Naruto: Ninja Spawn

Chapter 1: The Beginning

AN: Hello all yes this is another new story. I actually had a dream about this story, though i had been contemplating something like it for a while. Anyway the first few chapters like always are just me taking shots in the dark and seeing if it hits. Also for those who care since I can't muster up the drive to continue with it my story Legend of the Fox is now officially up for adoption for all who wish to give it a try. All i ask is that you don't make the harem excessively large as the whole point is Naruto's struggle to return home to Hinata and his children. As for who i planned on they were actually Batgirl (Barbra Gordon), Raven of the Titans, and i believe Vixen from the justice league, but choose whoever you want but no more than three. Also i had planned on having Naruto's seal activate once more and bringing in certain shinobi, specifically the Konoha twelve and Kakashi including Sasuke who would be serving in a max security prison. For more info ask, that said here's the chapter.

Start Now:

From within the heavily fortified wood made walls of Konohagakure no Sato a single transparent figure stood within the air as they looked down upon the ground to the scene beneath it. On the ground a small child who could be no more than four or five years old ran through the streets of the village as if the hounds of hell themselves were chasing it, which in his case would actually have been better.

The child was a boy with short yet spiky blonde hair, that if not for the dirt within it would have been as yellow as the sun. His ocean blue eyes were filled with nothing but determination and a healthy dose of fear as tears trailed down his cheeks and to the whisker-like markings adorning them. His clothing was mere rags that was actually too big for his small stature that was hindering his getaway and keeping him in sight of his pursuers.

Chasing after the boy were several villagers, each and every one of them full grown. As he ran he did his best to ignore the screamed insults from behind him and the threats of death along with them. Already they had chased him out of the village proper and he had enough tares in his clothing due to the struggle. Despite the rips and blood staining his clothing their wasn't a scratch on him as his impressive healing ability had already taken care of any damage he'd received.

Despite the length of time that had passed he knew no help would be coming, at least not for him. He had passed by many shinobi during his run and all of them had merely turned away as if they didn't see him or his predicament. One had even been kind enough to toss a kunai into his arm before turning away. He had easily discarded the tool and the wound had healed up but it had slowed him down enough for his pursuers to spot him once more. Shaking the thought off the child grinned upon seeing a forest area in front of him which could only help one such as him, as it would surely hide him in its darkness.

Even after he slipped through a small hole just big enough for him to squeeze through he kept running until he managed to disappear into the foliage and from the sight of the villagers. The villagers themselves only smirked as they came to the large fenced off forest, each having heard horror stories about the beast that called the place home as surely the boy would die now. With those thoughts they turned and left each one planning to celebrate his death and spread the news.

The child had run for a full ten minutes before he had realized he'd lost his pursuers. Goal achieved he dropped to the ground as if he was a puppet that just had its strings severed panting heavily in exhaustion. For several minutes the boy relaxed rolling over so that his front was facing the sky as he continued to inhale sweet air to calm his racing heart. It was at this time that the figure that had been watching the boy throughout the entire ordeal decided to make their presence known.

"Hello Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto"

The voice produced an immediate reaction as closed eyes snapped open and the boy sprang to his feet with all the quickness his exhausted form and too big pants would allow prepared to bolt.

"There is no need to fear young one. I mean you no harm."

Turning towards the voice Naruto felt his eyes widen as the figure revealed themselves to his gaze. The figure was that of a giant one that could dwarf even the tallest of full grown men and was dressed only in what appeared to be a long white shitagi. What really caught his attention was its deep purple skin tone, long spiky white hair with red horns jutting out, and the fact that it was still completely transparent. With this sight before him the small boy could only do what came natural to him.

"AAAHHH GHOST!" he screamed before passing out.

The figure blinked at the boy's reaction for but a moment before doubling over in laughter. Now most of its kind may have actually been offended by this reaction but this one was older than others and in that time had learned to enjoy comedy when it stumbled across it, which was why it had decided to kidnap Dave Chappelle from his universe after it got tired of waiting for the third season of the Chappelle Show.

After a few minutes the boy awoke shaking his head and nearly screamed again spotting the figure still around. The reaction however was stopped in its tracks as the figure decided to get down to business.

"Firstly I am not a ghost, young one. I am Izanami-no-Mikoto, the original goddess of life and death."

Naruto blinked at this revelation. The old man had told him stories of the Kami the few times he had seen him among many other stories.

"I believe that in the time that has passed however your people have taken to calling me the Shinigami." Stated the goddess.

"So does that mean I'm dead?" questioned the blonde lowly though the goddess could actually hear hopefulness in his voice which saddened her immensely.

"No young one, you are still very much alive I merely came to check up on you and offer you a bit of aid."

Once again Naruto could only blink at this news. Of course one couldn't blame the boy as only the Hokage ever checked up on him and only then it was only about once a month. Aside from him however he knew that no one else actually cared about him or what happened to him, unless it was to hurt him.

"I do this for two reasons first because first because I have seen into the future of this world and at the rate things are going things will end horribly. Secondly is because your parents impressed me that night at the length they would go to protect you." Explained the goddess.

"M-my parents?" questioned the child in awe.

"Correct you see during the fight with the Kyuubi they both threw themselves in front of the Kyuubi's claw before it could impale you. Even further your father managed to summon me to seal the best and even now your mother's power helps contain it."

"I don't understand, jiji said Kyuubi was killed by the Yondaime." Said Naruto with a frown.

At this Izanami merely snorted and made a motion with her finger before the blondes shirt disappeared. Before he could react however his eyes widened as black markings began making themselves visible on his stomach eventually turning into a spiral with some kind of script surrounding it.

"What you see now is the seal created by your father and maintained by your mother. The spiral represents your connection with me as that is the seal I placed upon you during the sealing. The script surrounding it however are part of another seal, this one being the Hakke no Fuin Shiki. The openings in the script are what would allow you to use the Kyuubi's power if you desired. Of course that also has its risks the biggest being the weakening of the seal." Explained Izanami.

Naruto said nothing to this still in shock over the fact that the Kyuubi had been sealed within him. Yet at the same time he finally had a reason for all the things he was forced to go through, the cruelty he was made to endure for as long as he could remember.

"Why are you telling me these things?" questioned the chibi blond causing the goddess to sigh.

"As I said I have seen the future of your world and it isn't a bright one. The truth is I wished to give you a fair shot at claiming your own future. As despite what you might be led to believe there are people who plan on using you as no more than a puppet and even now they have begun to train you on how to act. What happens to you daily is no accident but a concentrated and planned effort to enable them to control you. The results of this would leave you weak and unable to survive what is coming."

Naruto frowned at this news. He had known that he wasn't well liked, in fact it would be hard to say he was near the top of the list of the villages most despised figures. He had never however imagined that all of his suffering was some attempt to make him some kind of pet to do as directed.

"Now originally I had planned on not interfering with your life but your father actually placed a monitor seal on you which is really only to alert me in the event of your death. When the alert came to me you were sixteen and had just had the Kyuubi extracted from the results of which killed you. This went against your fathers plans for you, as even though he knew there was a threat to you he believed you would be the one to put an end to it as did your mother and I. It was for this reason I turned back time for this specific world, plus I wanted to see what you would be capable of if you had actually had a fair chance. You wouldn't believe how boring things can become after a few millennia much less eons.

With that said I am gifting you with two things. The first is knowledge, this is actually a training schedule devised for you by your parents that both expect you to follow. This knowledge has already been implanted into your mind for later. The second gift is from me and is actually something your in desperate need of; I will not have you running around in that god awful orange monstrosity you called a jumpsuit."

As she said this Naruto shrunk back as he could actually see a dark purple flame appear within the goddesses eyes at these words. Thankfully the goddess stopped her rant before it really could begin upon seeing the child's shivering form.

"Now what I am gifting you with is a symbiotic suit. This means that the suit is actually a living being that needs another to continue to live. She is known as K7-Leetha and once belonged to a good man who asked that I see to it that someone worth dons the suit as his successor. You it seems are a worthy successor for Simmons as you were not corrupted before and I doubt you will be in this run through. For this however I will need to put you to sleep for a bit as the suit will connect with you and if awake will be quite painful. Is their anything you wish to ask before hand?"

"My parents, who were they?" questioned the blonde causing Izanami to smile though with her appearance it was actually quite scary.

"Your father was called Namikaze Minato and was known as the Yondaime Hokage, it is he who you seemed to have received your looks from. Your mother was Uzumaki Kushina, the sole heir of the Uzumaki clan whom you apparently received your personality from. Now then you can learn more about them yourself, for now I will give you your gift. Good luck from here on."

That was the last Naruto heard before he passed out. Seeing the boy out Izanami held out her left hand just before what appeared to be a metallic canister appeared within it shaped like a sphere. The sphere opened slowly and what appeared to be mist began flowing out. As it opened fully what appeared to be a blob within a block of ice could be seen within. Izanami's eyes flashed and the ice shattered freeing the blob within. For a moment the blob was still before a portion of it lifted out of the sphere and looked around. In no time it had spotted the small child and the entire thing surged outward and converged upon him covering his form in no time at all.

"K7." Called Izanami catching the blobs attention causing it to focus one of its white sections upon the goddess shaped like an eye.

"This host is still part of the living world as such I have made some changes to your stricture to accommodate for this. You will find an energy source to feed on within him but do not try taking too much as it will destroy you as it is a representative of the ninth circle. Furthermore firearms do not exist in this world so I have implanted the knowledge of certain melee weapons into you for his usage aside from the axe you already know. Your chains have been removed as he actually has his own that work better than yours as they have a longer reach. Lastly it would be unwise to try anything against him as unlike Simmons he can kill you should he try. I have gifted you with a few new abilities though that this particular host would allow you that others would not. I will return in about eight of their years to check up on the two of you."

K7 nodded its consent and went back to what it was doing. Satisfied Izanagi made a single hand motion and the blob covered child sunk beneath the earth where he could not be disturbed until the process was completed. That done the goddess herself fazed from existence to check up on another of the worlds of the multi-verse.