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Melinda's POV

In no time at all I arrived at Rockland University, where classes were changing. Quickly, I jumped out of my jeep and ran inside, past a bunch of the students. I pushed many of them aside, due to me going the opposite way everybody else was, in my hurry to get to Rick's office.

When I had arrived at Rick's office, I slowly turned the handle. There was no doubt in my mind that it would be unlocked, not after the last incident where somebody realized his door was unlocked and locked it for him.

It was a couple of months before his Sabbatical. The newest spirit had appeared to me a few days earlier, and Rick had been searching for more information on her since she had first appeared. It was only a few hours ago that he had discovered any information, and he asked me to come over immediately. After he had told me that she was 9 years old the day she died, drowned in a lake, and that both parents were alive, but separated. They had separated 2 years before she died, and her father remarried, to a younger woman who he cheated on his wife with. When the girl died, her step-mom was the only one home. Nobody ever knew how she died 5 years ago.

We had quickly rushed out when he had finished telling me. The little girl, Annabel, had kept telling me to stop her, save him, but I didn't know who she was talking about. Now I knew, and if I had understood everything Annabel told me, then her step-mom planned to kill him tonight. I just hoped we weren't too late.

Rick had hopped into the car with me to get there, and while we were gone one of the staff locked his door, thinking he had forgotten to lock it, which he had.

Later that night, we came back to the University so he could get his car. When he reached into his pocket, he realized he didn't have his keys. It was then he realized that he had left them on his desk in his office. He jumped out of my car without a word and headed into the University. He hadn't said a word to me, and I knew his car was in the opposite direction then he was headed. So, I followed after parking and turning off the car.

When I arrived at his office I found him outside it, trying to break in, and ranting. I spent the next 30 minutes calming him down; it ended with me storming off to get somebody who could open the door. Thankfully, somebody was still there cleaning. When I came back he was much calmer, and the guy unlocked the door. Rick made his point that nobody was to ever lock his door. Needless to say, Rick was not a Professor that you wanted to lock the door for.

Since then nobody has locked his door, even after being away for months, so I knew his office was unlocked. Clearing my thoughts, I went back to the situation at hand. I was wary of what I would find what if he really didn't like me? Maybe that was his true feelings for me when Gabriel came in. But, what if those weren't his true feelings? What was I even looking for coming to his office?

'Only one way to find out,' I took a deep breath and on the count of three, through open the door.

Inside looked exactly the same as it always did, except well, Rick wasn't there. Slowly I made a trip around the room, after a good thirty minutes, I reached his desk. 'What am I even looking for?' I asked myself for probably the hundredth time. I started to rummage through his desk and ruffle through the papers hoping to find something to help me. In the midst of going through the papers I knocked the mouse to his computer. The last thing he was looking at came up, and it happened to be the information he was looking at for me. It was about him. Rick had never finished saying whatever he had found, so I quickly looked at the website, to see that the screen was in the middle of the webpage. Whatever he had found he had found in the first half of the page and thought that it was something I really needed to know, because he hadn't even finished reading the rest of the webpage.

I decided that whatever it was had been enough for him to call me before he finished his research, so it was definitely something I needed to know. I quickly scrolled to the top of the page and began to read.

In the 1700's Black Water appeared in a little town, known at the time as SouthWater. Nobody had ever seen him before, but the people could sense a bad vibe coming from him. He never said his name, and everyone began to call him Black Water. They could feel the darkness rolling off of him in waves, and it is said that if you looked him in the eyes you could see the very reflection of everything evil in your life, it reminded people of water. So people began to call him Black Water. It wasn't long after his arrival that there was a meeting called in Town Hall. It was during this that the head of the town suddenly fell over and died. He had not been sick a day in his life, so nobody expected him to fall over dead. Many people began to blame Black Water for the death, since nothing like this had happened since they arrived, then suddenly he shows up and the head of their town was dead? It didn't seem likely to the so many people blamed him and said he was using witchcraft.

He suddenly disappeared one night, the same night as another death happened. The preacher's child, only 7 years old, was walking down the road with her parents when the sun was setting. Suddenly her grip on her parents hands loosened, and when they looked at her they found her dead. The townspeople rushed to where Black Water was staying, but he was no longer there.

A few weeks later he arrived at another town, Gray Wood. He introduced himself as Black Water and asked if they were looking for a medicine man. That he was really experienced, and needed to find a new town, due to a tribe wiping out his whole village while he was away gathering supplies.

They quickly accepted him in, their medicine man had died a week earlier and they were in desperate need for one since winter was quickly approaching.

His first patient was a 10-year-old girl who had the flu, they didn't know what it was then. She was quickly dieing and her parents were desperate to find a way to save her. In a few days, while her parents were away, the girl walking outside healthy. Many occurences like this one happened over the winter.

Once Spring came he disappeared once again. His trail has been tracked to many other towns during this time. Each one holds a similar story.

It is believed that in one town, it is expected one of the last he was ever seen at, one of the residents saw him talking to himself, and saying the name of one of the people in town that had recently died. It is unknown why he was doing so. Many believe that he can see the dead, others believe he practiced witchcraft and had trapped the spirit of the resident. Many people believe that their is a logical solution about why he was talking to himself, like he was blaming himself for her death. Nobody knows for sure though why he was talking to himself, or even the mysterious occurences that happened in each town that he was in.

In every town that he had been to there has been discovered a small black statue. It has no discernible features, untill you feel it. If you didn't hold and feel it, you would believe that it was just another rock. Scientist have not discovered what this statue is, or even the purpose. Again there are many speculations about the purpose of this statue. One possible solution is that it was a marker stating that he had been there. Another possible solution it was a warning to the towns not to follow him or try to solve what was happening. Again these are only speculations, and nobody knows for sure what the purpose is.

I looked down on his desk to the book that was lying open. The page was covered in markings, comments, underlining, and highlights. I began to read what he had been looking at.

Legend has it that there are different levels to those that have the power while they are alive, especially those that can see the dead. But, no matter what level or power that you are, the power you have is multiplied. Depending on how strong the power you have is when you are alive, the more it is strengthened in death.

It is said the basic levels of seeing the dead is as following:

1. Hearing the dead

2. Seeing and hearing the dead

3. Seeing, hearing, and smelling the dead

4. Seeing, hearing, smelling, and being able to pull a spirit from the living body

5. Seeing, hearing, smelling, being able to pull a spirit from the living body, and being able to push a spirit into a living body

Each level has multiple levels within these main levels. Depending on how strong and higher up you are the stronger your power will be in death.

I skipped over to the next page. It is speculated that Black Water was able to see the dead, and was one of, if not the strongest to ever live. He left small, black statues at towns he visited while alive. Many of these statues were left in the possession of a local in the town. These statues marked the owner as belonging to Black Water. I stopped reading, these statues that both the article on the internet and this book was talking about sounded a lot like the statue Rick brought back with him. 'But that would mean...he is who Gabriel was talking about.'

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