A Message of Grief

I have lost my entire family to my father's domain,

And you feel I have no reason to whine?

My mother, my sisters, both biological and those by godly ordain,

And my brothers have died before their time

And yet the war is not my father's,

For he is just the collector of souls,

It is the other gods who wage these bothers

So the dead man's children will burn on the coals

Zeus destroyed my mother

For that my cousin founded new thrones

Poseidon kids have killed my brothers

For that they died, names unknown

And Artemis, well Artemis, she stole my sister

And you helped her Zoe

You helped her release her worldly possessions, as if I was just a blister

Not her brother… no

So I blamed you, when you died

For hating the stars was much easier than a God

Truly, I thought you could do me no harm… I lied

Nico's Message to Zoe