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Summary: He knew that Blaine had been taunted at his old school, he just didn't realise how brutal it had really been, he hadn't even stopped to think about it as he was so preoccupied with his own situation. As he slowly learns the truth, Kurt realises he got off easy.

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Chapter 1

On his first day at Dalton Academy, Kurt felt a little out of sorts. Everything was so much different from what he was used to at McKinley. The building itself was grander, tastefully decorated and clean. It was styled in such a way that Kurt felt as though he shouldn't touch anything for fear of causing damage.

Then there was the swarm of students, all looking the same to him in their uniforms. While he was used to seeing demonstrations of unity at McKinley, such as the jocks with their letterman jackets and the Cheerio's, the seeming lack of individuality jumped out at him and made him cringe.

Although he appreciated a good blazer, being denied the opportunity to show off his splendid wardrobe throughout the school day was heartbreaking. The school uniform had yet to make him feel as though he belonged. For the moment, it only served to make him feel like he'd left a key part to his colourful personality back in McKinley's choir room.

The complete lack of girls was another change he was struggling to adjust to. There was no variety of different fragranced perfumes in the air, no girlish laughter over inane gossip, no girls' bathroom for him to use to spare him the discomfort of being around other males. Most importantly, there was no Mercedes.

Without his best girl on his arm, Kurt felt like he was missing a huge part of himself. His confidence was painfully absent without Mercedes there to encourage his talents.

As the day progressed, he noticed good things too. There was no need for an outfit change. Nobody had tripped him up or shoved him into a locker. Hurtful words were not attacking his ears, and disgusted judgemental looks weren't being thrown his way.

The Dalton boys didn't sneer if he maintained eye-contact for longer than a second, they didn't move away if he stood nearby and they didn't look upon him with hatred, didn't treat him like a freak.

The school was as safe as Kurt had hoped it to be, the fear that had been clinging to him for so long had vanquished its hold. He could relax, he could smile and finally he could breathe. Yet at the same time, he couldn't quite be himself. As accepting as the school and its students were, the uniform stripped every single one of them of a piece of their identity.

"Hey new kid." Blaine greeted coming up behind Kurt with a smile. "I see you remembered your jacket this time." He commented jokingly, referring to their first meeting and Kurt's abysmal attempt at spying. "How are you holding up on your first day?"

"It's different." Kurt answered looking around the large corridor they were stood in. "It'll take some getting used to. But I'm coping… I think."

"Don't worry, you'll feel at home in no time." Blaine assured him, nodding a hello as a fellow student passed them by. "So, you ready for your first Warbler rehearsal?"

"I've been looking forward to it all day." Kurt replied honestly as he followed Blaine into the choir room. "I understand that you guys have a whole different dynamic to New Directions, and I know it will be different, but at least it's something I'm comfortable with, something that I love."

"Did I hear something about love?" David asked teasingly as he stepped towards them as they entered the room. "Has Blaine managed to make you fall in love with him already?" He pinched Kurt's cheeks playfully but quickly backed up when he saw Kurt's affronted look. "I'm sorry." David said hastily.

"You'll have to excuse David." Wes said with a roll of his eyes and clapping his friend on the shoulder. "He lacks all respect for people's personal space."

"As well as their privacy." Blaine added. "He never knocks…"

"Or says please…" Wes said.

"Or thank you…" Nick chipped in.

"He talks with his mouth full…" James mentioned.

"Has no shame about breaking wind…" Blaine grimaced.

"And lacks the ability to pick his dirty underwear up off the floor…" Wes listed.

"In fact, he simply has no form of social etiquette whatsoever." Blaine told Kurt as David shrugged off all their comments about him. "In conclusion, David's a nice guy, just a little bit rude."

"Most shocking of all is that he actually has a girlfriend." James mused. "How he managed to land himself a girl is a complete mystery to me."

"A mystery I believe I have solved." Wes said knowledgeably. "David's girlfriend is either a fabricated story he conceived, or she's a complete troll."

"Shelly is not a troll." David defended. "And she's not fictional thank you very much."

"In that case she must be deaf, blind and dumb." Wes retorted with a laugh.

"Hey, I'll have you know I'm a good catch." David insisted as he punched the Asian boy lightly on the arm. "Definitely better than you."

"No way." Wes scoffed slinging an arm over the taller boy's shoulders and turning them so they were both facing Kurt. "Kurt, you're obviously a gentleman of fine taste, you be the judge. Who's better looking, me…" he sent Kurt a wink. "Or David?" He asked turning his nose up at the other boy.

"Are they being serious?" Kurt asked quietly looking to Blaine.

"Unfortunately, yes." Blaine answered with an amused smile. "Just give a name so we can start practice."

"Um…" Kurt hesitated uncomfortably looking between the two boys, both of whom were blowing him kisses, shooting him flirty winks and tensing their arms in attempts to show off what muscle they had. "Neither of you are really my type."

"We're not asking for a date," David said. "We just wanna know who you find more attractive. Now come on, just say my name and confirm what we all know is true. No need to worry about hurting Wes' feelings, he's perfectly used to rejection by now."

"Seriously Kurt, these two are stubborn." Blaine told him. "They won't let rehearsal begin until you give a name."

"Very well, you're both equally as good looking as each other." Kurt said hoping that would be enough to get him out of what he was finding to be a very awkward situation.

"No Kurt, that's not good enough." Wes replied. "You have to choose."

Rolling his eyes, Kurt looked to Blaine for help, but the handsome boy simply laughed at his expanse.

"Fine," Kurt sighed, his hip cocking out to the side and his hand moving to rest there. "David is marginally better looking."

"Yes, that's my boy!" David cried in triumphant as he pulled a startled Kurt into a one-armed hug. "Screw you Wesley."

"Don't call me Wesley." Wes grumbled as he barged David with his shoulder before taking his seat at the council members' table and banging his gavel to formally announce the start of practice.

Sitting down beside Blaine, Kurt thought over the past few minutes and how he had easily fell into his trademark hand-on-hip diva pose. He smiled slightly, starting to think that maybe the uniform didn't strip away his personality as he had initially thought.


Over time, life at Dalton became less befuddling. After a first few weeks of struggling with his studies, Kurt had caught up and was getting straight A's. Though he had been slightly disheartened not to be given a solo at Sectionals, something he suspected was personal on Wes' part for him naming David as the better looking of the two, Kurt had been elated that both the Warblers and New Directions would be going through to Regionals. He had made friends, and though they didn't replace his old ones, they did ease the pain of missing them.

Of course, he visited his friends and family in Lima as often as he could, but he had an entirely different life now. Although he was in a much happier mindset away from McKinley and Karofsky's torment, he still didn't feel completely satisfied.

After feeling so lonely for so long, Kurt desperately wanted to be held in someone's arms, as well as be tangled up with somebody in bed. Although he had met a number of gay students at Dalton, a couple of whom had shown an interest in him, there was only one person Kurt had eyes for.

He wanted to be Blaine's boyfriend. The two constantly flirted and Kurt was hardly being subtle with his affections for the older teen, but anytime Kurt tried to do something that could transform their friendship to a relationship, Blaine would make a hasty excuse to leave.

Blaine's behaviour confused him. It seemed like he returned Kurt's feelings but refused to act on them. Growing frustrated with Blaine's mixed signals, Kurt stormed into Blaine's dorm room one night determined to find out where they stood with one another once and for all.

He made quite the entrance, slamming the door heavily behind him for added effect. Blaine, who had been sat at his desk studying, looked to Kurt in shock before standing to face him.

"Kurt, have you forgotten how to knock?" Blaine asked.

"Just be quiet, Blaine." Kurt snapped and Blaine looked taken aback. "Now, I realise I'm no expert in the field of relationships, but even I can tell that what we have is what most would label as messed up."

"We're friends, Kurt." Blaine told him. "How is that messed up?"

"Ssh, I told you to be quiet." Kurt replied as he took to pacing Blaine's carpet. The room was small but tidy and Blaine was one of the few students who didn't have to share. "You say we're just friends, you give me inspirational talks and thoughtful advice, acting like you're my mentor rather than my equal, but then you contradict all that behaviour by flirting with me and buying me coffee and… I can't deal with these silly mind games anymore. Either you want to be with me or you don't."

"It's not that simple." Blaine sighed.

"No Blaine, it is that simple." Kurt argued. "I know I've been through a lot. Everything that happened with Karofsky was horrible but… I'm stronger for it. I'm not some fragile doll; I won't break if you kiss me. You don't have to worry about me not being ready for a relationship because of Karofsky's abuse, because I am ready. What happened at McKinley is in the past, it no longer matters. So can we please just concentrate on the present?"

"It's not that simple." Blaine repeated sounding irritated this time as he massaged his temples. "You don't understand."

"Then explain it to me." Kurt demanded. "I'm not a little kid, Blaine."

"Well you're certainly acting like one." Blaine told him and Kurt froze in his pacing to stare at Blaine in shock, never hearing such a harsh note to his tone of voice before. "Just… just drop it ok. I really don't want to talk about it."

"I'm not leaving this room until you explain yourself to me." Kurt replied stubbornly as he sat on Blaine's bed, one leg crossed over the other and arms folded over his chest. "You can't just be flirty with me one minute then dismiss me the next, that isn't fair to me, especially after everything I've been through…"

"Oh shut up, just shut up!" Blaine roared at him, seizing his text book from his desk and launching it across the other side of the room. "Not everything is about you, you selfish little bitch! What about me? What about what I've been through?"

"I… I…" Kurt stuttered with his eyes cast downward. He'd never seen Blaine lose control like that and quite frankly it scared him. "I'm sorry."

"Get out." Blaine ordered in a cold whisper.

"Blaine, please, let's just…" Kurt tried.

"I said GET OUT!" Blaine yelled throwing the desk chair to the floor and Kurt quickly fled.

He raced down the corridor towards Wes and David's room, banging urgently on the door. It was Wes who answered and he shot Kurt a look of concern upon seeing how shaken he was. He stepped aside to let him in and David looked up from his playboy magazine.

"What happened?" Wes asked guiding Kurt to his bed while David tossed his magazine aside and joined them.

"I'll go get Blaine." David offered.

"No." Kurt said quickly and the two boys shared a confused look, their worry increasing. "He… I… I've never seen him like that."

"Like what?" David asked. "Was he naked?"

"David." Wes hissed clipping the boy round the back of the head.

"What? I was only asking." David mumbled.

"Just try not to speak for a few minutes." Wes advised him before turning his focus back to Kurt. "What happened with Blaine, is he ok?"

"It's my fault." Kurt answered. "I made him angry. All I wanted was for us to be together. He was driving me mad with all the flirting… the flirting was real wasn't it, I didn't imagine that did I?"

"It was real." Wes assured him. "We've all been waiting for you two to get together."

"I don't see that happening any time soon." Kurt said. "He probably hates me now."

"He doesn't hate you." David told him. "Blaine's totally into you. Just the other day I walked in on him jacking off over footage of you performing that Single Ladies routine."

"David, remember that thing you were doing a minute ago? Not talking, go back to doing that." Wes instructed. "Look, it was just a fight Kurt. Give Blaine time to cool off and he'll apologise then everything will be fine."

"He called me a selfish little bitch." Kurt said despairingly, not liking how those words tasted on his tongue, though they hurt a thousand times worse as they echoed in his head.

"I'm sure he didn't mean it." Wes replied.

"But he's right." Kurt groaned. "I've been making this whole situation about me. I thought he wasn't making a move because he didn't want to rush me. He told me that not everything was about me, so there must be something to do with him, something I don't know."

"You mean he hasn't told you about…" David began but Wes slapped a hand over his mouth before he could finish.

"What's going on, what don't I know?" Kurt asked.

"Keep your damn mouth shut." Wes warned David, it was a little harsh, but Kurt sensed that the situation was serious enough to warrant such a tone. "Not many people know about Blaine's past. He doesn't want everybody knowing his business, just like you don't. David and I are amongst the few people that know about Blaine's back-story. Judging by the look on your face I'd guess he hasn't told you any of this."

"All I know is that he was taunted back at his old school." Kurt answered. "He didn't elaborate on the matter. I didn't even ask. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself over my own situation." He added guiltily.

"Well if Blaine's told you nothing else about it, he must have his reasons." Wes said gently. "He's my friend, he trusted me with knowledge about his personal life, and I'm not going to betray that trust by telling you what I know." Kurt nodded in understanding. "But, when he's calmed down, maybe you can ask him yourself. He might tell you."

"But he might not." David added.

"I feel so awful right now." Kurt sighed.

"Blaine's probably feeling shitty too." David shrugged as if that would make Kurt feel better.

"Any advice on what I should do?" Kurt asked.

"Nothing, not yet." Wes said. "Just wait till tomorrow. Everything will be ok, I promise."

"Thanks guys." Kurt said appreciatively to both of them before making his way back to his own dorm room, wondering about what Blaine had been through at his old school.

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