A/N Wow, my first Torchwood fic and it's not Janto, lol. So, it's techincally onesided Owen/OC, would it be considered character death if the OC dies?

"Jesus, Owen! Be careful!" Jack hollered as he injected a sedative into the last of the three weevils. Three or four civilians were strewn about, bleeding and moaning.

"Owen?" Tosh asked when the doctor's body went rigid.

Owen pushed past Jack and collapsed onto his knees. Raising a confused eyebrow, Jack turned around to see him cradling a slim, blonde young man in his arms. His hazel eyes were cloudy, and he was bleeding from his temple. His face contorted in confused disbelief.

"O-Owen?" He asked, his voice groggy. The brunette nodded, not trusting his voice, and the young man gave a weak smile.

"Havn't seen you since college." he mumbled, that smile still on his face.

"You're gonna' be alright, Maxxie." Owen choked out, wiping blood from the blonde's face. He gave a humorless laugh.

"No I'm not, Owen." Maxxie's hazel eyes slid shut and he leaned his head against the doctor's shoulder. "But, I can look on the bright side."

"What's that?" Owen asked, not sure he wanted to hear the answer. Maxxie reopened his eyes and looked straight into Owen's, his lips pulled into a softer smile.

"I can finally sleep in your arms." Owen's eyes widened and the tears began to fall.

"I love you." Maxxie murmured.

Owen hesitantly cupped the smaller's pale face in a hand, and he forced back a sob. Maxxie put a hand over his, and that smile infuriated Owen. His closest friend from college was about to die, and he was smiling?

'All I've ever done is hurt you...might as well give you what you want now.' The thought brought fresh tears to his eyes.

He closed his eyes, the tears sliding down his cheeks. Slowly, gently, he pressed his lips to the blonde's, whoes eyes widened, before sliding shut. The kiss was tender and slow, the two pairs of lips moving against each other in a near perfect rhythm. Maxxie melted into Owen's embrace, his mind beggining to go foggy. Weather it was loss of blood, or the kiss he had been dreaming about since eighth grade that caused it, he wasn't quite sure.

"It's cold." Maxxie said when Owen pulled away, his voice just barely a whisper. Owen held him tighter. "Will you be here when I wake up?" the blonde asked, his breathing becoming labored. The brunette gave a sob.

"Yes. I'll be right here holding you." he whispered into the smaller's hair. Maxxie closed his eyes, and took his last breath with a smile.

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