Title: Once Upon A Dream
Summary: A dream becomes reality for Edward and Bella.
Word Count: 500
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I own the order in which these words were strung together.

Drifting on a dream-propelled forward by waves and destiny, I search. Warm light startles me and I rise from the depths to the shore. My feet touch sand and a door stands before me. Without pause, I turn the knob and push forward.

A beautiful girl in a yellow sundress blocks my entry, a bright smile upon her face. "Romeo," she exclaims, pressing her palm to my cheek. Laughing lightly, I return the gesture. "I'm here." She takes my hand and leads me to a leather sofa, settling herself into my lap, her head on my shoulder.

Soon, she lies next to me on a bed of silk, my hands exploring her naked body. She trembles beneath my touch, gasping. "Romeo," she calls out at the height of her desire. Holding her closer, I answer the only way I know how. "I'm here."

The dream shifts and I watch as the girl, dressed all in white, runs through a meadow of multicolored flowers, laughing and teasing me. Flowers burst from the ground, floating around her like a halo. "Romeo," she summons. "I'm here," I reply, giving chase.

She stands several feet out of reach and I watch in awe as her stomach expands, growing round and swollen with child. "Romeo?" she asks, hesitantly. "I'm here. I'm here," I chant, closing the distance between us.

She smiles, reaching out to me and I bring her hand to my lips, placing a tender kiss there. When I pull back to meet her gaze, I notice the changes. Her hair, now grey, instead of the chestnut brown from before. Lines crease her face around her eyes and mouth. Sensing my question, she points to a gilded mirror where my reflection shows that I, too, have gracefully aged.

Smiling, I lead her to a swing. She sits in my lap as we watch the flowers dance with the wind. Twilight descends and she slips from my grasp, through a hole in the earth. Panic overwhelms me until I hear her voice. "Romeo," she beckons. "I'm here," I shout, jumping through after her.

Then, I am falling, falling, until my soul lands back in my body and I wake in my own bed, cold and alone. I shower and dress quickly for work, trying not to think of my loneliness. With my name tag, Dr. Edward Cullen, placed on my blue scrub shirt, I grab my backpack and lock the apartment door as I exit.

In the hall, there are boxes piled high and deep, evidence of a new neighbor moving into the building. Shuffling my feet to maneuver around them, I see her-my dream girl come to life. Flowers have been woven into the braids of her hair. She wears a ruffled yellow skirt and a white t-shirt, proudly proclaiming, "Property of Romeo."

"Bella Swan," she says, nervously approaching me with her hand extended. "I locked myself out," she tells me, her face reddening.

"It's okay," I whisper, taking her hand. "I'm here."