Natsu and Grey had been together for 8 years now; Natsu thinks that it was time to take it to another level. He was planning to propose to Grey; the idea of how got him thinking. About 3 years ago he had already got the rings, actually he made it himself. The rings was ordinarily silver with two gemstones that's yet to be crystallized; given by guild master Makarov who's also his grandfather. What Natsu had to do was heat up the rings for a long amount of period and certain temperature that he had worked on for about 1 1/2 years; these were magical gemstones that crystallized a different gem depending on the heat and time it's given. Also these stones can give magic boost to an element and resist magic on the opposing element to mages. Of course he knew that he couldn't be gone for that long so he told Grey that he's going on a mission that required a long time. He didn't take it so well and went on a rage about not being able to come, even Erza couldn't calm him.

It took about freezing half of the guild in ice and a large amount of persuasion since they've always been on missions together after 5 months of dating each other until he finally calmed down and allowed him to go. Of course Grey would miss him, heck worried if the mission was going to take him long; he could only pray for the safe return of his lover. Natsu felt guilty, worried, sad and happy in order. He just knew that he had to keep it a secret from him, worried that Grey might do something to terrorized the members of the guild since he had been the only one to keep him in check and happy that he'd get time to make the rings. So Natsu went off on his mission as Grey could only watch him go. After for so long he'd returned; he found out that Grey was at home having a day off from the guild and that half of the members were terrified of Grey's wrath. He apologized to them in his place and dashed off to their house; they've been living together after 2 full year of dating.

Once there he was welcomed with a very annoyed and angry Grey, having ice shards thrown at him the moment he opened the door. Even for a threatening welcome, Natsu had missed this feeling. The moment Natsu saw Grey even after the threats, throwing of ice and cursing from his angry lover; he went over to him and gave him a big hug. "I'm back!" Natsu cheered as Grey was calming down just a bit, just a bit. He hugged Natsu back "... Welcome home, you idiot" Natsu just smiled. Grey was about to go on another rant again for Natsu leaving him until Natsu kissed him. With struggles from Grey, Natsu just kept on kissing him everywhere he can reach.

Grey was slowly, but surely succumbing to Natsu's kisses and finally resigned. Natsu being victorious smiled and carried Grey off bridal style to their bedroom to 'make up' for his leaving. The next day Grey was in a better mood though called the guild to sleep in for his backside ached; he didn't really mind. After all he was just glad his lover was back safe and sound. However Natsu went to the guild and showed them his progress; the rings were still silver though the gems were ruby and sapphire with two streaks of gold curled on each gem in opposite directions; like the yin yang or pieces sign on each ring. Both gems were only 2 millimetres in size as amounts of magical energy was being stored in, giving off a small shine in the inside. Even if the magical energy stored is big, it'll still look small because of the size of the gems that varied.

Everyone in the guild was amazed by its beauty and also by Natsu's hard work and determination. He was serious in wanting to marry Grey no doubt; the guild was happy for them and supported Natsu all the way, wishing him a big good luck. That was 3 years ago; Natsu was sure that they've got everything they needed to have, known about one another and gotten comfortable with almost anything in their way. Really, he thinks that it was time for they acted as though they were already married, but not. Natsu gulped, he was ready to commit to Grey and he was pretty sure Grey was too; problem for Natsu is that he wanted to make it a surprise to Grey. Only not knowing how to is been bugging him lately. He even asked Lucy and Ezra for ideas, but none of them he can do, afford and even like the ideas.

He sighed in pure annoyance "This is harder than I thought"

"What is?" Grey asked behind Natsu.

Apparently Natsu had been spacing out for almost an hour on the couch from Grey's point of view; he's been cooking for that past hour for their dinner. Once that was done he heard Natsu sigh and said "This is harder than I thought" which made him curious as to what his lover had been thinking throughout this whole time. So he went behind Natsu to ask. "What's so harder than you thought?" Natsu jumped slightly and hid the small black box where the rings were kept.

"Ha-ha, nothing, nothing. Dinner done?" Grey just nodded though slightly worried leaning in closer.

"Are you sure it's nothing?" Natsu noticing the concern in his tone he kissed Grey's cheek

"Yeah I'm sure" Grey was reluctant though complied anyway.

"Okay then, though if you need to talk it out I'm here got it?"

Natsu smiled "Got it!"


and with that they ate dinner as they talked about their day since Grey got dragged on by Happy to go fishing against his will as Lucy and Erza brought Natsu with them to carry their bags as they went on their shopping spree.

Some laughs and jokes here and there until they finished eating; Grey was to wash the dishes as Natsu fold the laundry. Chores were done equally; it amazingly works out without them bickering quite often. Once done they showered to change and got to bed. On the bed Grey snuggled close to Natsu, while Natsu wrapped his arms around Grey keeping him secure and safe. In an instant Grey had succumbed to sleep, he breathing slows and softens. 'He must've been tired.' Natsu thought; using his free hand, he brushed away some strands of hair that covered Grey's eyelids and smiled. 'Grey looked so innocent, like an angel in his sleep. He's still an angel when he's awake though, just a bit more violent and goes in temper tantrums; still doesn't change the fact that he's still an angel. My angel that is... Grrr! Tomorrow for sure I'll find a way to propose to you Grey, just you wait!" with that last thought Natsu shuts his eyes to fall into deep sleep.

Morning came; Natsu was the first to wake up as Grey still slept soundly. Natsu was quietly pondering for ideas as he watched his lover sleep 'What to do, what to do. I still have no clue as to what to do... Brain you need to think, think!' minutes that seemed like hours passed, sadly there was none. Natsu got up, careful not to wake up Grey and headed downstairs. Annoyed he wanted to know what happy could give him; a long time friend is sure to give some advice.

After a while Happy came over "Long time no see Natsu!"

"You too, Happy!" best of friends happily greeting each other, until Natsu remembered that Grey was still sleeping and quieted down.

They talked for some time about what's new and how it has been going, then Natsu asked Happy "Happy, I want to propose to Grey, but I don't know how. I want to surprise him!" Happy was well happy for Natsu and Grey, he gave them his full support and said "Natsu, don't beat yourself up in making too much of a big deal out of it"

"But it-"

"Hold it! I know that's it is an important thing to you, but what I mean is that you shouldn't think too hard about should just propose naturally, just stay you... It's hard to explain, but try proposing to Grey that would remind him of you."

Natsu took into consideration to why his good friend said "More like me... Yeah I get why you're trying to say, thanks Happy"

"Aye! Have any fish?" Natsu laughed at the still same old habit of his friend. "Yeah I have fish, wait here." Natsu went over to the fridge and grabbed a fish and just slightly roasted it and handed it over to happy. Happy cheered at the fish ad flew out in a sing-sang mood.

Natsu had about 10 more minutes until Grey wake up; he sat pondering on the couch rather seriously. Before he knew what to do Grey had woken up; the temperature of their house changed. Natsu could tell that the upper floor will be colder, so he goes up the stairs and warms it up with his own body heat.

He meets a sleepy yawning Grey "Morning Natsu"

"Morning" Natsu added "We don't have to go to guild until later in the afternoon"

Grey questioned "How come?" Natsu panicked on the inside just slightly, he was a bad liar; he shrugged. "Don't know."

Grey was suspicious for only a moment before not caring anymore "Let's clean up the house in the meantime then, it's been a while after all" Natsu nodded, they've been in so many missions that they haven't had time to even stay at their house. All they do was rest, which makes this a good time for some cleaning. After hours of cleaning passed Natsu decided to prolong his proposing just a bit longer, so he decided to take Grey out.

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