Naruto: Ninja Spawn

Chapter 4: A New Gennin Team

AN: Hello all and welcome to the fourth chapter. I'm actually surprised by how many people are interested in this story and crossover considering there haven't been many of these done before. In fact I've heard of only one story like this one all other Naruto-symbiote stories are done with Venom in mind. That said I'm pleased that so many people have been so receptive to the idea and have already embraced this story despite its infancy so I'll be trying my hardest not to disappoint anyone. That said here's the new chapter.

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In the dead of night a single figure could be seen crouched upon the highest peak within the Hidden Leaf Village. He smiled thinly, though it was hidden by the mask that adorned his face as he watched the scene down below. Despite the distance between them he watched as Toji Mizuki, a chuunin ranked assistant academy teacher was dragged out of his home by the ANBU a grimace of pain adorning his features.

"Are you pleased?" questioned a voice that only he could hear.

'Immensely.' Was the mental reply.

"I don't know Naruto-kun; I still think you should have just killed him." said the voice.

'You always say that K-7.' Returned the boy lightly.

It had been seven years since the night that had forever changed his life. At twelve years of age he stood at 4ft 9in and weighed a solid one hundred pounds, showing not a single sign of his previous malnourishment. In the time that had passed he had taken an active role in ending the corruption within the village and had earned himself a hefty sum in rewards because of it. Several individuals had been removed from the council and he'd even brought down a special jounin among other individuals. The Hokage as the only one who knew of what he did paid him handsomely for his work; and though no one was supposed to know of him there were rumors floating around that the Hokage had a secret agent on his payroll.

That was his nightlife however. His day life was a bit different, he was in his last year at the ninja academy and the prodigy son of the late Uzumaki Kushina. He was at the top of his class rivaled only by his best friends Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuga Hinata. He was a ramen addict and had a tendency to play some very crafty pranks on the unsuspecting within the village. Whatever the case however he had tired of watching, and with his graduation exam in the morning vanished into the shadows as if he'd never even been there.

He was awoken hours later by a slight shaking of his form. Opening his eyes he was greeted to the sight of Uchiha Rina standing over him; the now fourteen year old girl had grown wonderfully over the years. She was now slender and slightly curvy, her long dark hair held in a tail that fell to her mid-back. She wore a pair of black shorts and a black t-shirt that did nothing to hide the swell of her breasts, that job taken by the chuunin vest that she wore open while her hitae-tae rested on her waist acting like a belt.

"When did you get here Rin?" questioned the blond tiredly.

"About thirty minutes ago. I'm almost finished with breakfast so grab a show and then come eat."

Naruto obliged her and ignored the snickering he could hear within the recesses of his mind. His shower lasted all of twenty minutes before he emerged and he was not surprised to find clothes already picked and laid out on his bed. Over time both Hinata and Rina had developed the habit as they knew that if it was up to him he'd have walked out in a bright orange jumpsuit; that was how much he cared about fashion. Instead however he wore a pair of simple black pants and a dark red t-shirt with his skull symbol on the front taking up most of it the eyes of course appearing as if they were glowing red. Though small the Uzumaki clan spiral was placed upon the back and he finished it with black sandals. As he took his seat at the table he was greeted with a double stack of waffles big enough to take up the entire plate and a trio of fried chicken wings. He wasn't surprised Rina had developed a love for this type of food after he had first made some and had forced him to teach her how to cook it.

"So I was thinking that once you graduate today I could move in." said Rina after a few minutes.

"Kind of quick isn't it?" questioned the blond.

"No since you'll be a ninja you'll be seen as an adult so I won't get in trouble for it." Explained the girl.

Naruto nodded in understanding and continued to eat. In truth he wouldn't mind her moving in with him, she was around more often than not anyway. He was pretty sure that the only reason she hadn't already was due to her clan. Despite the fact that their engagement was known she was still an Uchiha and as such was expected to abide by the laws of the village. The clan may have ignored some of the things they did but her moving in too soon would not have gone over well.

"Well I don't mind. Have you talked to Hinata about it?" returned the blond after a moment.

"I'll talk to her today. I wanted to get your input first."

Naruto understood that as well. The two girls in the years that had passed had developed a close relationship and set up a series of rules in regards to him so that neither would step on the others toes. While he pretty much had final say for the most part he let them control things how they liked. Breakfast continued along in that vein with the two speaking and eating before Naruto created a pair of clones to collect the dishes. Rina rolled her eyes at how he used such a powerful jutsu but didn't comment on it. Thanks to his rather massive reserves he had discovered that he was unable to perform the standard Bunshin technique. In fact such a problem had been rather common among the Uzumaki clan and as such they had created the Kage Bunshin, a more chakra intensive technique. Outside of that clan however only someone with a jounin's chakra reserves could make even two clones. Naruto's reserves were even more massive thanks to the Kyuubi's chakra that leaked into his own system. Even to this day she could still remember the day when he had told her, Hinata, and Sasuke about it. It had actually been shortly after they had med that he had done so. Aside from childlike curiosity at the time none of them had even batted an eye at it, even now it was just a fact about him that they all chose to ignore for the most part.

Naruto made his way through the village a few minutes later leaving the girl to her own devices. He smirked upon looking upon the Hokage Monument seeing it painted over. The Shodai sported a frowning expression while both the Nidaime and Sandaime sported heavy nosebleeds and blushes while the Yondaime appeared to be exasperated. Across from them a rather large build board was set up advertising the newest Icha Icha book, the towel clad back of a blond bombshell gracing its cover. Chuckling he watched as many of the men around were being scolded or just plain beaten by the women around them. A few minutes later and he was entering the Academy having ducked into a showed ally for faster travel and popped up outside of the building. As he entered into his classroom he made a beeline to his seat between Hinata and Sasuke who took the innermost seat greeting Hinata with a hug and Sasuke with a simple nod.

"Hey did you hear?' questioned a female voice behind him.

"What happened?" questioned another.

"Mizuki-sensei was taken in by the ANBU last night, my neighbor saw the whole thing." Said the first girl.

"Really you think he was involved?" questioned the second.

"Of course. Who else could it be but the Specter." Said the first with a bit of excitement leaking from her voice.

"Here we go again." Said Sasuke with a sigh.

"Honestly Sasuke-kun just ignore it." Said Hinata with a sigh of her own.

"I just don't see what's so special about this so called Specter. We live in a ninja village for Kami's sake; sneaking around is what we're supposed to do." Said the Uchiha heir.

"Is that jealousy in your voice Sasuke-chan? " taunted Naruto.

"As if dobe. In case everyone has forgotten my clan runs the police force."

"Yes teme we know and your fangirls will worship you for it in a few minutes." Retorted the blond causing the young Uchiha to scowl.

All the chatter ceased a few minutes later however as the Chuunin instructor Umino Iruka entered the room and used his 'Big Head' technique to bring the class to order. Usually Iruka made it a point to arrive to his class before the students arrived themselves but today had been a bit different. He'd woken up and been on his way out the door when he found an ANBU standing within his doorway to inform him that he'd been summoned by the Hokage. The news he received had been shocking, his assistant and longtime friend Mizuki had been found a traitor and had not only been plotting to steal the Forbidden Scroll of Seals but had been found to be working for a new village that had popped up. While the Hokage had not given him all the details hearing that Ibiki the head of the interrogation department had worked him over himself had been more than enough. Whatever the case he'd needed a new assistant at least for today, so had simply picked someone of a list.

"Alright everyone Mizuki won't be joining us today. As such I have a new assistant for the day his name is Morino Idate."

Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke easily recognized the young chuunin that walked in. Like Iruka he wore the full uniform though anyone could see he wasn't really comfortable in it. He stood at about 5'3 and had spikey brown hair that was held in a spiked tail and brown eyes. As for how the three had recognized him it was simple, he'd been on Rina's gennin team and they'd known all of her teammates. Idate walked the isles handed out stacks of paper to each row before moving on and returning to Iruka.

"What you hold now is the written exam. You have 45 minutes to complete it and if I catch you cheating you'll automatically fail."

Uchiha Mikoto sighed in exhaustion as she sat within the seat of her office. In the seven years that had passed she'd changed very little though the clan had changed noticeably. It had been sudden and unexpected when she'd been told the news. Her husband and her clan elders had been executed for treason; of course she hadn't believed it at first not for an instant. Even if she didn't love Fugaku and their sham of a marriage had been one of convenience they were still the co-founders of the village. Still she'd been given the proof needed, the group had been conspiring to through a coup to overthrow the Hokage and Uchiha or not that wouldn't be allowed. Her son Itachi had been the one to discover the plot, and though he had not done the deed himself had been given a high priority S-class mission. He would take the credit and become an S-class nuke-nin in the hopes that he would be invited into a group of S-class nin's that the Hokage's top spy master had heard about.

She hadn't liked it, not one bit. However the Hokage had explained that his advisors had wanted to destroy the entire clan for the action and he'd simply beaten them to the punch before they could act. They didn't care about the innocent that had nothing to do with the planning done behind the scenes only that there was a problem, it was likely just Danzo and the other two were going along with him. Still it was better than the alternative and thus she'd taken over as clan head and head of the military police. Despite the fact that it gave her something to do and didn't confine her to the life of a housewife the job was so headache inducing it was maddening. The files before her were about the transfer of one Toji Mizuki into the village prison which was run by the Uchiha.

Unlike her husband it seemed she understood the truth of why the Uchiha had been given the police force. As the co-founders of the village they had been placed in a position of power as not only did they have to uphold the laws they had to enforce them. The fact that they were given their own district only enforced their importance to the village, all the other clans only had compounds given to them yet they'd gotten a district a complete portion of the village to call their own. While the ANBU protected the village from outside threats it was their duty to ensure their safety of the inside threats, the

Sharingan was the perfect tool for such a job. In fact it was only at Fugaku's insistence that Itachi had even been allowed into ANBU as Hiruzen had wanted the boy to be seen as a member of the police force, it would have been a statement to the village populace. It also would have been a job that Itachi would agree to, Itachi hated violence and detested killing which was what the ANBU revolved around.

Sighing she glanced over at the clock 10:00 it read. She had a few hours still until she needed to be at the Academy for the graduation ceremony. Well it wasn't so much a ceremony really but an induction for the graduates where they would swear their oaths to the village before the Hokage. With that thought in mind she stretched herself out and got back to work.

The written exam had been completed and the students had quickly moved forward in the process into the practical exams. They had done an obstacle course first and though many had done horribly mostly the fangirls, there were some who had done wonderfully. Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji, Aburame Shino, and Yamanaka Ino had all gotten through it with a timing of about 5 minutes. Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuga Hinata, and Uchiha Sasuke had all nearly broken the record coming in at 4 minutes and 35 seconds just five seconds off the mark. It had been Naruto however that had shattered the record and had surprised everyone with completing the course in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Weapons handling top score had gone to Uchiha Sasuke, with Uzumaki Naruto falling just short along with Hyuga Hinata. Hinata however had come in first in taijutsu and not surprisingly Naruto and Sasuke had taken the other top positions. Surprisingly it had been Haruno Sakura a civilian raised girl that had aced the genjutsu portion, though his top three students hadn't let her take all the spotlight. However unlike them the Haruno had neither a doujutsu or the dense chakra of the Uzumaki clan.

Now they were going over the ninjutsu portion of the exam. Aburame Shino had not only passed but gotten extra points for producing a clone other than the academy taught technique. Akimichi Choji likewise had gotten extra credit for his usage of the Akimichi partial expansion technique. Haruno Sakura had demonstrated an ability with genjutsu casting a few low ranked ones in succession, Hyuga Hinata had used an advanced Hyuga clan technique known as the Kaiten, the first defensive technique that anyone had used. Inuzuka Kiba had displayed his Tsuga attack, Nara Shikamaru had displayed his Kage Mane no Jutsu, Uchiha Sasuke had displayed not his standard Gokakyu no jutsu which produced a large fireball but rather the Katon: Hosenka which had produced several much smaller and faster fireballs, even still C-ranked techniques took quite a bit of chakra especially from academy students. Naruto had been unable to create the standard Bunshin but had used the Kage Bunshin and had followed it up with the Suiton: Mizurappa. Despite the fact he'd had to take points for that inability the A-ranked clone technique and the C-ranked water technique had made it so that it didn't even matter, especially since points were given due to the difficulty of the technique.

Idate was actually impressed that everyone managed to actually get a hitae-tae even the fangirls. In his graduation year nearly half the people to take the exam had failed. In the end he simply sat behind the desk Iruka had assigned him and handed the graduates one of the hitae-tae's and written down the registration numbers. The Akimichi had been the only one to pick up the bandana style hitae-tae while everyone else went with the classic. However what was more shocking was despite the test the three top students had still ended up tied. That had actually never happened before, even if they went into the exams tied someone always came out on top, yet these three still ended up tied perfectly, it was completely crazy! Iruka himself was also slightly surprised but he was composed enough that he wouldn't dwell on it until later on. As the three came up Hinata tied hers around her neck a Hyuga tradition he knew, while the two boys affixed theirs to their foreheads. He finished not a moment too soon as the door had a perfectly timed knock before the Hokage entered the room along with the parents of the students.

"Well now, this is a surprise. Iruka-kun it seems you're a better teacher than the previous two to have graduates. Not a single person seems to have failed." Commented the Hokage with an appraising look in his eyes.

"All of you stand up and place your right fist over your heart." Said Iruka his no nonsense tone getting immediate compliance.

Seeing this a man that looked to be an older version of Shikamaru stepped forward and swept surprisingly lazy yet serious eyes across the gathered children. After a few moments of looking the man turned a brief impressed look towards Iruka before turning back to the class.

"My name is Nara Shikaku. I am the jounin commander and the villages chief strategist. I am the man directly in charge of all active forces within this village outside of the ANBU and Hunter-nin, meaning I am ranked second only to the Hokage." As the man said this many eyes across the class widened in shock.

"Each of you it seems possesses the minimum skills necessary to become a gennin. Do all of you now in the presence of your Hokage swear henceforth that you will serve this village faithfully, fight and if needed kill to defend both this village and the family that is Konohagakure no Sato?"

"YES SIR!" came the immediate response from the entire class

"Tell me Iruka-kun, who is this year's number one rookie?" questioned Shikaku causing the man to scratch the back of his head rather sheepishly.

"Um about that, despite the testing there was a three-way tie." Said Iruka shocking all of the adults and the students.

"What!" said Shikaku with a raised eyebrow the only sign of his shock.

"When everything was tallied up they were completely even. They are Hyuga Hinata, Uchiha Sasuke, and Uzumaki Naruto." Said Iruka.

"Idate is this true?" questioned Shikaku.

"Hai. It was like they were actively competing against each other the entire time. Hyuga aced the written test, so Uzumaki shattered the obstacle course in 3:45, Uchiha was the best in weapons. Hyuga took the top of taijutsu, Uchiha took genjutsu as second, and Uzumaki took ninjutsu." Explained Idate

"You said Uchiha took genjutsu as second." Said Hiruzen

" Hai he had the second fastest time breaking it, um, Haruno Sakura won that selection and she actually tied the Hyuga on the written exam." Said Idate.

"Very well. You are all to report here at 0900 tomorrow morning; dismissed."

The next morning the students had returned bright and early, eagerly awaiting the announcement of their teams. Iruka himself was wiped it had taken hours to complete the team assignments and it had only been made worse due to the fact he had three top students and thus could put none of them on the same team. He knew that several jounin would be a bit disappointed on not getting the person they'd wanted on their teams but that honestly wasn't his problem. Calling the room's attention he gave a short rehearsed speech that all instructors were required to give before moving on to the announcement of the teams. Teams one through six had been no problem however he knew this was where things would be a bit different and thus he would have to be incredibly alert and ready to react with snappy comebacks.

"Team seven will consist of Hyuga Hinata, Inukuza Kiba, and Akimichi Choji." Said Iruka

"Team eight will consist of Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Aburame Shino." Continued the man.

"Cha take that Ino-pig true love conquers all!" exclaimed Sakura.

"ENOUGH." Roared Iruka before anymore could be said causing the pink haired girl to quickly sit down.

"Team nine is still in circulation; so team ten will consist of Uzumaki Naruto, Yamanaka Ino, and Nara Shikamaru."

Naruto raised an eyebrow honestly surprised by this selection. He'd have thought they would have paired the two of them with Choji not able to resist the temptation of taking the easy way out and establishing a new generation of Ino-Shika-Cho fighters. Shikamaru was of a like mind and cast a look towards the new equation his mind swimming a mile a minute as he attempted to come up with a reason for this new change. Ino however wasn't in the same mind frame as the other two, in fact she wasn't in the right frame of mind at all as she immediately began sulking upon hearing she'd be paired up with the Nara heir.

"You will return and meet your given instructors in one hour." Upon finishing his statement Iruka looked up just in time to see Naruto slip out the window.

An hour later and all of the newly graduated shinobi had returned to their classroom most of them having relocated themselves to sit with their new teammates. As the jounin walked in and began collecting the various teams Naruto saw only three that had caught his attention. The first was Hatake Kakashi; he wore the standard leaf ninja uniform that mid and upper level ninja tended to wear, his hitae-tae was slanted so that it covered one of his eyes, and his white hair stood up at quite the odd angle. Kakashi he knew was perhaps among the most powerful shinobi in the village and was the only survivor of his father's team. Over the years the man had played a rather active role in his training when he had the time and always made time to speak with him about his father. Of course he knew Kakashi had a tendency to show up late, however such a thing wouldn't be allowed when the Hyuga heiress was part of his team.

The second was a kunoichi who likewise wore the uniform though better than anyone else within the room with a red sleeveless shirt replacing the standard long sleeved blue. She had long black hair that fell to her shoulders and appeared to be untamed and a pair of ruby red eyes with a single ring within them. She stood at 5ft and 5in in height, her hitae-tae resting upon her forehead. She was the sensei for team 8 who he remembered as Yuhi Kurenai from her time assisting with the academy a few years back. Finally was the last that he knew the Sandaime's son, Sarutobi Asuma. Like the rest he wore the standard uniform the sleeves rolled up halfway; he had short spiky, a beard, and brown eyes. Around his waist was a sash he recognized as that belonging to the members of the Daimyo's Twelve Guardians, the elite ninja force that guarded both him and his family. His hitae-tae was secured around his forehead and he wore black bangles and bandages around his arms.

"Team seven meet me on the roof, you've got three minutes." Said Kakashi before bursting into smoke.

"Team eight with me." Said Kurenai at least waiting for them to rise before turning and making her way out the door.

"Team ten follow me." Said Asuma before he turned and left the room as well.

As soon as they left the academy building Asuma removed a pack of cigarettes and proceeded to remove and light one up with a lighter he'd used with precision. He took a long drag before exhaling and seemingly relaxing and leading them through the village. He eventually led them to a rather crowded restaurant where he proceeded to toss the butt of the cigarette in the trash.

"Naruto-kun!" exclaimed a rather portly woman as soon as she spotted him that both Ino and Shikamaru recognized as Akimichi Chiharu as she made her way over.

"Ah Shikamaru-kun and Ino-chan too, what are you all doing here? Shouldn't you be at your team assignments?" questioned the woman getting a rather heated look in her eyes.

"Their assignment has been completed ma'am. I am their new jounin-sensei." Said Asuma getting the woman to blink in surprise.

"Really, those three?" questioned the woman getting a confused nod from the man.

"That's odd. Chouza-kun was sure they would reform the Ino-Shika-Cho with the three heirs." Mused the woman.

"Choji was put on team seven with Hyuga Hinata and Inuzuka Kiba." Said Ino.

"Really? I was sure Naruto-kun and that Uchiha boy would be put on that team." Said the woman scratching her chin.

"Chiharu-san perhaps we could talk about this inside." Said Naruto getting her to blink before she nodded.

Inside they could all see it was just as packed as it was outside. As they walked Asuma absently wondered how it was they'd just cut through all those who were already waiting before they'd arrived. Whatever the case Chiharu led them right up to a bar area where Asuma could spot one of his comrades stuffing her face with dango. For the meeting however he suggested they take one of the empty tables and Chiharu immediately had someone come to clean and wipe it down before the four of them were seated Shikamaru and Naruto across from Ino and Asuma, the jounin taking the outside seat as did Naruto. Almost immediately a rather pretty teen was standing beside their table handing each of them a menu.

"Hello everyone, for those of you who don't know me my name is Ichiraku Ayame, I just wanted to come over and introduce myself." Said the teen.

"Ichiraku, you're a waitress?" questioned Asuma in surprise.

"Manager actually; despite our names being on the sign my father and I prefer to do some things ourselves. It lets us better understand our customers." Said Ayame getting an understanding nod from the man.

"Ayame-chan can you start us off with the Buffalo platter?" questioned Naruto getting a nod and a smile from the girl.

"You know the menu?" questioned Ino in surprise.

"He'd better, Naruto-kun designed it." Said Ayame surprising all but the blond.

"Sure did, little Naru is a culinary genius. Everything on the menu is something he created with the exception of the ramen and the more traditional foods." Said Chiharu with a large smile.

"Okay I'm confused, Chiharu-ba-chan I thought your clan made everything." Said Ino with a frown.

"Alas it sadly isn't so. Naruto actually came to Chouza and offered us a percentage of the owner's rights for our help, however he practically invented the menu himself, even taught us how to cook it all." Explained the woman causing the Yamanaka to gawk.

Naruto said nothing and merely pretended that the conversation wasn't taking place. In truth he had been taught all of the foods he knew from K-7 who had learned them from her time with Al Simmons and his memory. She had convinced him to take them public however and make a profit off of it, so he now owned a large percentage of the most popular restaurant in all of Hi no Kuni with ownership shared with the Ichiraku family and Akimichi Chouza and his family. The Ichiraku name was used as their old ramen stand had been around for well over twenty years before it had been burned down in an accident.

He'd bought the buildings next to the place as well which had also been destroyed from owners more than happy to be rid of the property and approached Akimichi Chouza due to the weight the Akimichi clan held in Hi no Kuni's food industry. There was even a sister restaurant in the capitol due to the fact that the Daimyo had actually come to ask him himself after sampling the food on one of his visits. At the moment his godfather Jiraiya was actually in Tanzuku Gai overseeing the construction and hiring process of the third one after he'd spoken to him about its information gathering potential. Ayame had designed the uniform which was a pair of orange shorts and a white t-shirt with the name 'Ichiraku's' written across it in arching orange letters, a tribute to his own favorite color, Ayame being the only one who didn't wear it. Seeing the two women leaving for other business Naruto finally tuned himself back into the conversation.

"Now then as Chiharu-san pointed out earlier this team assembly was rather unexpected. In fact I had expected to be given the Ino-Shika-Cho combination, but things were thrown off a bit with your classes three way tie for the number one slot. Because of this the teams had to be shuffled around and new designations had to be thought up. With Naruto here this team can still take on the purpose of a capture and interrogation team which was what I wanted. However Naruto is more offensively capable than Choji so your team can easily double as either a quick response or assault squad."

He was interrupted here as at just that moment another girl came to the table this time wearing the uniform and placing Naruto's ordered platter upon the table. The platter consisted of small chicken wings, breaded and fried chicken strips cut from a chicken breast, and fried shrimp all of them baked in the secret buffalo sauce that gave the stuff such flavor along with celery and carrots on the side. She also placed down four drinks Ino's a pink lemon-aid, sake for Asuma, and coke for Naruto and Shikamaru. It was just an appetizer however and the girl quickly pulled out a pad and paper for their orders.

"Um I'll just take a salad." Said Ino causing Naruto to snort.

"Give her the chicken pasta as well will you?" questioned Naruto getting a nod from the waitress.

"Naruto I'm on a diet." Said Ino with a glare.

"One with no point as your already pathetically skinny so much so that I can nearly see your bones. If you want a good figure that badly eat well and exercise right like Hinata-chan does." Said Naruto.

"He's right Ino. Besides with all the training you guys will be getting you'll need all the energy you can get." Said Asuma getting a reluctant nod from the girl.

"I'll take a half rack of ribs." Said Shikamaru quietly once the waitress turned her gaze on him getting a nod from her.

"I'll have the triple stack pancakes, sausage links, and the hash browns." Said Asuma getting another nod.

"Will it be your usual Naruto-kun." Said the girl.

"No, not today. I'll just take a triple bacon cheeseburger, three bowls of ramen and a half rack." Said Naruto getting a nod from the girl who went off to have the orders made.

"That's a lot of food." Said Ino with a frown.

"I have a high metabolism. Everything I eat is actually broken down rather quickly so I eat more than most people can outside of the Akimichi clan." Explained Naruto.

"Now then normally you guys would be given another test by the jounin-sensei to determine whether or not you deserve to be gennin or should be sent back to the academy. I won't be doing that though as it is a test that usually revolves around teamwork and that is something I believe needs to be built over time. No matter what anyone says you can't just throw a bunch of people together and call them a team, which is why the Ino-Shika-Cho teams are so good because the clans grow up training the kids to act together and thus build teamwork and trust. That said I'll be working you guys pretty hard so for now we'll celebrate your formation and tomorrow we'll get to work."

After Asuma's speech the four would spend the next few hours in conversation getting to know one another. While they may have thought they knew Naruto, Ino and Shikamaru quickly found out that what they knew was useless as he was a far more complex character. It was an afternoon for good food and conversation the first of many to come.

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