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Summary: 50 States. 50 World Meetings. 50 Awkward Situations.


America was a relatively simple guy at a distance.

Definitely not the sharpest guy, but hey, could be worse. It's not like he's Italy or anything.

Yes, Alfred F. Jones had lived a long, rewarding life so far.

Of course, his mentor (not his brother. That would be disturbing on so many levels) was about uh...well, Alfred wasn't totally sure, but he didn't really wanted to know anyway. Besides, a young 300 year old guy like him really didn't want to focus on the irrelevant age thing. He really didn't.

Anyway, America. Long rewarding life. Yup. He had fought wars (suck it Arthur!), fought against his own (Damn, Aldrin. Stupid Confederacy Pain in America's ass), and kicked global booty.

His greatest pride however wasn't his independence, or his military, or the fact that McDonalds originated in him.

Nope. It was his children.

Yeah, his children. He had kids. Fifty of 'em. It was hard work, handling fifty kids, but he had it pretty easy compared to some.

Poor Mattie. He didn't even want to know how many of the little bastards Canada had.

Now, America and his darling United States had kept the fifty personifications a secret from the world mostly. They didn't need to know.

Except Canada and Romano. Canada because Penn kept sneaking up there for his pancakes.

Romano from the California - RomanoItalia Union of 1906*.

Long story. And hell no was Alfred letting Romano near Connecticut. At least California was... less than innocent, despite how she acted. Connecticut...not so much.

So, America kept his children all to himself (and Canada and Romano). Adopting more and more kids as territory was bestowed upon him by the other nations. The glee he felt when he aquired new territory was thrilling. Anticipation, excitement, and overwhelming pride as he stared into his newest state's eyes.

Being a father.

The Original 13, The Louisana Territory, Alta California, The South, The Midwest, Hawaii, Alaska: he loved them all so much. East, West, North, South: They were his babies.

But of course, having them all to himself wouldn't last forever.

And he knew it.

Nations get ready.

Time for a family reunion.

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*California- RomanoItalia Union of 1906. Nonexistant. Made that up people, IT IS NOT HISTORICALLY ACCURATE. It's what USA in this story calls hte formation of San Diego's Little Italy and the personification of America's Little Italys. Mainly thought up for the purpose of adding a jealous Spain and Spamano love. Can't forget the Spamano love.

That's right people. I'm giving America grandkids. They will be mentioned, but not seen. Maybe in a different fic if people are interested.