Chapter 2: Decepticon Time

'You've failed me again, Starscream!' Megatron's booming voice could be heard throughout the Nemesis.

'I'm sorry, my lord. It was not... my fault,' the seeker tried to reason, only to be shoved hard into the floor again by angry, grey servos.

'MEGATRON!' a high pitched shriek echoed the hallways and made every ruthless Decepticon in the base jump. Wide-eyed, the Decepticon bridge crew could only stare in wonder as a pretty, multi-coloured seeker femme marched through the doorway, followed by two more seekers (one blue, one purple).

'Skywarp, find Thundercracker. TC find Skywarp. The Autobots will not win this battle!' the multi-coloured seeker announced over her shoulder to the other two seeker femmes. The pair bowed before their trine leader, then the purple femme grabbed the blue and teleported away.

Still the centre of attention, the femme seeker turned to face the Decepticon crew with furious intent.

'Megatron, I've come for your sparkling!' the femme shrieked, pointing a long blue finger at the Decepticon overlord.

Soundwave tilted his helm curiously, probing at the femme's mind. What he found made him freeze in shock, optics wide behind his visor.

'What nonsense are you shrieking, female!' Megatron released Starscream and strode over to the femme, glaring down at her.

'You heard me. I demand that you impregnate me with your sparkling!' the femme announced, arms crossed over her ample chest. Her golden optics glared back with the same intensity as their leader's.

'Query: You are femme Starscream from an alternate dimension, yes?' Soundwave spoke up.

The colourful femme shot a look of disdain at the blue mech.

'You must be Soundwave. Creepy boot-licking mindreader,' the seeker femme grumbled the last bit under her breath.

'A femme... ME?' Starscream jerked to his pedes and stared at the femme, sizing her up.

'They are practically identical,' Frenzy whispered to his brother.

'Yeah, except the new Starscream is HOT. Do you see the size of her chest? Definitely a D,' Rumble grinned, making boob motions toward his own chest.

Femme Starscream instinctively covered her chest and glared at the twins, face-plates flushed red at the remarks.

'Keep your optics to yourselves, runts! Or so help me, I will gouge them out of your little heads,' femme Starscream hissed defensively.

'I'm in LOVE!' the cassette twins laughed, pretending to swoon.

'Look, we found Skywarp first,' a pretty voice announced as two femmes dropped out of the sky and landed on the rec room table in front of the purple seeker.

'Damn,' Skywarp whistled at the sight, optics greedily taking in the femmes towering over him.

'Now to find Thundercracker. Have fun TC!' the purple femme laughed, squeezing the other femme's aft and kissing her on the cheek.

Skywarp grinned when the blue femme yelped at the grope and glared after the other femme who had teleported away.

'Looks like it's just you and me, sexy,' Skywarp growled, ravishing the femme with his optics.

'I'm Thundercracker,' the femme suddenly announced, folding her arms over her chest.

'Uh... what?' the purple seeker tried to process the words.

'From another dimension. The seeker that was with me was my bondmate Skywarp... and Starscream's trying to seduce Megatron right now,' the blue seeker femme informed him.

'I'm a femme? TC's a femme? Starscream too?' Skywarp tried to think, but everything was spinning in his processor.

'I need you to... er...' the blue seeker suddenly looked uncomfortable, her optics shifting around the mostly empty rec room (naturally, the triple changers were shooting her looks that made her want to curl up on her berth and scream).

'You need me to what?' Skywarp asked, focusing on the femme TC again.

'Um... give me a sparkling,' TC slipped off the table and stood in front of him, optics lowered in embarrassment.

'But, I don't have a sparkling...' Skywarp felt his optics widen as what the femme was asking for hit him like a cannon shot to the face.

'Me and you... you and me... like together... making sparklings?' Skywarp stared at the femme in shock as she nodded.

'Thank you PRIMUS!' the purple seeker laughed aloud, scooping the smaller femme into his arms and teleporting directly to his personal rooms.

'Oooh, I found you. I shoulda known you'd be doing something boring during your off shift,' a cute voice announced, startling Thundercracker from his datapad.

The blue seeker glanced around his room, but didn't see anyone. Shaking his helm, he went back to reading his datapad, only to have a delicate purple hand snatch it away.

'Skywaaaarp,' Thundercracker groaned, turning to look behind him.

'Yes,' the pretty purple femme behind him smiled, waving the datapad in front of her face.


'Wait!' TC gasped, spread out on the berth under the larger seeker.

'For what? You said you needed a sparkling,' Skywarp frowned down at the femme version of his best friend. Weird to think they were lovers in another universe, but maybe his Thundercracker would make an interesting berth-mate too.


The scream from next door made the pair turn and stare at the wall.

'I guess Thundercracker met femme Skywarp,' the purple seeker grinned, pulling the femme TC with him into his arms. In a flash, the room was empty.


'TC!' Sky threw herself into her lover's arms when she appeared with the male Skywarp.

'What happened?' TC looked over at the freaked out blue seeker staring at them from the floor.

'Chill, TC... er, Thundercracker. I can explain. These two are like me and you from another dimension and they need us to give them sparklings,' Skywarp tried to explain, only to receive an even more confused look from the male seeker on the ground.

'You are so cute as a mech, TC!' Sky insisted, cuddling closer to her slightly taller blue lover.

'I'm surrounded by idiots,' TC groaned, throwing a helpless look at her counterpart.

Despite his shock, Thundercracker had to agree with the seeker femme.

Megatron tightened his fists while the rest of the Decepticons took bets on which Starscream would snap first. The pair were heatedly arguing over... well, everything.

'Enough! Get back to work!' the Decepticon commander finally roared, jolting his soldiers out of their lust-filled antics. Taking a wing in each servo, Megatron dragged both protesting Starscreams out the door.

'Wow. This is sooo awkward,' a familiar voice broke through the haze of recharge. Starscream onlined her optics and frowned at her trinemates standing next to the berth.

'I'm trying to sleep. Go be loud somewhere else,' the Air Commander grumbled, turning over and cuddling against the firm body of...


'What the slag?' male Starscream sat up, looking around the room in confusion. A nauseated look crossed over his faceplace when he noticed who he'd been cuddling up to.

The two Starscreams exchanged an exasperated look over the grey body sleeping between them and silently agreed to blame the high grade. After all, it wasn't everyday that you woke up snuggled close to Megatron after a night of intense, three-way interfacing.

'Starscream, we have to leave,' TC commented, optics averted. Skywarp didn't even bother to hide the fact that she was still staring in shock at the unexpected threesome.

'Wow, Star. I knew you were a sex kitten, but I didn't think you'd ever frag yourself,' the purple seeker announced with awe.

Femme Starscream just glared at her trinemate as she struggled to find her spark cover. Trust her old scrapheap of a leader to just throw something important across the room in a fit of lust. Hmmm... it didn't fit. Oh!

'This must be yours.'

Male Starscream grabbed the spark cover and quickly put it back in place, aware that he and his counterpart had been exposing themselves to the other seekers in the room.

'You're leaving now?' Starscream asked, watching the femmes gather at the door to Megatron's chambers.

'We got what we needed,' femme Starscream sneered, taping the modified teleportation device on her wrist. The three seeker vanished, leaving Starscream with his snoring commander.

'You'd better not have gotten me sparked too, old mech,' the air commander glared at his leader before heading back to his own room.

The End

Extra: Soundwave's Turn

(What if Starscream had approached Soundwave instead?)

'Soundwave! I demand you impregnate me,' the femme shrieked, striding forward to stand in front of the stunned mind reader.

'Query: What?'

'You're the mind reader, figure it out,' the seeker femme glared up at the tapedeck.

'Femme Starscream,' Soundwave's processor whirred, clicked,then blanked out.

'Wow. I've never seen boss bot faint before,' Frenzy whispered to his brother.

'Oh for crying out loud,' femme Starscream snarled, tapping her high-heeled pede in irritation.

*** The Real End ***

Author's Note: Due to Starscream's "modifications," the male Decepticons did not trade places with their counterparts :)