yet so similar can, it seems, cancel each other out and create an unsteady yet unwavering peace. My cousin always believed strongly in love and out of a blind love he died, yet it was hate that drove him to it, hate between two families that was also blind in seeing what damage they were causing in their hate.

It's strange to think that not long ago we, the Montagues, used to hold such hate and disdain for them, the Capulets, for at Romeo and Juliet's funerals we all wept together. There was no difference among us, and those we thought were there before seem so trivial now, in the wake of such heartache. I do believe this peace will indeed last long after we are gone if it can not be eternal. Though the means were unpleasant and unwanted the end is a glorious feat amongst itself.

So then on this most horrible yet wonderful of days, we finally set aside our swords and harsh words in exchange for handshakes and exchanges of pleasantries. It has finally ended, and yet while our hearts will eternally ache for Romeo and Juliet who were stolen from this life long before their time was due, while we stand in mourning for the loss of their life, we can still be joyful and give thanks for the end of an age old feud. In my mind Romeo and Juliet have proved that it does not matter whether it is love or hate because in the end it all boils down to a blind, unwavering passion that in either case will destroy everything in its wake till it gets what it wants or, in some way, prove to be the downfall of those who feel it.

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