"No, I won't sit down until you answer me this... if you care do you actually know anything about me?" I inquired.

"Of course I do."

"What's my middle name?" I tested.

"Sarah." It was Marie.

"When's my birthday?"

"May 3rd." It was October 28th.

"What's my little sister's name?"

"Jessica?" It was Ellie.

I turned around, leaving the shop and not planning on coming back any time soon.

I went home thinking of everything Edward and I had done together: when we met for the first time, that day when we became friends, CCF camp... I came up with a lot. I realised that every memory I had of Edward was mainly positive, with negative things strung in.

I grabbed my photo album from the draws in my desk, before curling up at one end of my bed and opening it to see what was inside. I came up with pictures of Alice and I, when we were around 13, of the night I spent at hers when we decided to draw toothpaste moustaches on each other. I remembered how it burnt our faces, but we took the pictures anyway so that we could capture the moment. I found another of us that same night, we had lens-less glasses on and done our hair to look like dorks. We both had braces and acne. I laughed at the images of us before Edward invaded our lives.

I found a picture of Rose and I in glasses, we looked around 15. She wore my old glasses while I wore my new ones... I remember Rose insisting on wearing them all day. That day we had watched an Iron Maiden video in history class 'Run to the hills' in order to learn about Native Americans... or so our teacher said. In the video, they had a private plane. This was what triggered Rose's obsession with my glasses. She had the theory that glasses made you concentrate in class, concentrating in class made you smart, being smart made you do well in school, doing well in school made you get a good job, getting a good job meant you had lots of money... and if you had lots of money, you could buy a plane. Really, it was hilarious and we spent most of the day explaining the concept to people.

I burst out laughing as I turned the page onto the next pictures. On the left there was Alice holding a guitar. We were 16. I remembered being on webcam to a boy called Jack. Alice had the hots for him, and was tired. When Alice is tired... interesting things happen. She acts very drunk, hence why the tone-deaf girl, who didn't play guitar had picked up Emmett's acoustic and had started singing and 'playing' a song, dedicated to Jack. I was envious of him, as we didn't have sound on webcam so he couldn't hear us. I had to explain to him that he was lucky as I was quickly losing hearing. We spent the whole night laughing after that, and Alice's hyper-mood didn't wear off until she passed out at 2 a.m.

As I looked over to the right, I smiled and almost started crying at the picture. When we were 17, I had been off school for nearly a month due to severe stomach pain. I was thought to have a cyst of something of the likes. After having a scan come up as clear, blood tests and more, it was never found out what had been wrong. The pain eventually stopped, and it was decided that it was hormones. Alice had come to visit me and gave me a get-well-soon card signed by our entire Junior class, as well as Jasper, Edward, and Emmett. They were all Seniors. As I walked into homeroom on my first day back my whole class assaulted me with hugs. That day, Edward told me that no one acted the same without me around, and that he missed me. Really missed me.

I don't think I mentioned it yet, but Jasper 's my brother. Rose and Edward are siblings, as are Alice and Emmett. My brother has always meant the world to me and I would do anything for him, the same applies for my baby sisters Ellie who's 12, and Millie, who's 6.

There was another of Rose, Alice and I fairly recently, our hair flying everywhere as we danced to 'Whip my hair' by Willow Smith. We didn't particularly like the song, we just loved shaking our hair around. Alice was especially keen on this, because up until recently her hair had been very short, and now it was about shoulder length, still fairly short but she's growing it. It's black as black and silky straight.

I then found a photo of Emmett, Edward, Jazz, Rose, Alice and I. I was on Jasper's back, and Alice was on Emmett's while Rose was on Edward's. We had been at a carnival and I had decided to creep up on Jasper from behind, needless to say he sensed me coming and grabbed me first. He lifted me up and ran towards the Candy Floss. Emmett and Edward were trailing behind having attacked Alice and Rose in the same way. When Jazz got to the Candy Floss, I remember him charming the lady at the booth with his Southern drawl. 'Excuse me ma'am, could I have 6 sticks of Candy Floss please?" He winked. When the lady handed him the sticks he gave two each to Emmett and Edward, and then handed one to me, "Here you go milady". Jazz moved me onto his back so he could eat the Candy Floss, Edward and Emmett following suit. This was when Alice jumped off of Emmett and asked a passerby to take this photograph. That day was amazing.

Edward was always just part of the group, just as much a friend to me as the others when we were together, it was when people who we didn't know so well that Edward was so rude to me in front of. Except his girlfriends, girls were always jealous of me with Edward, because when he spoke to me, he was so comfortable and would truly mess around. When Edward was an idiot, I slapped him on the back of the head to put him in his place, and he was okay with it. Other girls couldn't do that; if someone else slapped him, he would get really mad at them.

What Edward and I had was a mutual agreement, an unspoken oath of secrecy. We never repeated things we had told each other. Alice had been jealous of mine and Edward's relationship. We told each other things that we hadn't told anyone else. But she didn't realise what our relationship was. I don't think anyone did, but me. Alice thought that Edward and I had simply confided in each other... and when Edward and I argued, she told us we should just shut up and get married already. She didn't realise how much those comments stung. Alice never understood that mine and Edward's relationship was very one-way. He had the problems, I had the answer. A mistake I did make, however, was falling in love with him.

I didn't realise until it had already happened, but I had been in love with Edward since I was 17. I noticed one day when we were 18 and 19, he was telling me about this girl he'd met at the University he had begun to attend. I realised that all of the amazing things he was saying about her, I wished he was saying about me. This was what made it hurt so much that he didn't seem to care about me. At all.

I decided that looking through photo albums wasn't going to help anything, and grabbed the house phone to dial Alice's number.

"Hey Bella-boo, what's shaking?" Alice said as she picked up.

"Hey. Erm... Ali? What were you and Edward fighting about earlier?" My voice cracked on Edward's name.

"Nothing much... he was just being immature. He broke up with his latest girlfriend... why? Didn't he tell you? He usually talks to you about that kinda thing." Lauren? I thought he liked her?

"Yeah, not today. But he said something happened." My voice was flat.

"I'm really sorry Bella, I've got a date with Jazz, I'm gonna have to let you go." She said sounding apologetic. "I'll call you back later okay?"

"Okay. Love you Ali."

"Love you too Bells."

Hearing that Alice was going on a date was quite surprising... it was only about 11, wasn't it? A quick look at the clock told me that a lot more time had gone by than I had thought. It was 2 p.m. Alice must have already started getting ready, knowing her the date wouldn't be until 4. Probably a day trip.

I checked my mobile to see that I had 12 missed calls, 3 voice mails, and 9 texts, all from Edward. I checked the texts first.

Bella, I'm sorry. X

Bells... please come back?


I'm so sorry Bella... I do care. Please just come back?

I'm sorry Bella. What am I supposed to do?

B. Please. You know I care. I'm distracted. I'm sorry.

Come on Bells, you can't stay mad at me. ;)

Bella... come on, you know I didn't mean it. I've been sitting in here for two hours... you're not coming back are you? Please just answer your phone. I need to talk to you.

Bella. I just wanted to tell you... it's been 4 hours. I'm leaving the coffee shop now. You know, I'm sorry and I do care. I know you don't like how I treat you and I'm sorry I take advantage of how you're always there for me, but Bells. You are my best friend. The one I trust with everything. Please talk to me.
-Edward Cullen

The last voicemail wore down my resolve a little... but I knew I couldn't let him treat me the way he had. I couldn't stop myself from clicking voicemail.

"Isabella Marie Swan. Let's talk about you. You have an older brother, Jazz, and two younger sisters, Eleanor and Amelia, you call them Ellie and Millie but sometimes you call them Zels and Bob. Your parents are called Renee and Charlie and your family means the world to you. You were born on October 28th 1988. It was a Friday. Your favourite colour is purple, and your favourite book is... well, you don't have a favourite book. You read too much to have a favourite book. You love different kinds of music and artists, but your favourite songs are the ones that aren't the most popular. You think Jasper needs to smile more and that he can be moody and insensitive but you love him because he knows how you feel and he calms you down no matter what. You think Emmett is extremely immature and inappropriate and eats far too much, but you love him because he's a big teddy bear who makes you laugh. You think Rose can be a complete bitch, but you love her because she's so loyal. You think Alice is intrusive and nosey, and random and hyper and gets on your nerves but you love her anyway because she has a heart of gold. You think that I use you, and that I shove all of my problems onto you. You think that I am arrogant and immature and that I don't care about you but that last one couldn't be more untrue. I don't know if you love me, and I don't know why you put up with me. But I do know that I never want to lose that. Please call me back."

I pressed save before listening to the next.

"I'm sorry Bella... please answer or come to the coffee shop or whatever... I don't care. We need to talk. I'm sorry for the lecture before but... I do care Bella. I want to prove that to you."

"Bella. One day I'm going to sit there and think to myself 'Why did I let her leave that day?' and I know I won't be able to answer that question. I can't let you go that easily Bells. You're my best friend. I broke up with Lauren last night... I know how much you hated her. I thought you'd want to know. Anyway... I hope you call back. Bye Bella."

I woke up on my bed, my phone still gripped in my hands. I listened to Edward's voicemails again. I didn't know what to do anymore. Just as I finished listening to them, my phone started ringing.


"Bella! You, me big bag of popcorn. Movie night. Now." I heard Alice sing into my ear.

"Now? What time is it?"

"It's 8:30 silly. Come on... we need a girls night. I'll invite Rose too." I thought of the day's events and decided it would be good to have fun with the girls.

"Fine. I'll be there for 9. See ya Al."

I quickly looked in the mirror, I looked presentable. I grabbed a jacket, my phone, keys and locked the door on my way out.

I unlocked the door to Alice's apartment. She had given me a key when she moved in. On the drive over, I had totally pumped myself up for tonight's movie-marathon.

"Bella Swan is in the building!" I yelled coming through the door, and making a beeline for the living room.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the people sitting there.


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