Author's note: Written for the Drabble Game on the Gabby forum with the prompt "Craving". (A Gabby beginning.)

The screen turns blurrier and blurrier as she stares at it. It's no point.
She gives up and puts her elbows on the desk to rest her head in her hands, closing her eyes.


Her head is pounding. All the reasons for why she was going to cut caffeine out of her life were gone gone gone.
The tea she was drinking was just awful. Tasting like nothing but grassy water. Why didn't she have any sugar around?
She could go up to the cafeteria and fetch some of course. Yes, good idea. Perhaps when this grinding headache would finally let go...

"What do you have, Abs?", Gibbs comes strolling towards her. He's got a coffee in one hand but no Caf-Pow! in the other. No Caf-Pow!...

"Ah Gibbs. Caf-Pow... Why not?", she tries not to move so much.

"You told me not to. Headache?"

"Uh uh."

He puts the paper cup on the desk and moves to stand behind her.

"Lean back"


"Lean back." She does as instructed, leaning back as much as she can. She looks up at him, wondering what he's going to do.
"Close your eyes... and just relax."

Once her eyes are closed he pulls out her pigtails and runs his hands through her hair, massaging the scalp gently with his fingertips for a while. He slowly makes small circles all over her head and then focuses on the areas behind her ears, the base of the skull and her neck...

She sighs deeply, beginning to feel totally relaxed,

His hands never stops. Making slow tender movements. He gently massages her temples...

After a minute or so he stops, much to her disappointment. She struggles to open her eyes; wanting to stay just like that, having him continue his massage down on her shoulders and her back, for the rest of the day,

"Feeling better?"

"Much. Wow Gibbs, I didn't know you knew how to do that. I'll have to use you more often.", she smiles up at him. He just smirks back.

He reaches for his coffee again and drinks. Her eyes following every move. Coffee... A tiny sip can't hurt, can it?

"Can I have a tiny-tiny sip?"


"But Gibbs! Come on. Please?", adding a "please" to her puppy-eyes usually works. Even Gibbs can't be immune.

"It's empty."

Darn. She's just wasted a "please" on an empty cup.

She stares at him. Sure, the headache is long forgotten now but she just want it... She saw him drink from the cup! Coffee gone from the cup, into Gibbs mouth. Oh, she can practically hear her own brain questioning her motives for her planned actions! She can't seriously be thinking about just coffee...?

Of course not. It's a good excuse though.

She gets up and faces him; he doesn't back away, thinking she's going to hug him but to his surprise her lips are almost immediately covering his,

It takes his brain a second to catch up on the events but once it does he kisses her back.

Oh, had she known before what a good kisser he was then she would've kissed him days, weeks, months, years ago. Good at giving massage and a great kisser. Getting to know two new sides of her silver fox in just one day. Excellent!

Also, she was right, he tastes of coffee. She giggles mentally for being so silly.

Breaking the kiss she grins, it's been quite long since she felt this happy actually. Problems might be ahead but in this moment there's nothing but happy endorphins running around.

"Wow.", she says quietly as she reaches up to take away the lipstick around his mouth, "That should help my 'caffeine-and-Gibbs'-craving. For now."

He just looks at her; what she believes herself be able to read in his eyes almost makes her blush.

"Be ready in three hours. I''ll come pick you up.", he tells her then leaves the lab.

When she's putting back her pigtails in place she catches her reflection and giggles. Her lipstick is smudged, her hair is tousled, she's looking slightly flushed... Not really the best look at work she decides and tidies up her make-up and hair.

However, she has a feeling that she'll look just about the same in about 3 hours and 30 minutes...