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Rick's POV

Tomorrow we were leaving, returning home. We were all excited, me more than others. I missed Grandview, the smell, the feel, every little detail. I missed my friends, especially Melinda, who was part of the reason I left.

We were really good friends, and I liked her a lot, much more than I should. I was falling in love with her, which could never amount to anything, she was married. Kate, my wife, had cheated on me, while we were married. I found out until later after she died. It had hurt too much; I could never put anyone through that, so I left.

Grandview holding too many hard memories was another reason for leaving. The reason I gave Melinda was that it was a chance of a lifetime, which was only a slim part of why I left.

"Hey, you OK Professor Payne?" one of the younger professors asked, entering the artifact tent, "you zoned out again."

That had been happening alot since we arrived, ecpecially the last few months. "Oh, hi Julie, I'm fine. Just thinking, I can't wait to see everyone again, after three years." I tell her as I begin to inspect a statue I was holding once again. We had found this statue recently, since we found it I had inspected it probably a hundred times, and was no closer to figuring out what it was. It was small, black, if you would glanced you would have thought it a rock. Though when you picked it up and begun to inspect it you could feel features etched into the rock.

"I know what you mean, it has been son long since I saw my parents, brothers, sister, and friends. Postcards, letters, and such are nice, but nothing like the real person." She says. I knew what she meant, I had a few letters, postcards and such from everyone, but it was not like actually being there. They couldn't tell me what was going on. With how long it took to get the letter, postcard, whatever, it was long over, so no use repling about what was going on.

"You figure out its secrets yet?" Julie asked, noticing me holding the statue once again.

I gave a silent shake of my head to indicate a no, I felt drawn to this statue, but I couldn't explain why or what this statue was, it became more perplexing each day.

"You should see if they will let you keep it. I think they planned on tossing it." She informed me.

"I heard that, haven't got around to asking. With leaving tomorrow I guess I better go ask." I said, exiting the tent to find Zack, one of the few people catalloging things that I got along with.

A Few Minutes Later

It didn't take long to find him, he was in one of either three tents all the time, his, the artifact, and the tent they were catalloging the artifacts in.

He noticed me coming, and the statue I was carring. "Hey," I said when I got close enough for him to hear.

"Take it," he said returning to his work, "The statue, take it, we decided to toss it."

"Thanks," I say turning to leave.

"One question though," he said turning back to me, "Why do you want it? You are not the kind of person to want something for no reason."

"I'm not sure, I feel drawn to it. But, you're right, I don't want something without a good reason."

The Next Day

We were traveling down the mountain when it happened.

We were all in the jeep, laughing, telling stories about what we did. We had traveled down the mountain eve hit a bad svery week, we knew the rough spots. We may hit a bad spot, something in the road, a ghost, who knows, we didn't.

The jeep flipped, I was threw out, along with my stuff. Hitting the ground hard, and begun to roll a good distance down when I finally went sideways enough to stop, but it was too late, when I hit the ground I was dead.