More than a memory

Anthony Dinozzo senior POV

I'm standing in the middle of the downstairs salon with my arm candy, or should I say being her arm candy, Ziva David of NCIS while she's scouting information of our host and I was just standing there drinking it all in. The excitement, the mist and heavy aromas in the air, the smell of the cigar, the extra expensive scotch and most of all the glinting in my date's eyes when she found something.

I caught sight of myself in one of the large mirrors and had a flashback. For a moment my now grey hair were black, I was a young man instead of the old hag that I am now and my wife was hanging of my arm. I was an undercover agent, pretending to be the CEO of a large company instead of the now retired agent believed to be a major conman by his only son. My son.

Anthony was and still is the light of my eye. The cute little boy I used to tickle until he burst to a crazy laughter had turned to be a great man following my footsteps, even if he didn't know it. He looks up to his boss like a father when he should be looking at me, though, but he will understand when the time comes. He also has this gleam in his eyes when he looks his co-worker, the same gleam I had in my eyes when I looked at Mary. Or should I say Jennifer, my co-worker.

Mary Addams or rather Jennifer Hart. My co-worker that pretended to be a journalist while in reality she was an undercover agent. I met her at the academy and we fell madly in love. Thankfully our cover as a married couple was ideal as well so we could be together. I remember the mansion of a house we owned (our front of the time) while in reality we owned a small(er) house on the other side of the city. Our butler, Max, was in reality our link with our office. My Jennifer and I were crime solvers. We took a 'leave of absence' while she was pregnant with Anthony or Junior as I mercilessly tease him, and we returned to work while he was sent off to various boarding schools. One day though we were made. Someone knew and killed both Max and my Mary. I faked my own death and that was the end of Jonathan Hart.

I took Anthony and we relocated to Baltimore. With what I money I still had I sent him to boarding schools where I knew no one would try and kill my son for my old job and I tried to be an average Joe. It worked for years. It got Tony to want to be a cop. It led us here. Me, officially being a conman and hated by his son and him, a special agent hating his father. If only I could tell him the truth. If only I could give him the peace of mind he desperately needs. If only...

I shook my head and the image dissipated. I met my date's eyes and nodded. Muttering to myself the slogan 'others old and others mature' I moved to her deciding it's time to return to being active. This way I could relive the thrill of the danger and Junior could know the truth. Jennifer would agree and understand.

It's time to bring Jonathan Hart to life!