Alice is being a bitch again, meet me at Starbucks at 10? xx

After a quick glance at the clock I saw I had half an hour, giving me time to be there.


Edward Cullen had been my friend for 7 years now, and had been my 'best friend' for 5 years. I met him 10 years ago, when I was 12. I hated him at first, he was shockingly cocky and self confident. He didn't seem to care what anyone else thought of him. And let me tell you, the feeling was mutual. He told me to stay away from him, not to touch him, and if I sat anywhere near him, he would move as far away as possible. To this day I still didn't understand why he had done that, he never told me.

When I was 14, my best friend Alice made friends with Edward. They had been lab partners for Chemistry one day, and Edward spent lunch with Alice and me. After that day they were almost as inseparable as me and Alice. Edward and I were forced to put up with each other, but everything changed when Edward started liking Alice as more than friends.

One day, when we were 15, I got a text from a number I didn't recognise.

Why were you running?

I had just been running with my friend Angela to meet my mum at the car, she got mad when we took too long and I still had to collect my cooking from Home Economics. I showed Angela the text, asking if she recognised the number, she shook her head and grabbed my phone, pressing the call button.

"Hello, who is this?" She spoke confidently into the phone, something that was very rare for Angela. "EDWARD? What are you doing texting Bella?" At hearing that, I snatched the phone from Angela.

"How the hell did you get my number?" I demanded, wondering why the guy who barely spoke to me even wanted my number.

"I have my sources," I could practically hear him smirking, "Can I text you later? I kinda wanna talk to you about something."

"Whatever, go ahead. What is it?" I asked curiously.

"I'd rather like text you about it, to be honest."

"Sure, I'll talk to you later," I heard him mumble a 'bye' before I hung up.

I saved his number to my phone and decided to answer his original question.

Because I need to get my Home Ec before I meet my mum. X

I got a response almost instantaneously.

No kisses on texts. Please? Now can I ask you something: How do I get Alice to like me?

After a lot of questioning, I gave Edward the answers he wanted. I told him that he couldn't force her into liking him and that she was one of the girls that knew what she wanted, and when she wanted it, she would get it. She needed time.

Edward and Alice never dated, though at one time they both liked each other, because they decided that they couldn't risk their friendship, but one good thing came from that day: a new found friendship with Edward Cullen.

By the time we were 17, Edward and I were the best of friends, or so I thought, but I started to get the feeling that Edward and I were closer when he was arguing with Alice. At school, in front of some people, he could be really cruel to me, but I just dismissed it as what Edward was like. He made jokes out of me all the time, and used it to spite me. He got mad so easily, but the way he acted when we were alone, or online and via. phone had me trapped.

How could one guy be my worst enemy and best friend all at once?

At 20, Edward left for a week for a ski trip. That was the first time he ever put a kiss on a text. After 5 years, he started putting kisses on some texts... I almost thought it scary. That same week, I told him that I did care about him and that he was my best friend. He told me the same.

Something we have done for years is send each other lists of our top 5 friends, and the top 5 people we like. Our friends usually are a variation of order including each other, Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper. Sometimes we'll have arguments so another person will replace one of us, but usually the friends stay the same. We put them all at equals on the list, but we secretly know who we are closest to. Rose, Ali and Edward are my best friends, but Jazz and Em are a great laugh.

Alice is totally different to how you would expect, looking at her. She's gorgeous. She has short black hair and amazing blue eyes, she looks like she would be a total girly girl, but she's not. She loves clothes and make up, and is always dressed to the nines but Ali likes to have fun, and she never gets embarrassed. She and I were in the Navy Section of CCF, along with Edward. She loves the outdoors, canoeing and everything. Alice and I have this handshake, it's the most embarrassing yet fun handshake you could come up with, and we've been doing it since we were 14. We always have a laugh.

Rose is a lot more girly than Alice, though she hates to say so. Rose is convinced that she's practically a tom boy, and she hates pink, but she obsesses over her appearance and is a real gossip. Rose is awesome though. She loves shopping, and talking but she loves to get muddy, so confusing. She doesn't make friends with girls very well, but she seems to make friends with every guy we know... its kind of annoying at times. Rose has all the boys drooling over her.

Em and Jazz are both great. If you want to laugh and just forget about your troubles, go and find Emmett, but if you need someone to talk to, Jazz is the best. Emmett always knows how to make you feel better, but Jasper always knows what you're feeling. They're a great combination and amazing to have around.

Edward... well... Edward is confusing. He and I have some twisted relationship where I'll give him advice, and he'll listen and usually follow it, but then as soon as we're with other people, he starts to be cold towards me. Alice and Edward are like brother and sister with their arguments; they're never ending and confuse the hell out of me. Alice and Edward really love each other though, and I don't think that'll ever change. Edward is always changing his girlfriend. He seems to think I know everything about girls, and appears to think I want to know about his sex life.

For god's sake, he texted me about 5 minutes after receiving his first blow job, but I know he's still a virgin, surprisingly. I hate how Edward throws around the word 'love', he'll 'hate' someone one day and 'love' them the next, but really, he knows just as well as I do that that isn't the case.

I knew I had to meet Edward as soon as i had received the text, I can't deny Edward, no matter how hard I try. There's just something about him. I think it may stem from when we were younger, until we were 16, Edward was really short, meaning like half a head shorter than me... and I'm 5'4. Edward was always so... vulnerable and innocent when we were little, and I miss that side of him sometimes, but I still can't say no to him now.

Edward is now 23, while I am 22. We both go to medical school. Edward has always known what he wanted to do, but I've always wanted to write. I love writing. English was always my best subject, I never got less than an A, in my whole life, but I quit, in order to pursue something that would challenge me.

My mother always told me that I could do anything, be whatever or whoever I wanted to be. My grades proved it. I wanted to challenge myself and do something that a lot of people couldn't, because everyone thinks they can write, but now I regretted not doing something with my writing.

Edward knew I regretted doing medicine and supported me through, helping me all the way. That was what I got in return for what I was about to do once again for him, talk about him falling out with my best friend.

As I walked into Starbucks I saw Edward sitting in the corner grinning at me from behind his cup, and indicating to another cup on the table, letting me know he'd got me one too. I loved Starbucks, and even Edward knew that bringing me here would soften me up.

"Hey Bells, have you spoken to Alice today?" Was that really how he greeted me? I hated how he didn't even ask how I was.

I shook my head whilst pulling off the scarf and hat I had been wearing. "No, what's up?"

"It's just, Alice is getting mad at me all the time and I really don't know why, can you try and find out for me?"

I frowned at him, not liking how he was just using me to get to Alice... again.

"I'm sorry." I heard him say.

"What? Why are you sorry?" I asked.

"I can tell I've done something, because you're glaring at the table, I'm sorry for whatever it is, okay?" He smirked.

How could he think he could just talk to me like that? 'I'm so sorry for whatever I did', asshole. No, you're not sorry.

"No, not okay, because you're not sorry. I know you don't realise what it is you've done, so I'll tell you: you think of me as temporary. Every time you fall out with Alice, you come running to me for help. Yes, she's my best friend, yes, I want you and Alice to be friends, but I don't want to be the one to solve it every time. Especially when as soon as you start talking to her again, you stop being nice to me. You stop being my friend. And I really can't put up with that anymore. You don't actually care about me," I ranted.

I didn't realise how true my words were until I said them. Edward was using me to get to Alice. He wanted to get her on his good side and he couldn't do that without me. But he could, and I didn't need to put up with him.

I turned around to leave and Edward grabbed my arm, "I do care about you Bells." He grinned, "Now come and sit down." He only called me Bells when he'd done something wrong. And this time he had.

"No, I won't sit down until you answer me this... if you care do you actually know anything about me?" I inquired.

"Of course I do."

"What's my middle name?" I tested.

"Sarah." It was Marie.

"When's my birthday?"

"May 3rd." It was October 28th.

"What's my little sister's name?"

"Jessica?" It was Ellie.

I turned around, leaving the shop and not planning on coming back any time soon.