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Chapter 31

Despite being privately educated boys, mostly from a wealthy background, the Dalton Academy Warblers knew how to throw a party. Wes and David managed to smuggle in some alcohol and Jeff and Nick acquired a generous amount of party food. Thad had fished out a smoke and bubble machine from somewhere as well as fiddling with the lighting until it flashed all about the room in a variety of different colours.

Although he was eager to be alone with Blaine, Kurt contained himself and mingled with his fellow Warblers. He kept away from all the alcoholic beverages as he wanted to be sober for the activities he hoped to engage in with his boyfriend later on. He was pleased to see that Blaine had also opted not to drink too much. The shorter male was nursing a single wine cooler and constantly catching Kurt's eye from across the room.

"Kurt, this is a party, you need to drink something." David told him offering him a glass of whiskey.

"No thank you." Kurt replied.

"Sure?" David asked and Kurt nodded. "Your loss." David remarked before knocking the amber liquid down his throat. "Whoa, it burns." He spluttered and Kurt just rolled his eyes.

As David joined some of the others in a little break dancing competition, Kurt skirted around the edges of the room and joined Wes. The Asian boy was watching David with a fond smile of amusement on his lips.

"He's such a child." Kurt commented with a laugh as they watched David and Jeff tackle Nick to the ground.

"That's what I love about him." Wes replied. "He's so full of life and he has so much spirit. Many of us lose our childlike innocence and imagination but not David. When I'm with him and he's all excited like that, I feel like I don't have to worry about anything. He can make all my worries and stress just melt away, but when the situation calls for it, he can be mature and wise. His grades are some of the top in the year. He even tutors some of the younger students as well as a small group of elementary school kids."

"I never knew that." Kurt admitted.

"It's a little known fact." Wes shrugged. "He'd make a wonderful teacher if he wanted to. I know people say he's the childish one out of me and him, but he's a lot more grown up than me in some ways. He was able to admit how he felt for me long before I was ready to accept my own feelings. That alone proves he has emotional maturity. And he was always more helpful with…" he checked no-one was near them before dropping his voice to a whisper. "Blaine's issues. I know if I'd been the one to find Blaine harming himself I wouldn't have been able to cope, but David was amazing when he found him. He was the one who helped Blaine to stop. Well, other than that little relapse."

Kurt nodded, his thoughts drifting to Santana and Brittany, wondering if the ditzy blonde had been the one to help Santana overcome her problems. He watched a group of the Warblers run around catching bubbles, chugging down shots and throwing food at one another. His eyes searched for Blaine, finding him near the smoke machine trying to copy David's dance moves.

"Wes," Kurt spoke up and the other teen smiled at him. "If it's not too much trouble, could you make sure David doesn't come anywhere near Blaine's room tonight?"

"Why don't you… oh." Wes replied as realisation dawned on him. "Of course. I'll be sure to keep him occupied."

"Thanks." Kurt said quietly before moving through the crowd and stepping up to Blaine.

The shorter male grinned up at him and took his hands so they could dance to the music. It was a little clumsy and Blaine stepped on Kurt's feet more than once but the countertenor didn't care. As a slow tune came on, he circled his arms around Blaine's waist while he looped his over his neck. They swayed together gently and Kurt admired the way the flashing lights illuminated Blaine's face. Resting his chin on top of Blaine's head, he looked around them. David and Wes were dancing together, David's eyes never leaving Wes' face. Many of the other Warblers were also slow-dancing together since there were no females in the room. Though most seemed to be dancing together just for a laugh, Jeff and Nick appeared to be enjoying it a little too much. The smoke machine covered the pair for a while, and when the grey dispersed bringing them back into view, Nick and Jeff were kissing.

"Are you sure this isn't a gay school?" Kurt asked Blaine in a whisper making him chuckle.

"Sometimes I do wonder." Blaine admitted. "But they're drink and full of teenage hormones with only other guys to act their lust out on. I guess it's natural for a lot of us to experiment a little. Those two will have forgotten about making-out with each other by tomorrow."

"Are you ready to head upstairs?" Kurt questioned hoping the nervousness he felt didn't sound in his voice. "Or did you want to party some more?"

"Let's head up." Blaine replied after a moments thought. "Thad keeps staring at your ass and if I have to endure it for much longer I will resort to violence."

"What?" Kurt asked in shock. "That's ridiculous. Thad isn't staring at my…" he glanced round and realised that Thad's eyes were indeed checking out his buttocks. "Oh, well, at least he has good taste I suppose. Let's go."

Holding hands, they moved through the crowded room together and out into the corridor, finding it easier to breathe without the mass of sweaty bodies the alcohol and the smoke machine.

As they passed through the halls, making their way to Blaine's room, Kurt could feel his heart hammering against his chest. His legs felt weak and he marvelled over the fact he was managing to walk. A shot of tingles continued to journey up and down his spine, similar to the sensation of pins and needles but distinctly more pleasant. His tummy was a flutter and he continuously flicked his tongue out to moisten his lips. The hand that was conjoined with Blaine's was a little sweaty. He wasn't entirely sure if it was his palm sweating, Blaine's, or a combination of the two of them.

Together, they climbed up a staircase, the very one where the two had first met. A small bout of laughter slipped through Kurt's lips at the memory and Blaine paused, standing a couple of steps higher than Kurt.

"What's funny?" He asked curiously as he dropped Kurt's hand and coiled his fingers over the banister.

"Nothing." Kurt shrugged climbing a few steps so he was up higher than Blaine. He twirled on the step to look down at his boyfriend, their positions reflecting the ones they were poised in back on that first meeting. "You know, I think I fell in love with you the very moment I first landed eyes upon you."

A smile spread wide across Blaine's face and he roamed his gaze over the staircase before looking Kurt up and down, eyeing up his lips for a few moments before locking their eyes together.

"I guess maybe I did too." Blaine replied. "You were just so adorable with your homemade uniform." He stretched his hand out to finger the proper Dalton tie Kurt was now wearing. "Then your hand fit so perfectly in mine."

"I never wanted you to let go." Kurt confessed. "And then I heard you sing 'Teenage Dream', I knew right then that I was in immediate danger of falling for you. Which I did, and I've been falling even deeper ever since."

"Well, I'll always catch you." Blaine told him.

They smiled at one another; blushing faintly from the corny lines they were exchanging but not really caring since there was nobody else to hear their cheesy declarations.

Kurt offered his hand out and Blaine laced their fingers together once more as they resumed climbing the spiral staircase.

"You make me, feel like I'm living a, teenage dream…" Blaine sang and Kurt felt an echo of all the feelings he'd felt when he first heard Blaine perform that song. "The way you turn me on, I can't sleep, let's run away, and don't ever look back, don't ever look back."

"My heart stops, when you look at me…" Kurt continued. "Just one touch, now baby I believe, this is real, so take a chance, and don't ever look back, don't ever look back."

Blaine interrupted with a soft kiss to Kurt's lips. As they came to a standstill part way down the corridor, their mouths lingering together, Kurt felt his nervousness and excitement return to him. Pushing Blaine up against the wall, Kurt kissed him with hungry desperation, pulling a moan from the shorter boy's throat. He peppered a few kisses over Blaine's jaw before suckling at his neck then moving to tug lightly at his earlobe with his teeth. With one hand curled into Blaine's dark locks, Kurt huskily sang a few lyrics into his boyfriend's ear.

"Let's go all, the way tonight, no regrets, just love…" Kurt trailed off and journeyed a smatter of kisses back to Blaine's mouth.

Pulling back, he looked into Blaine's eyes, finding desire within the hazel orbs along with a hint of nervousness that he himself was feeling just as fiercely.

"Blaine, baby, do you… do you want to?" Kurt asked, wincing internally at how lame his phrasing had been.

"I want to." Blaine breathed out and they kissed again, tongues colliding and teeth crashing frantically together as Kurt fisted his hands in Blaine's hair and Blaine clutched at Kurt's shirt. "My room?" Blaine asked and Kurt nodded.

Hands clasped together again, they made their way towards Blaine's dorm room, practically running. Kurt pulled them to a brief halt at his and Jake's door. Pressing a quick kiss to Blaine's mouth, Kurt disappeared into his room for a while to grab a small bag before following Blaine's lead to his single room.

Reaching Blaine's door, they paused for a moment as they hesitated a little before stepping inside and locking the door behind them. Flicking the light on, Blaine scrambled about to pick up his dirty laundry and throw it out of sight in the bathroom. He then took the bag from Kurt and blushed furiously as he took out the lubricant and condoms and set them on his bedside table.

"Music?" Blaine asked shyly.

"Ok." Kurt nodded trying to produce a confident smile but only managing to come off as nervous and uncertain.

Stepping up to his C.D player, Blaine fiddled around to put a new C.D in, his fingers trembling a little before Katy Perry's vocals filled the room.

Slipping his shoes off, Kurt moved up behind Blaine and spun him around so that they could kiss. After taking his own shoes off, Blaine removed Kurt's tie and shirt before fumbling with his belt. Still stealing kisses from his boyfriend's lips, Kurt helped him to undo his pants before he slipped them off his pale legs and left them in a pile on the floor.

Left in only his underwear, Kurt felt a pink flush paint over his ivory flesh and his cock began to stir in interest as Blaine surveyed him. Despite how vulnerable he was in his nearly nude form, he'd never felt so sexy.

Bringing his hands up, he made to take off Blaine's shirt but the action made him flinch a little. Kurt paused and snapped his fingers back.

"Sorry, I was just startled." Blaine apologised before taking his shirt off himself, eyes avoiding Kurt's as his scars were revealed to him. "Please just, try not to look." He mumbled.

"Here baby, kiss me." Kurt said and Blaine complied as the taller teen stripped him of his trousers. "Ready?" Kurt asked as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of Blaine's underwear.

Hooking his own fingers into Kurt's underwear, Blaine nodded and they pulled their boxers down together before abandoning them on the floor.

"I… I want the lights off." Blaine said and Kurt nodded.

While Blaine switched off the light, Kurt pulled the quilt cover back and slid onto the bed. Blaine joined him and they lay side by side, slowly kissing one another and toying with each other's nipples before venturing downwards to squeeze bums and stroke cocks.

"Are we really going to do this?" Blaine asked in a whisper.

"Only if you want to." Kurt answered, also whispering though he wasn't sure why.

"I want to." Blaine replied and he reached out for the lube, accidentally knocking it to the floor. He leaned over the bed and retrieved the bottle from the carpet before handing it to Kurt. "I want you to be inside me." He stated. "Is that ok?" He asked.

"Sounds perfect." Kurt assured him with a gentle kiss as he had a little trouble with uncapping the lid before he accidentally squeezed too much lube over his hand. "Sorry if I hurt you." He apologised in advance as he moved his hand down to Blaine's opening and probed his hole.

Blaine hissed in shock at the unfamiliar intrusion, his hands gripping tight to Kurt's shoulders. The new feeling was odd to both boys though not unpleasant. Just as Kurt's eyes were adjusting to the darkness, he added a second finger and flexed his digits in a scissoring motion that he'd often heard Brittany and Santana talking about.

"How does it feel?" Kurt asked curiously as he lightly caressed the side of Blaine's face with his unoccupied hand.

"Strange." Blaine told him. "I can feel myself stretching. It's really… oh!"

"Blaine?" Kurt asked in worry thinking he'd hurt him.

"Do that again." Blaine begged and Kurt repeated the hooking motion of his fingers, producing another moan from Blaine's mouth. "Oh Gryffindor." He panted and upon realising Blaine was moaning and writhing out of pleasure as opposed to pain, Kurt guessed that he had located the other boy's prostate.

He grazed the pleasure spot with his fingers again, feeling himself harden from hearing the sounds Blaine was making, before withdrawing his fingers to add a little more lube. He then slipped three fingers back in and the volume of Blaine's cries increased as he brushed his prostate with three digits.

Bending his head down, Kurt caught Blaine's lips with his own and their tongues duelled as Kurt worked his fingers inside of Blaine's hole. He trailed his free hand across Blaine's jaw, over his neck and down to his chest. With a feather-light touch, Kurt traced his fingers over the carvings in Blaine's skin. Mapping out the 'F', Kurt watched his boyfriend's reaction, observing how Blaine arched into his touch, the ticklish sensation heightening the pleasure he was receiving in his nether regions. He used his tongue to glide over the 'A' then used his fingers once more to lovingly caress the scarred 'G'.

"Kurt." Blaine moaned and Kurt met his eyes.

"You ok?" Kurt asked making the shorter teen buck his hips wildly with a slighter rougher thrust of his fingers in his ass.

"Yeah." Blaine answered simply with a smile, a single tear falling down his cheek. Spread out beneath the taller boy, his scarred body on full display, Blaine ought to have felt more vulnerable and exposed than ever. Instead, as Kurt touched him with such care and devotion, eyed him with such loving affection and kissed him with such passion and desire, Blaine had never felt so beautiful. "Kurt, I want… I want you. I'm ready."

Claiming Blaine's lips in a chaste kiss, Kurt pulled his fingers out then reached for the box of condoms. He selected one and pulled the packaging apart. In his haste, his finely manicured nail split the rubber. He dropped it to the floor before taking out another, managing to roll it onto his engorged member without any further problems.

Taking a hold of his penis, Kurt moved back to his position between Blaine's outstretched legs, guiding the head of his cock to the tight ring of flesh at the opening of Blaine's rectum.

"Relax baby." Kurt said soothingly using his free hand to lightly circle the head of Blaine's dick. "I'll go as slow as you need me to. Just keep your breathing steady and relax, that way it shouldn't hurt very much at all."

Swallowing, Blaine closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing, willing himself to loosen up. When he felt at ease, he nodded for Kurt to enter him. As promised, Kurt slowly fed his length into Blaine's lubed and stretched passage. It took a little time, but eventually Blaine's body accepted the intrusion and Kurt was able to sink all the way in.

A small gasp passed through Blaine's lips and his mouth opened into an O shape as his eyes flew open. He gazed at Kurt in wonder, his mind and body working to adjust to the new feeling of being so delightfully full.

Lowering his body so they were chest to chest, his cock lodged firmly in Blaine's ass, Kurt brought their mouths together for some gentle kisses. He played with Blaine's curls while Blaine roamed his hands over the knots of Kurt's spine.

"Move." Blaine instructed as his hands dropped to rest at Kurt's ass.

Not needing to be told twice, Kurt slowly pulled out before easing his way back in. Both boys gasped at the feel.

"You're so tight." Kurt commented in awe as he felt Blaine's anal walls clamping snugly around his cock. "You feel so good."

"You too." Blaine complimented moving his hands up Kurt's back then wrapping his fingers round Kurt's upper arms.

Kissing a little clumsily, Kurt withdrew from Blaine's tight heat again before gently guiding himself back in. He moved his hands from Blaine's hair and snaked them under the boy's back, holding his body impossibly closer to his own as he pulled out and angled himself differently as he pushed back in, this time nudging at Blaine's prostate.

Burying his face in the crook of Blaine's neck, Kurt thrust into Blaine again, this time hitting his prostate fully rather than a little nudge. The erotic sound it ripped from Blaine's lips was nearly enough to send Kurt over the edge. Kissing his boyfriend's neck, finding the skin to be a little salty due to sweat, Kurt fought down the need to release so that he could last a little longer.

"You're so beautiful." Kurt gushed as he sped up his pace, making the bed springs creak along with their movement. "I love you so much."

"Mmm, I love you too." Blaine replied as he tossed his head back, jerking his hips up in an effort to get Kurt's cock even deeper inside of him. "I need… erm yeah, I need you so bad. Faster, mmm, oh please… please… faster."

Acquiescing to Blaine's needy requests, Kurt snapped his hips rapidly back and forth, repeatedly pounding into his boyfriend's stretched little hole. Words of love and begs for more were continuously thrown back and forth between the two as they kept their mouths close together. If they weren't kissing or whispering dirty or affectionate things, then they were fighting for much needed oxygen.

Hands roamed all over before finally finding each other, fingers interlocking and pressed into the mattress above Blaine's head as Kurt continued to rock into him, the headboard slamming against the wall with a rhythmic thud as he eagerly battered his boyfriend's prostate.

"Oh, oh yeah, fuck!" Blaine swore as he fastened his legs tight around Kurt's waist, causing the countertenor to penetrate him even deeper. "Mmm, nrgh, I'm gonna… oh shit… I can't, I won't last." He warned.

"Oh fuck, me too baby." Kurt mewled while Blaine grunted in a manner that was most un-dapper. "Mmm, I love you… oh yeah, oh yeah, so close."

Unthreading their fingers, Kurt rested one hand by Blaine's neck, his thumb lightly stroking his collarbone, while he gripped Blaine's throbbing manhood in the other. He tugged almost roughly on the hard organ as he brutally pounded into his boyfriend. Blaine's hands had moved to leave a few scratches down Kurt's back before one hand raked through the pale boy's hair and the other rested at the base of his spine.

Running his thumb over the head of Blaine's penis, slamming in and out of him with such force that his balls repeatedly smacked against Blaine's pert ass, Kurt caused his boyfriend to cum.

"Mmm, Kurt!" Blaine cried as his body spasmed with such intense pleasure.

"Blaine!" Kurt shrieked a few seconds later as the clamping of Blaine's ass around his cock triggered his release.

His vision blurred with spectrums of colour as he collapsed on top of Blaine. With a bit of effort, he rolled onto his side and slipped his now limp cock out of Blaine's gaping hole. Arms wrapping around one another, they kissed lazily before Kurt removed the used condom and tossed it, hopefully, into the bin.

A beeping sound started the pair of them and they jumped a little before relaxing when they realised it was only Blaine's cell phone announcing a new text message. Ignoring it, they cuddled up again but when a few more beeps signalling new messages sounded, Blaine reluctantly fetched it from his desk to read through them.

"What is it?" Kurt asked and Blaine handed the phone to him to look through the texts.

From David: Kurt! Blaine! Cud u b any louder? Lol xxx

From Wes: I tried 2 stop him, but he does have a point : /

From Jeff: Tht wz so hot I jst hd 2 beat off ;)

From Nick: U 2 shud b pornstars : p

From Thad: Plz keep noise dwn nxt time *shudders*

From Jake: Love u both, proud of u, now shut up x

"Oh." Kurt said simply handing Blaine his phone back and blushing a little. "I didn't realise we were being so loud. They're going to tease us tomorrow aren't they?"

"They'll get bored in a month or two." Blaine told him slipping back into the bed, shifting uncomfortably from a dull ache in his rear, awkward but not painful. "Let's just get some sleep. Love you."

"Love you more." Kurt replied pecking Blaine's lips before they pulled on their underwear then curled up together.

Kurt was the first to fall asleep, his lips parted as he breathed in and out. Tucking a strand of hair away from Kurt's forehead, Blaine admired his boyfriend in the darkness. A smile tugged at his lips and he felt truly blessed to be with someone so wonderful. Not only was Kurt smart, witty, talented, strong, courageous and beautiful, but he looked at Blaine as though he was strong and brave too. He also made Blaine feel beautiful and loved.

Entwined with Kurt on the bed, the sheets tangled round their legs, nothing else seemed to matter to Blaine. It didn't matter that he'd been sexually abused as a child. He wasn't tainted, but treasured and loved by an angel, Kurt's touch cancelling out the devilish way Peter Nicholls had once handled him. It wasn't his fault that his Aunt had taken her own life; it was merely an unhappy memory that could not have been prevented. It didn't matter that his mother had left him again, perhaps forever, because he had the unconditional love of his devoted father.

The bullying he had endured at his old school and the vicious homophobic attacks he had been subjected to were no longer if importance. It didn't matter that Josh, his once best friend had turned on him so treacherously, for he had unwavering trust and loyalty in the form of Wes and David. It didn't matter that he was made of scars, because in Kurt's eyes, he was not weak or ruined. In the eyes of Kurt Hummel, Junior Warbler Blaine Anderson would always be beautiful.

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