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"Wow, Near!"

"First again!"

"I wish I was as smart as you are!"

All the children were crowded around the rankings sheet that had just been posted. The younger, lower-ranked children congratulated him on his rank, on being the best out of all of them; a genius among geniuses.

"That means you get anything you want, anything at all…" a young boy said in awe, gazing at Near as if he were some sort of god.

L, as motivation to work harder, rewarded the top student by giving him or her a reward—anything he or she wanted, anything at all. Near, ironically, was one of the few that didn't care for this. Even without this, he had everything he wanted already; he didn't want any material possessions, other than the toys already provided for him.

This time, however, he knew exactly what he wanted. Or, rather, who. That someone was one of the only students not fawning over him. He whispered things to the redhead at his side, likely comparing Near to the devil himself, or saying he was an emotionless bastard, one of his common insults.

He'd been desiring the boy for quite some time, but each time he tried to get close to him, he got hit, yelled at; rejected. And now, when he'd figured out his feelings for the boy, he was ready to demand him this way.

"What're you going to ask for this time, Near?"

Oh, this was just perfect for him. He didn't have any problem with announcing his decision in front of everybody, but he would.

"Mello." He announced the name calmly, eliciting gasps from the crowd, all eyes turning to Mello—and, by default, Matt, who had been clinging to him.

Matt had stopped mid-sentence as Near answered, and his mouth was open wide as he gaped at Near, but he quickly shut it. He squeezed Mello tighter.

"You can't!" He pulled the blonde closer to him, trying to prevent him from leaving—though, really, he wouldn't want to in the first place.

Mello's expression of sheer horror was priceless. As soon as the words left Near's mouth, his head slowly turned to face Near, to see if he was serious, with his eyes bulging out and mouth open. He didn't seem to head Matt's pleading words.

"What did you say?" he finally asked, breaking the tense silence that had fallen, and the few that whispered to himself stopped as well, watching the scene intently.

Near smiled at him, meaning to calm him down, but it only infuriated him further. Still, he calmly replied, "I want you to be my reward, Mello."

Mello only seemed more angered by this, knowing now that he was supposed to just submit to him, his eternal rival, in any way desired, any way possible. He couldn't. He wouldn't.

"I refuse."

"Mello, you know you can't refuse this," a voice, familiar to all in the room, said, along with the sound of approaching footsteps, the sounds so loud in the silent, tension-filled room. All of the children stood at attention upon hearing it, turning to face the speaker, their idol, as they had been taught. Even Mello seemed more respectful, though he still couldn't let go of his horror. Matt, though he turned to the slouched man like everybody else, still held to Mello as if trying to calm him down.

"But L, it's completely unreasonable!" He was desperate to prove his point, not wanting to do anything for Near, or wanting to be his "reward," but he knew he had to do as L said.

L shook his head. "There are no restrictions for this. He can have anything he wants. And if that something he wants happens to be you, then he can have you."

"But— But I! He's a spoiled brat! How can you just say that he gets anything he wants?"

He couldn't believe L was taking Near's side. L laughed, and Mello couldn't help but think that it sounded harsh and cruel. He was always desperate for L's approval, so he always thought he was being judged, but this was…. Different. "He warned me that this would be difficult. Should I restrain you, to give him what he wants?"

Mello couldn't believe this. He was going to belong to Near? For how long? It wasn't fair! He was only doing this to humiliate him, wasn't he? If that was the case, he vowed revenge just as soon as he could have it.

And he didn't have to make it easy for him. There was no way in Hell Near would be able to enjoy this. Mello would make it Hell for him, to prove that he would never submit. To prove that Mello was nobody to mess with.

Of course he wanted to obey L, to make him proud so he could one day succeed him. But he sure as Hell wouldn't do what Near said willingly, even if he had resigned himself to the fact that he had to do this.

When he made no move, Near grabbed the front of Mello's shirt and tugged him closer with surprising force, tearing him apart from Matt, who lost his balance and grip on Mello, staring up at him with the look of an abandoned puppy.

He dragged the blonde over to L, and Mello did not appreciate this force. He'd never been treated this way, like a possession. He was enraged by this; he was the best person in this place, the one that worked the hardest. He did nothing to deserve this treatment.

"Do you have it?" Near asked L, holding out his hand expectantly. "It was part of the conditions of the reward, after all."

"Of course." L handed Near the small plastic bag he had been carrying. Mello couldn't see through the black plastic, but from the smirk on Near's face, it couldn't be good for him.

Near thanked him and dragged Mello to his room—he knew he could break free, but if he did, he would be punished, so he silently protested by keeping his feet still, not moving at all as he walked, though Near only exerted more force and made him trip repeatedly—and shoved him inside, locking the door after he closed it.

Mello slumped to the floor against the wall, crossing his arms as he gave Near a look of disobedience, like a child throwing a fit when he didn't get the toy he wanted.

"I don't even know why the Hell I'm here. Let me go back to Matt, we were going to—"

"Oh, I know what the two of you do. You'll still get a chance, don't worry."

Mello's first reaction was shock, followed quickly by… Fear. How did Near know that? He may not have kept his relationship with Matt secret, but it wasn't known that they actually had sex.

And that statement… Was he saying that he was going to be released in time to sneak back to Matt's room, or did he refer to doing it himself?

The thought sent shivers down his spine, and anger flashed in his eyes, flowing through his very veins, his heart pumping the toxic substance through his entire body until it was all he could feel anymore.

"Why am I here?" he repeated harshly, though he somehow still managed to keep himself from rushing over and attacking the boy he was forced to obey.

"You're here because I've grown bored with all my other toys," Near said calmly, opening the plastic bag L had given him carefully, untying it instead of tearing it open as Mello would have.

Mello didn't like being referred to as a toy. It was a filthy, disgusting, wrong label—Mello didn't get used, played with, then thrown away. He wasn't a toy. He was the one playing with others, discarding those who he didn't need.

When the bag was opened, Near dumped the contents on the bed. "Oh, Mello, this does look fun. Don't you agree?"

Mello's eyes widened when he saw the numerous objects on the bed, all having one common purpose. Well, one usual common purpose—obviously, when used by Near, they were all going to be used to torture Mello in some way.

Sex toys? But… L gave him that bag. L… Approved of this?

"Oh, Mello, what should we do first? I just can't decide." His voice had a hint of cruelty to it, yet overall sounded curious. He'd likely never used any of these before—well, duh, it's Near, Mello added in his head—but he knew what to do, from the sadistic part of his voice. And likely, he wasn't going to make it easy on Mello…

This all terrified Mello; he'd never been taken before. He'd always been on pop. He didn't want Near to be his first time on bottom. If he was ever going to do that, it would be with Matt. He didn't want it, but it seemed unavoidable.

"Let's start with this, shall we?" Near asked, twirling a pair of shiny metal handcuffs around his fingers.

Mello shuddered. He didn't want anything to do with Near, and especially not sex with him—let alone kinky sex with handcuffs and God-knows-what. He shook his head, as if he could refuse—it wasn't a question. Mello could recognize an order when he heard one, even if he didn't like being ordered around—particularly by Near.

"Get on the bed." His tone was forceful, far from the disgusting playfully-curious tone he'd used moments earlier. His eyes were cold, and for once in his life, the blonde did as he said and sat on the edge of the bed, cautiously glancing at the pile of sex-related objects near him. He blushed as he recognized some that he had used on Matt—dildos, vibrators, and the like. Memories briefly flashed through his mind, recalling many nights with Matt, and the red tint slowly creeping its way across his face became more prominent.

"Remove your clothes." Near's voice was less cold, since he was likely pleased at Mello's obedience, but it still came out with authority, and Mello didn't like that. He was used to being in control, not being ordered around this way.

Hesitating only for a moment—he knew better than to resist, by this point, now that he knew just what Near had at his disposal to "punish" him with—he began to remove his clothes, slipping off his shirt first, then settling his hands on the waist of his pants.

This was so different from being with Matt, when they were both confident with themselves—proud, even—and wanted this. Now, he was just shy and embarrassed, something he had never felt, and never thought he would feel—especially around Near, of all people.

Still, he had to obey Near for now—L told him to himself—so he slipped off his pants, too, resisting the urge to cover his crotch shyly, and sat up straight, acting as confident and dominant as he could under the circumstances.

But Mello could only keep this up until Near climbed on top of him, spreading out his arms and legs, his wrists close enough to the headboard that he could handcuff him to it—and he took advantage of this, doing so promptly.

He looked at Mello's body with a slight smirk, and the blonde never felt so exposed as he did then, under his rival's gaze, powerless to move or cover himself.

"I knew I'd made the right choice, choosing you," Near said, his hand quickly and delicately traveling down Mello's body, until he stopped it on his crotch, giving a small squeeze.

Mello let out a cry of surprised, even as he thought of all the reasons why this contact was wrong and disgusting, and the fact that he enjoyed it sickened him.

"However, it looks like I win again."

From his tone, Mello knew he wasn't lying—that, and Near was on top of him, so he could feel his cock through his pants. Something larger than his own cock was going inside him? He knew his first time with Matt had been Hell on the redhead. He was legitimately scared, and did his best to hide it, barely suppressing a whimper.

Near pulled off his clothes as well, then grabbed a container—Mello guessed it was lube—and resumed his position on top of Mello.

Now he knew Near wasn't lying. What was ahead of him didn't seem pleasant. And fuck, how would he explain this to Matt?

A surge of guilt shot through him, though it wasn't his fault that Near was doing this. After all, what Near wants, he gets, he thought bitterly.

"Relax," he said as he squirted some lube on his fingers, noting Mello's nervousness, "I won't break you like my other toys."

The words made fear spread throughout Mello's entire body so quickly that Near may have planned this reaction, even if the words sounded like they were meant to soothe. He'd broken his "toys" before? Was he referring to actual toys or… People?

Realizing that his words had backfired, Near sighed. "I only broke them because I grew bored." He slip his slippery fingers inside Mello, not letting his mind stray from his task. "Don't bore me, Mello."

Mello grunted at the intrusion and started to squirm, but that only made them go in deeper, so he forced himself to stay still, blocking out the discomfort and trying to forget that Near was the one touching him this intimately.

Just as he was about to think he couldn't keep himself from telling Near to stop, his fingers met a spot that made him cry out—in pleasure.

"And here I was, thinking you wouldn't like this." Near smirked—Mello would never get used to seeing him with that expression—as he pulled his fingers out, quickly grabbing Mello's legs and pulling him closer, trying to recreate the angle he had a moment before, before he thrust in.


Mello couldn't help but throw his head back and let out a cry as Near entered him, from the intense pain. It was so sudden, and not gently at all, not to mention he wasn't used to it. It felt as if he were tearing open, splitting apart from the inside.

Yet at the same time, Near had hit the same spot again with his thrust, and Mello was caught halfway between a shout of pain and a pleasured moan. He couldn't decide whether to beg for Near to stop, to end the pain, or beg for more.

Near didn't move for a moment, as if determining whether or not to continue. Mello's breathing was harsh as they just looked at each other, not saying a word. This would have been a romantic gesture between Mello and Matt, but now it was just expressing the tension between the two.

Any pleasure the motion had brought quickly faded away, and all that was left was the pain, fading slightly as Near stayed still. His eyes must have betrayed him, or Near may have given in to lust, or seen some flicker of desire in Mello's eyes, because he suddenly pulled out and thrust back in, just when Mello was grateful for the penetration to stop, to finally be free of the pain.

"Gyahh… Ah…Ah!"

Mello cried out again, this time more willing to give in to the feeling of lust sweeping over him as he was entered again, feeling that same intense rush of pleasure. He was nearly lost in the wave of physical feeling; it felt so good, but that was precisely the reason it made him sick. Near was the one doing this to him. Near!

But when Near thrust back in again, and again, starting to create a rhythm, Mello didn't stop him. He couldn't—he was forced to allow anything to happen… And it felt far too good to stop, anyway, even if he could.

Mello was far past feeling shame now, far past regret. He didn't care what was happened, who was doing it, or what the consequences could be—only that it felt good, far batter than he thought it ever could.

He just didn't resist anymore. He was well aware that Near had complete control over him, complete domination, but… It was just amazing, what Near was doing to him. Mello didn't even hold back any sound, letting Near hear each and every moan, each groan as the thrusts sped up and Near's thrusts became deeper, the noises gradually increasing in volume until he was sure everyone in Wammy's could hear.

But he was past the point that he cared, past the point of caring what Matt would think; in fact, the name was temporarily lost in the rush of pleasure.

Of course, Mello's bliss couldn't last. After only a few more of Near's thrusts, he found himself closer and closer to his release, until he finally came, followed shortly by Near—who actually moaned, any by God, it was one of the sexiest sounds he had ever heard.

But Mello remembered Matt's, all the sounds he made when he was fucked, how much better they sounded, how they weren't at all reluctant, how they both wanted it—and remembered that everything about Matt was far superior to Near.

He sat up, suddenly no longer tired or dazed by the feeling. The handcuffs dug into his wrists from the sudden, harsh movement, and he felt a trickle of wet, warm blood flow down his hand, but he didn't even feel the pain. Suddenly, he was wracked with guilt. How could he have done that? How could he have enjoyed that?

"Near," he said with a harsh tone, the name nearly coming out as a growl, "Let me go."

"You seemed to enjoy it a minute ago." Near didn't release him yet, and didn't seem proud or anything; he was simply making an innocent observation.

Mello, enraged at Near's lack of obedience—though really, it wasn't new to him—struggled more against the handcuffs binding him, trying to break free. He didn't mind—or even really notice—the blood dripping down his wrists, staining the clean white sheets beneath him. He didn't feel the pain, didn't care if he destroyed his wrists in the process, because the guilt, shame, and fury boiled inside of him.

"Calm down," Near said, stepping off the bed, away from the frenetic blonde jerking against the handcuffs.

"There's no use for a broken toy."

Mello thrashed again, not liking that Near still referred to him as a toy. He stilled slightly as Near walked to his side and unlocked the handcuffs, but before Mello could reach the door, Near grabbed onto one of his bloody wrists, making Mello wince.

"I should fix this. You should always take good care of a toy, after all… Particularly one of this quality."

Mello growled at the repeated use of the word "toy," directed at him. This was getting aggravating, how Near said how much better than him he was—indirectly, of course, but it was still obvious—by calling him a toy repeatedly.

When Near pulled bandages out of the bag L had given him, his eyes widened in realization. Near had planned to hurt him.

"Hold out your wrist."

Reluctantly, Mello followed the order, even if he wasn't sure he could trust Near. He was still obligated to follow his orders, after all… Even if it made him sick.

As Near finished wrapping the bandages around both of Mello's wrists, he spoke, breaking the silence. "You still belong to me. Come back here after class tomorrow."


He still belonged to Near, even after what he'd just done? This wasn't fair! He thought this would just be for one day, a one-time thing! Just how much more was he going to do?

"Next time, we will start with the rest." He gestured to the bag of "toys" on the bed.

"But for now, you are free to leave."

As soon as the words were said, Mello made his way to the door, wincing as pain shot through his lower half with every step.

There's no use for a broken toy…

As Near's words repeated in his mind, he came to a conclusion.

There was no way out of this. Near kept his toys until he grew bored with them, or they were broken beyond repair. There was no way out but to die.

He stepped out the door, rubbing at his wrist. The handcuffs had really dug deep into his flesh—which he blamed Near for, even though most of it was his fault for struggling.

"Oh, don't act like it hurts now," a bitter voice said from behind Mello, jealousy shining through in the voice, along with hurt and betrayal—it was raw, as if the speaker had been crying recently, but still came through forcefully. "You obviously enjoyed whatever he did to you."

"Matt? It- It's not like that!" Mello already felt horrible for doing this… He didn't mean to hurt Matt this way. He meant to hurt Near, not Matt—yet somehow he'd done the exact opposite.

"I thought you were mine," Matt said, forcing Mello into a hug, not sure of whether to be angry with him or hold him close. "But you're his now, aren't you?"

Mello allowed Matt to rest his head on his shoulder, feeling a few drops of water drip on his shoulder as he did so. He was… Crying?

Mello wrapped his arms around the younger boy's waist, holding him close for comfort, though he wasn't sure who it comforted more.

"I am yours. I always will be… A hundred percent, yours." Mello brushed the hair out of Matt's eyes and tilted his head up so he could see his real lover, revealing his tearstreaked face and slightly-swollen green eyes.

"Promise?" The redhead seemed to be fighting to keep from looking weak as he looked up at Mello, though there was something… Different about the look in his eyes.

"Of course. I'm yours, forever," he told Matt, running his fingers through his hair.

"Prove it." Matt's voice was harsh now, forceful, unlike a moment before, as he gave the order.

But Mello didn't have much time to dwell on it, as a few seconds after speaking, Matt pushed Mello against the wall, pressing their lips together in a forceful kiss.

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