Author's note: Written for the Drabble Game on the Gabby forum with the prompt "texting". (Established Gabby.)

Ziva stood leaning over Tony's shoulder, both agents looking at the computer screen in front of them when a
beeping sound broke through the silence in the bullpen. The telling sound of someone recieving a text-message
came, to the two agents surprise, from their boss' desk. With somewhat stunned expressions on their faces they
looked at their leader when he picked up his cell.

"Does Gibbs even know messing?"

"It's Texting. And I'm not sure..."


Gibbs checked the incoming message. He knew perfectly well who it'd be from even before he saw it; there
was only one person who knew that he now could use his phone to other things than talking.
She knew because she had been his tempting teacher, forcing him to learn.

- What are you doing?

- Working.

He quickly turned the sound off, knowing that the response probably would come in a second. And it did.
Good thing his teacher had thought him all the tricks he needed to know.

- Boring. Ask me!

- You should be working too.

- Oh stop beign such a sourpuss, I multi-task. ;P Ask me!

- Ok. What are you doing?

- Standing in the elevator.

He wasn't expecting that.

- Why?

- Waiting for you.

He raised an eyebrow.

- Again: Why?

- Come see.

He got up and left his desk, heading straight for the back elevator.


Ziva and Tony looked after him.

"And now where's he going?"

"With Gibbs you never know..."