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Sam/Quinn—takes place during the party in "Blame it on the Alcohol"


Quinn looks over at Santana and Sam making out on the couch and suddenly her stomach rolls with nausea. It shouldn't bother her. She cheated on him and he broke up with her. That was how it was supposed to be. But looking at him all over Santana was enough to literally drive her insane. Quinn grabs a red cup and fills it with some kind of alcohol on the table. She thinks that if she drinks enough, maybe all of this will go away. If she drinks enough, then maybe, just maybe Sam and Santana will disappear from her all together and she can be alone.

She drinks the first cup in a matter of seconds and feels the tingles already start at her feet. It's been a while since she has had a drink, but she know remembers how good it feels. Her head feels lighter and for a minute everything is normal. That is, of course, until Rachel screams for everyone to play spin the bottle. From the way that Finn just shut her down, I'm guessing it was to make him feel jealous.

Quinn's surprised when she sees Sam peel Santana off from straddling his lap and places her on the couch. He raises his hand in the air and says, "I want to play!" Santana's too drunk to mind too much and everyone circles up on the floor while they start the game.

Quinn can't help but stare at Sam the whole time, praying that the bottle will land on her when she rolls. He looks up at her for a brief second, their eyes meeting, making her heart beat erratically, but then she looks away and places his hand on Santana's hip. Quinn looks down, feeling the dry ache in her stomach rage,

Brittany spins the bottle and Quinn crosses her fingers under her legs that it won't be Sam, but fate has another plan. It lands on Sam and he smiles, licking his big lips and leans in to kiss her. It's a good kiss too. Quinn's eyes start to sting with the threat of tears and she looks around the room to make sure no one notices. Finn is looking at her but the sight of him makes the pain worse. She doesn't love Finn. She loves Sam but she couldn't decide fast enough. Well, she couldn't listen to her heart fast enough and she ruined everything. She looks away quickly so no one will notice them looking at each other.

Santana, bless her soul, started screaming and ended the Brittany and Sam kiss. When they pulled apart Quinn took a deep breath and looked away. There's a lump in Quinn's throat and it doesn't go away even when she looks at the floor for a long time. There is a twisting in her stomach and it takes her a minute to realize that it's not jealousy or regret, she thinks she's going to be sick from the alcohol. Not really too upset that she's leaving the party, Quinn runs upstairs. She can't find a bathroom on the first floor so she runs upstairs again and into what she's guessing is Rachel's room to use the bathroom. But by the time she gets to the toilet, the pain in her stomach passed and she's okay.

She sits on Rachel's bed and closes her eyes, not really wanting to rejoin the party and watch her drunken friends make bigger idiots out of themselves then they already have. The world starts spinning around her with her eyes closed. The alcohol is pulsing through her body and she is honestly unsure of how she hasn't attacked Santana yet.

But the truth is, her heart is too broken to be upset. And she knows this is all her fault. Sam was the perfect guy for her. He loved her, he protected her, he was loyal to her, he wanted nothing more but to make her happy and she couldn't accept his love. A part of her felt that it was because she didn't feel like she deserved him but the other part of her just knew that she wasn't a good person compared to him. He deserves better than her but Quinn hardly thinks Santana is better than her.

There's a light knock on the door but Quinn doesn't move. She doesn't want to get yelled at by Rachel for crossing the yellow caution tape Rachel put all around her house. But the knocking continues so Quinn pushes herself up and yells, "What?"

The door creaks open a bit and Sam is standing in the doorway.

Quinn's body freezes. If he's coming up here with Santana to use the bed, she might have a panic attack in front of everyone. But Sam comes into the room and closes the door behind him quietly, looking at Quinn on the bed.

"Hey," he says after a long pause of silence.

Quinn doesn't say anything. She can't. She can't find her voice and then feels like an idiot when no sound comes out.

Sam fills in the silence. "I saw you run up here and I was just checking to make sure you were okay."

"I'm fine," Quinn says quickly, wishing she didn't sound so rude. He followed her up here to make sure she was okay and she was being rude. She cheated on him, he has every reason to hate her and yet here he is. "It's a little crowded downstairs," she eventually says.

Sam nods and makes his way further into the room, sitting down next to her on the bed. She can smell alcohol coming from off of him but he seems to be perfectly coherent. Then the thought that the only reason he's up here is because he's drunk scares her. But maybe he actually cares about her. Quinn just prays he'll say something now. But when he doesn't, she fills in the silence by saying, "Don't you think Santana will be looking for you?"

She shrugs his shoulders, looking at the wall across from the bed. "She's hysterically crying at the moment so I don't really care."

"Why's she crying?"

"Because she says I'm still in love with you," he answers honestly.

Quinn's heart stops. He's so close to her she can feel the heat of his body on her own skin. She wants to reach out and touch him, even if it's just his hand but she doesn't. She wants to run her fingers through his beautiful blonde hair but she doesn't. She wants to kiss his huge lips and never stop but she doesn't. Instead, she sits there and breathes.

"I'm still in love with you," Quinn says before she can stop herself. She gasps and then pushes herself off the bed, not wanting to be near Sam anymore. She reaches for the door, about to run away and get away from this all, when his voice pulls her back.

"I'm still in love with you too," he finally says. "And that's the problem."

Quinn turns and faces him. Her hands are starting to sweat and shake at the same time but she composes herself. She takes a deep breath and swallows hard. "You do?"

He smiles and nods. "Of course I am, Quinn. I was always in love with you and I was the one waiting the whole time for you to realize it. You didn't love me back and instead you cheated on me. I was there for you through everything and you cheated on me like everything we had didn't matter to you anymore."

"Of course it matters to me," Quinn says. "I was confused and sad and I don't know what I was thinking. Finn and I have history and that's not going away. For some reason, after all of this time he still wants to be with me but I think it's just a rebound from Rachel and for some reason I kissed him. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was choosing you and not just choosing you because you sang and danced like Justin Bieber but because I actually wanted to be with you."

He doesn't say anything. He just looks at her. He looks at her in a way that she doesn't deserve to be looked at.

"You broke my heart," he says. "I would never cheat on you."

"You're with Santana."

"That's because you lied to me!" he says. Quinn's never seen Sam mad at her before. She's seen him mad at Finn, but it's never been directed at her and she's scared. "Don't make me feel guilty for being with someone who actually likes me."

"Don't make me feel guilty for being upset every time you two publically make out with each other. Or when you make out with Brittany in front of me. It means something to me, Sam. It breaks my heart too."

Sam walks up to Quinn and closes the door behind her, pressing her back lightly to the wood. He places his arm over her and bends down so their faces are only inches apart. "I'm with Santana now," he says. "And I would never cheat on someone."

Before Quinn can stop herself, she pushes herself forward and places her lips on Sam's. When she kissed him before it was nice and sweet but this wasn't. It is full of need and want. Quinn sighs and opens her mouth, letting Sam's tongue enter. He holds her face still while she twines her fingers into his hair. She can taste his breath and pulls herself closer to him. And for the first time kissing Sam sends fireworks off in her mind. She moves closer and presses her body against his.

But then it's over. He pulls away and looks at her.

"I never got my goodbye kiss," he says. "But it looks like I just got it."

Quinn opens her mouth to say something but nothing comes out.

"Goodbye, Quinn," he says and leaves.

She stands in the doorway of Rachel Berry's room, feeling alone and sad, knowing that this is all her fault.

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