Title: Mirror Image
Summary: Inspired by 'The Sound Of White' by Missy Higgins. A Charlie/Bella moment.
Word Count: 499
Rating: T

The light from the TV casts a blue glow over him as he dozes; a beer can, still half full, rests precariously on the arm of his favourite chair.

Light snores rumble through his chest, his breath causing the hairs of his moustache to flutter slightly.

We're not so dissimilar Charlie and I. Minus the facial hair of course.

Our hair is the same dark brown colour; the one that matches our eyes.

A quiet man, Charlie's eyes really are the window to his soul. But I know him with one look, as he knows me, like our own secret language.

Although I take after my mother in stature, my body is not unlike his; lean and wiry, with legs all the way up to my ears.

But it's the little things I notice that remind me of where I came from.

The way his head bobs lightly when he hears a song he likes. It's unconscious, and I've even found us doing it at the same time - much to my amusement.

Even as I watch him, curled up on the recliner, lying on his side with his hands tucked tightly between his knees, I realise that I've slept that way since I was a little girl - my knees tucked to my chest, my hands sandwiched between my legs.

If he doesn't move soon, he'll get pins and needles in his hands.

Carefully, I lay the knitted blanket over him, comfortable in the knowledge that as always, he'll wake in an hour or so, just as the game finishes.

Tonight though, for the first time, I notice the way his toes wiggle as he sleeps, curling and uncurling, one after the other.

It relaxes him, the tiny movements, like a soothing rhythm.

I'm not sure if I do it when I'm asleep, but I know I do it just before I succumb to it. Like a final wave goodbye as I slip into an unconscious world.

The movement makes my throat tighten - it's these little things I'll miss.

Edward thinks I don't understand what I'm giving up, but I do.

After graduation I won't look like Charlie anymore. The physical ties that bind us will no longer stand, and the little things like the toe-wiggling and head-bobbing, may stop all together.

As of tomorrow we won't even share the same last name.

Isabella Cullen.

It still sounds odd.

Leaving Charlie to sleep, I stand in the living room of the house where I've done more growing up than I ever did in Phoenix.

Edward keeps trying to change my mind; he thinks I don't understand what it means to sever these connections.

But all of it; the pain, the loss, the uncertainty, I would do it all for him. A thousand times over I would do it.

I climb the stairs for the last time as Bella Swan, ready to face a new future.

Because underneath it all, I'm still Charlie's girl - stubborn as hell.