The Girl in the Stars

Pray. And if you can't pray, run. Life is everlasting concept that individually spans down to a few important moments: your birth, your death, and anything memorable in between. It is filled with random theories and concepts to explain its intangibility, and none have ever come close. As I watch over the Earth from my constellation, I remember my story. The one that will never be told. The one that did not go down in history, but is equally as important as anyone else's. And then I think, does it matter? Do we exist solely for the purpose of existing, or do we exist for a greater purpose. I thought my purpose was to be a Hunter of Artemis, to follow the Hunt, and protect the world. And yet, my savior attitude was not recognized in history. No where can you find my life, but in the hearts of the remaining few who knew me. I have no impact, except the one I choose to believe I had.

However, this is true of many people. Percy Jackson is a recent example. He fought valiantly to save Olympus, turned down being a God for the girl he loves, and yet he is not in any textbook. Children do not go around spouting his name, saying what a hero he was, but his memory survives in those who knew and loved him. I can only assume him dead, for I have not seen him under my watchful Greek eye in quite some time. And so therefore I mourn, and I pray. Because my days of running are over.

I pray to no one and everyone. I pray for him, to nothing. I wish and hope, and in the end, I know that no matter what, the sequence of events cannot be changed by what I desire. I am no longer a force in the world. I am no longer a presence. I am just a fading memory in the hearts of those close to me. And now, those are to die out too. Soon I will be nothing but a wisp of nothing. A soul stuck in the constellation of former glory, and the soul of a girl who gave up everything for the boy she loved, and go nothing for it. I was cut out of history. But, if you see me in the stars, stop and talk a while. It will only improve my dampening spirits. I answer any call that comes my way. Please pray. And when you can't pray, run.