Donna couldn't wait to leave for America with her soon-to-be husband! Ringo had proposed to the young woman a week ago. They had so many plans for after they got married. It was going to be the best year of their lives. Or was it?

Ringo had went out with her friend, Kate, and of course, his own friend, Zeke. Sometimes, Donna got a bit jealous when Ringo hung out with Kate. But Kate was Donna's best friend. She knew she could trust her BFF!

It had been a shame that Declan lost Bridget, and there was nothing Donna could hope more than Ringo living. Everyone thought that Didge would be okay. But soon enough, she just came to here tragic death. Donna was good friends with Didge.

What made it even sadder that they all lost Bridget, especially for Declan, was that Didge just had Declan's baby. He just became a father, with a daughter named India, whom they called Indie! Now he had to take care of the young baby all on his own. It was a tough time for Declan.

Declan put up such a fit about it. When he cheated on Didge, he did everything to get her back. At least they came together before her death. But, Declan acted like Bridget never died. He acted like Bridget never lived. Declan just went hitting on other women.

But who was she to blame him? Dec had a sad life. Donna didn't even know how he got over Bridget. She was such a good young lady!

"Donna," Ringo said, "I'm going to hang out with Zeke and Kate today. Come?"

But of course, Donna was visiting her grandmother, today. Donna was shocked her grammy was still alive.

"Sorry, Ringo," Donna sighed, "I'm visiting my grammy, today."

"Oh, of course," Ringo sadly said, "Maybe next time."

"I hope." Donna tried to smile.

"Zeke told me about... How you're upset about me hanging out with Kate," Ringo sighed, "I swear, I won't lay a hand on Kate. That's a big reason why I wanted you to come. Donna, I wanted to you to see that you can trust me. I'd never cheat."

Donna stepped up to her boyfriend and kissed him on the lips.

"I trust you." Donna whispered.

"I'm glad you do." Ringo smiled.

"Alright, have fun," Donna said, "And be back before 7:00."

"Why?" Ringo asked.

"Well, I'm coming back at 6:00 from my grandmother's house," Donna replied, "And I wanted to have some alone time with my boyfriend."

"That would work with me." Ringo smiled.

"See you later Ringo." Donna waved as he walked out the door.

Ringo got in his car and drove to the United Kingdom Center. They had so much to do there. Movies, arcade, mall. It was the greatest place in UK! He stopped his car when he saw Zeke and Kate waving at him. Just the people Ringo wanted to see!

"Hey, Zeke! Kate!" Ringo exclaimed and gave Zeke a hug.

"When was the last time we hung out, Ringo?" Zeke asked.

"Before you went on the trip to find Sunny," Ringo replied, "I hope you found her."

"Yeah, she's in the hospital," Zeke sadly said, "I miss her..."

"Zeke, what happened to Sunny?" Ringo asked.

"She was found on the bottom of the cliff, pretty injured," Zeke replied, "I don't know if she'll live... Or die like Bridget."

"You won't lose her," Ringo sighed, "She'll live."

"Zeke told me today," Kate said, "It was a sad story."

"Don't rub it in!" Zeke yelled.

Ringo put his hand on his black haired friend. Zeke sighed and looked like he was calming himself down.

"Let's not be all upset right now," Ringo smiled, "Let's have some fun!"

Kate and Zeke smiled as all three of the friends ran in the Center. They came out, smiling with bags in their hands. Ringo had bought a tuxedo for formal events with Donna, like their wedding. Zeke had bought swim trunks, because his elderly parents had bought a new house with a pool. Kate had bought a dress to give to Donna for Ringo and Donna's wedding. She also bought a purple dress for herself.

"That was very fun." Zeke said in the driveway.

A motorbike rumbled, soon enough, Ringo noticed it. He was about to jump and push Kate out of the way, when the motorbiker's motorcycle hit Kate! There was a huge crash noise, and the young lady driving the motorcycle crashed off. Kate and the young lady's skin were bruised and cut, bloody.

"Kate!" Zeke and Ringo cried and ran over to their friend.

"Donna isn't going to like this," Ringo sighed, "Kate was her best friend."

"Ringo, think about this," Zeke snapped, "We were good friends with her, too!"

"Call Donna!" Ringo screamed, "Call her NOW!"

"We don't need Donna!" Zeke yelled at the over-dramatic Ringo, "We need the hospital, idiot!"

"I'm not an idiot!" Ringo cried, "Declan is going to be upset!"

"Why?" Zeke asked.

"I can't believe you don't know," Ringo rolled his eyes, "Kate is his new girlfriend. I mean... Was."

"What if she lives, Ringo?" Zeke asked.

"She might, that is to my fullest hope." Ringo sobbed.

Declan came out of the center.

"Have you guys seen Kate," Declan turned to the two boys, "KATE!"

He stared at the motorbiker and Kate on the ground, "Damnit! Fuck that biker! My girl!"

"Dec," Zeke sighed, "It wasn't us, don't be dramatic."

"SHUT UP ZEKE!" Declan yelled, "I LOVED HER!"

"You loved Didge, too." Ringo pointed out.


"Dec," Ringo said, "I hope she lives."

"Idiot!" Declan yelled at Ringo, "Call the hospital right now!"