S o r a - K i n g d o m H e a r t s

A is for Authenticity:

The quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy, or genuine.

"I'm telling you the truth!"

Sora shouted, his cheeks puffed out in frustration.

"Sure kid –"

You dismissed with a wave of your hand.

"Gimme a break, I'm sixteen!"

Sora argued fervently.

"Right, and you're also the keyblade master. Pft."

You replied sarcastically putting a hand on your hip.

Without any signs of hesitation, he replied.

"I am."

". . ."

". . ."


Instantly you were bent over, clutching your sides.

"[Name]. . ."

Sora murmured in embarrassment.

You didn't even pause to apologize.

"[Name], look at me!"

Sora ordered and you decided to humor him.

Proudly, he stood with a huge key-sword thing whipped out.

'This'll show her.' he thought, beaming.

'No one will doubt me, Keyblade Master Sora! I am authentic!'

He mentally cackled and if you had heard him, surely you would've thought him to be a maniac.

". . ."

Sora stared at you expectantly, sure that you were simply rendered speechless by the truth that was looking you directly in the face.

However, you merely grinned.

"Careful, kiddo. Sharp objects like that are dangerous~"

Sora sighed.

Why, hello there.

Pretty, here!

I'm just putting more FAILzilla works on Fanfiction to pass the time, you see~.