The Legend War... little is known about its true nature or how it really started... However, the facts are as cold as stone: some time before the year 2011 AD, an extraterrestrial force known as the Space Empire Zangyakku attacked the third planet of the Sol system, expecting an easy conquest. What they got was something else entirely... something far greater than what they bargained for. To anyone who knows the name of the Sol system's third planet, they, too, would know of a great and wondrous army that protected it from any and all danger: the 34 Super Sentai.

From Himitsu Sentai Goranger to Chojin Sentai Jetman, and from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger to Tensou Sentai Goseiger, these costumed heroes mobilized to fight off the Zangyakku horde. Although both sides fought valiantly, the net result, in the end, was stalemate: the 34 Super Sentai sacrificed their powers and abilities to force the Zangyakku into retreat. To an objective viewer, it would only be a matter of time before the Zangyakku tried again... and the people of the third planet would be powerless to stop them...

-Maxwell Robin, Historian. The Greatest Treasure in the Universe, Prologue. Circa 2211 AD.

In the dark recesses of space, what looked like a red spaceship in the form of a pirate's galleon approached a certain little blue planet with a single natural satellite. On the side of its hull and on its sails was a symbol that was proudly bore: crossed cutlasses, with another shape that resembled a key layered atop them. As it wound its way through the jet black, one of the ship's occupants started hopping around in glee.

"Bwaark! I sense it! I sense it!" a maroon-colored, parrot-shaped robot squawked as it flew to a nearby chair.

"What's up, Navi?" a red-headed girl asked of it; she wore a striped shirt (which helped to accentuate her impressive bust) overlain with a yellow jacket with black checkered pants and brown leather boots, complete with a few rings and a golden locket. "What are you sensing?"

"It's Earth!" the robot, Navi, replied. "It's where the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, One Piece, lies!"

"Never thought our journey for One Piece would take us into space..." a long-nosed man piped up; along with his black hair and slightly perturbed eyes, he wore a dark green jacket with elaborate gold markings which hid a plaid green shirt. Along with his gold necktie, he also sported olive-green jeans and white sneakers. He got up and approached a computer console, typing in a few commands. In moments, a view-screen in the room showed an image of the Earth itself, cast as a beautiful backdrop for its Moon. "So, that's Earth?" the man inquired.

"That's right!" the parrot robot confirmed.

"Amazing..." the man gaped.

"It truly is..." another voice added; heads turned to one of the corners of the room, where a light blue-haired, pony-tailed girl sat with a cup of tea; although she wore a pink overcoat, she also donned a white t-shirt with a simple beige blouse and light brown, fur-lined boots. Overall, it seemed she was more conservative when it came to clothing choice. "I bet they must live pretty peaceful lives there," she added, getting up.

"Only you would say something like that, Vivi," the red-haired woman responded. "If you ask me, the only thing I see are... jewels! Possibly worth billions of Beri!" she added in excitement.

"Nami, why do you always think of money at the first available opportunity?" the man in green asked in exasperation.

"Because she's obsessed with the concept," a new voice interjected; coming up from the stairs that led deeper into the ship was a green-haired man with three identical rings adorning the lobe of his left ear. He wore a blue jacket that was laden with zippers that partially covered a black t-shirt. He also wore white cargo pants, complete with simple grey boots. "Besides, we're not here for the money. We're here because we'll be the first people who can say that they've found and obtained One Piece."

Unnoticed, or perhaps noticed but ignored, a hand dug into a box filled with colorful figurines of varying shades; the hand grabbed nothing, but rather swept through the contents.

"And you can't drop that 'cool' act of yours?" the red-headed Nami shot back. "We all know you're fired up for this, Zoro!"

"Still, kind of hard to believe that One Piece is on this planet, if the rumors about it being in the galaxy's backwaters is true..." the man in green wondered in doubt. "I mean, why would a treasure that's said to be worth as much as the entire universe be located there?"

All the while, the hand in the chest picked up a red figure and turned it over a couple of times. "It has to be there," the owner of the hand, currently sitting in the captain's chair, piped up. "I can feel it in my gut."

Looking at their apparent leader for a short while, the four nodded in agreement... before a short beeping sound, accompanied by a red light, caught their attention. Nami returned to the control console and attempted to operate it. After a few short button presses, she apparently got frustrated. "Usopp, give me a hand!" she demanded.

"No need to get all bossy at me, I'm coming!" the man in green, Usopp, quipped as he shuffled over. His magic touch did what Nami's could not: magnify the video feed of the Earth. Upon doing so, everyone's eyes widened in shock at the sight of several brown spaceships rising up from behind the moon: a central command tower at the back joining two long, bronze cannons on either side. "The Zangyakkian Armada!" Usopp cried in shock, cowering behind Nami. "They've found us! We're done for!"

"Well, the odds aren't in our favor," the man in blue, Zoro, coolly noted. "What are we going to do now, Luffy?"

"We'll just have to shift the odds so that they're in our favor, then," the man sitting in the chair simply stated.

"Are you serious, Luffy?" Ussop incredulously demanded.

"Of course I am," the captain confirmed, getting up out of his chair. The man wore a heavy red coat with gold buttons on either side; under it was a blue undershirt with red highlights and a heavy, golden necklace with the numeral XXXV emblazoned upon it. He also donned blue sailor's pants which were held up with a golden-buckled belt, and jet-black leather boots. His hair was black, short and spiky, and his eyes were sparkling with a light not seen in a long time, ever since the conquest of the Endless Ocean. Finally, and perhaps most distinctly, a thin scar curved under his left eye, proof of a fool-hardy, childish dare.

"After all..." Captain Monkey D. Luffy continued with a goofy grin, holding up the red figure in his hand, which looked vaguely like a pirate, with the exception of its all-concealing helmet. "...we're pirates!" A simple twitch of his fingers, and the figure's legs flipped up so that the body had essentially folded in half... revealing a glistening, silver key... and the symbol that so adorned their ship...

Borne from another world of endless ocean, these five youths venture forth into the cosmos, searching for One Piece, the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. Once weak, they now rise up against the conquerors of their home, the Space Empire Zangyakku, proudly honoring their pirate heritage and legacy! Their name is...!




The space-worthy galleon sped up to confront the forces of the Zangyakkian Armada, those on the other side wondering if the pirates were so idiotic as to confront their mighty imperial forces.

"Ready the cannons!" a red-clothed man ordered within the red Gokai Galleon, standing behind a red ship's wheel; the man looked exactly like the figurine/key the Captain was holding a few moments ago. "We're gonna blow right past them, nakama!"

Meanwhile, on one of the enemy ships, the commander, mostly blue with large claws for hands and a fish-like helmet, was looking at the five wanted posters for the pirate fugitives from the Endless Ocean: "Straw-Hat" Monkey D. Luffy, with a bounty 1,500,000 Zagins; "Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro, with a bounty of 1,300,000 Zagins; "Cat Burglar" Nami, with a bounty of 300,000 Zagins, "Rogue Princess" Nefertari Vivi, with the same bounty as the previous; finally, "Gadgeteer Sniper" Usopp, with a bounty of 100 Zagins. All were marked with a "Dead or Alive" disclaimer and pictures of their faces; whoever wanted their hides didn't care if they were still breathing when all was said and done. "The Fugitives, huh?" the commander wondered aloud as he returned to the captain's stall. "Once we crush them, we'll be able to collect the bounties on their heads! Get them!" he ordered.

The fleet of ships opened fire on the lone vessel, plumes of explosive fire popping up all over. Thus far, however, the graduates of the Imperial Marksmanship Academy had completely failed to sink the great red ship. The man in red was privately glad that such graduates had been, reliably and repeatedly, very poor shots.

"Port-side Galleon Cannons! Fire!" he ordered, and a mighty barrage from the ship's left side answered the call: cannonballs adorned with the sword-and-key marking crashed into a nearby Imperial cruiser, blowing it up to kingdom come. "Hard to starboard!" the man in red cried, yanking the ship's wheel to the right; the ship began circling around to face the fleet of enemies once more, ramming into another Imperial cruiser in the process.

"Sir, we've lost over half of our ships!" one of the helmsmen reported to the commander after a few more moments of engagement.

"Damn those fugitives! They're screwing with us!" the commander growled. "It's time to stop playing games! All forces, concentrate firepower!"

All at once, the remainder of the Zangyakkian fleet focused all of their firepower on the Gokai Galleon, their combined might creating a massive explosion.

"How do you like that?" the commander boasted, clenching his right claw in victory. Unfortunately for him, from the flames dashed a humanoid figure; its torso was colored in red and black. Its right arm was blue and had parts of a jet attached to it, while the left was green and wheels were prominently displayed. Its left leg also had some wheels, but the foot looked like the cab for a semi truck and was colored yellow; the right was pink and had elements of a submarine scattered over it. In each hand, it carried an elaborate cutlass, and as if to remove any doubt, it also wore a pirate's hat. Overall, the large robot looked like a giant pirate.

"Boooooooring..." the man in red droned as the robot charged towards the fleet.

"What the-?" the commander of the enemy fleet gazed in stupefaction.

Jumping up from the surface of the moon, the robot twirled its cutlasses as it raged through the remainder of the Zangyakkian ships, the man in red being joined by similar-suited warriors in blue, green, yellow, and pink in some sort of main cockpit area. Maneuvering the robot to port, the team proceeded to slash through another ship, rebounded, then fired off several laser bolts that took out a majority of the remaining fleet. The commander could only look on in fear as the robot collided feet-first with his command vessel, and both they and the two remaining Zangyakkian cruisers (having collided with the command vessel due to forward momentum) were caught in an explosion. The robot emerged from the flames unscathed.

"Well, that's that," the yellow woman noted, her voice sounding exactly like Nami's. "All that's left is to head for Earth!"

"One Piece, if you're there, then we're coming for you!" the man in green, who sounded like Usopp, cheered.

The man in red, who sounded like Luffy, hmph-ed. "It's there," he commented before yanking his ship's wheel to starboard; the robot's limbs disconnected from its torso, and each component transformed into five vehicles: a fighter jet, a race car, a semi truck, a submarine, and finally the red Gokai Galleon. The blue jet shrank and was inserted into an open hatch on the green race car. In turn, the car was inserted into the white-and-pink sub, which inserted itself into the yellow semi, which itself was inserted into the Gokai Galleon. The gallant ship turned to port and entered the Earth's atmosphere...

In the city of Tokyo, the citizenry were going about their business on another normal day, asking acquaintances what there were having for dinner that night, or where they got new clothing. All thoughts of such things were derailed, however, when they all heard a loud noise coming from somewhere up above; they looked up as one and saw a red pirate ship gliding through the sky. Granted, it had wings near the sturn, but it was a pirate ship nonetheless. With no warning whatsoever, the flying galleon dropped a pair of red anchors onto the city below; one crashed right in the middle of a pedestrian walkway, while the other landed on a sitting bench. From the bottom of the ship, five young men and women roped their way down onto the top of a low-lying building, the man in red holding a megaphone.

"Greetings, Earthlings!" Luffy announced with closed eyes and a silly grin on his face, turning the megaphone on with a short audial whine. "We're the Gokai Pirates! And I'm Captain Monkey D. Luffy!"

"What? Pirates?" asked one of the crowd.

"What's going on?" asked another.

"This planet harbors One Piece, doesn't it?" Luffy asked the crowd, continuing as though there were no murmurs. "Just tell us where we can find it, and we'll be on our way."

"'One Piece'? What's that?" a third onlooker questioned.

"Does such a thing even exist?" a fourth wondered.

Luffy looked on at the crowd, the grin slowly slipping from his face while his shining eyes dulled once more. A sudden yanking motion told him that someone had grabbed the megaphone from him. "Don't lie to us," Nami's magnified voice demanded. "We know it's here."

"Nami..." Vivi piped up from behind. "We won't get anywhere if we keep trying to demand it." She then took the megaphone from Nami's hands and held it up to her own mouth. "It's a pleasure to meet everyone," she announced. "The treasure we're searching for, One Piece, is also known as the Greatest Treasure in the Universe." She received nothing but blank stares. "Let's see here..." she murmured, the stares not fazing her one bit. "You, good sir!" she pointed to a middle-aged man wearing glasses. He pointed to himself, wondering if he was the one she meant. "Yes, you."

"Yes?" he answered in response.

"Do you know where we can find One Piece, the Greatest Treasure in the Universe?" Vivi inquired.

"Well, this is the first time I've heard either of those terms," the man with glasses admitted. "I'm afraid I have no idea where that treasure is currently located."

"I see... do you know anyone else who would possibly know?" Vivi probed further.

"I'm sorry, but... I don't think anyone here on Earth knows anything about the treasure you're looking for," the man in glasses answered to the best of his ability. Everyone else nodded in agreement, leaving the five pirates somewhat flummoxed.

"This isn't what we were told..." said Zoro in disappointment.

"I knew it... One Piece is somewhere else..." Usopp whined, hanging his head.

"OK, Luffy," Nami demanded. "What are we gonna do now?"

Luffy was silent for a moment, staring straight ahead of him. He then turned to the others with a smirk on his face. "Let's go get something to eat," he announced. "I'm kinda hungry right now."

"Well, that's Luffy for you: always thinking with his stomach first," Zoro snarked as Luffy began to head off.

"Hold up, Luffy! We don't have any of this planet's currency!" Usopp pointed out.

"That's right!" Nami chimed in. "Somehow, I doubt very much that they use Beri or Zagins here."

Luffy stopped. "Then I guess it's a good thing Nami has so many rings," he simply stated.

Nami blinked her eyes a couple of times. Then she took a look at the rings on her left hand, then at Luffy, then at the rings. After a couple more sweeps, she seemingly understood what Luffy was talking about. "...WHAT?" she shouted, her eyes bulging. Apparently, whatever Luffy had in mind, she did not like one bit.

At that moment, between the Earth and the Moon, a much larger Zangyakkian force had been amassed. There were thousands of cruisers, but they were dominated by a much larger ship, similar in structure to its brethren, yet distinctly different: the two pylons on either side of the command tower were shaped like the heads of horses, and just in front of the tower was a short protrusion proudly bearing the Empire's coat of arms. It also helped that this ship was mainly white in color. Inside stood the commander of this fine vessel, a humanoid that looked very much like a streamlined royal: mostly colored white with blue highlighting on his shoulder pads, the feather-like fins adorning either side of his head, and the edges of his commander's coat. Golden threads hung loosely from the cuffs of his sleeves. Slightly obscured by the thin, white divider horn running vertically down in front of his face, said face was colored silver, his blue eyes glowing in anticipation as he gazed upon the blue planet.

He swiftly turned around to face the bridge area behind him. "Barizorg," he addressed in a pompous voice, "Insaan, are the preparations for our invasion of Earth complete?"

"YES, BOSS," the first individual confirmed; mostly colored in shades of gray and rust brown, he looked like he was made out of scrap metal, his most defining feature being the large gear that surrounded his left eye. "YOUR FAVORITE COLD-BLOODED ACTION COMMANDER IS ON STANDBY, MASTER OILES GIL."

"I have also developed the greatest weapons to date for us to turn on this planet, my leige," a woman answered in a sultry, seductive tone; mostly colored in acid green, she had large crimson shoulder pads that curved upwards, two golden horns sticking out from either side of her head (the right being substantially longer than the left), a white lower face, with the exception of her black lips, and had a red visor for eyes. It also helped that she had one of the best bust lines in the entire known universe. "I can't wait to see that joyous look on your face when you see them being used~" she added, leaning in to her commander in a seductive manner, fingering his elaborate chest. Oiles Gil merely brushed her off as he moved towards his command chair.

"There shall be no holding back!" he announced grandly, his arms spread wide. "We must show the Earthlings the power of our glorious Space Empire Zangyakku!"

"Yes, sir," the green Insaan and the gray Barizorg confirmed. Oiles Gil made to sit down when a voice from his left caught his immediate attention.

"Your Highness," the voice said; Oiles Gil gazed in its direction, seeing a bronze humanoid with a red cape; his chest was emblazoned with an elaborate golden bird, his head full of vertical ridges all over, his eyes small and beady, glowing with a bright white light. "We've lost contact with our advance forces. We believe they were wiped out by the fugitive Gokai Pirates."

"WHAT?" Oiles shouted in anger, standing up straight. "Those... imbeciles! How dare they disgrace our mighty army! Barizorg!"

The robot turned around to face his commander.

"Delete the advance forces' data from the records!" the incensed white humanoid ordered.


"Ignore them for now," Oiles commanded, walking through the command area. "Pests like them are mere gnats compared to our Empire."

"Your Highness, I must advise against this course of action," the bronze figure interjected; Oiles looked at him in irritation. "To use a popular colloquialism, if we don't deal with them now, they may come back to bite us in the ass later."

Both Barizorg and Insaan looked at the scene, and both knew full-well what was to come.

"GRAAAAH! YOU DARE DEFY ME, DAMARAS?" Oiles shouted and wildly gesticulated, walking towards the now-identified Damaras. "ME? OILES GIL? THE FIRST SON OF EMPEROR ZANGYAKKU HIMSELF?"

"Not at all," Damaras calmly relplied. "I was merely suggesting the correct course of action we should take."

"Grrr..." Oiles growled. "Your suggestion is duly noted." He then turned around in a huff and finally sat down in his chair. "Lay in a course for the largest city on the planet!" he ordered. "Full speed ahead!"

With that, the Second Conquest of Earth began...

In a jewelry store, the resident owner was looking, through a magnifying glass, at a large amethyst jewel, set in as the center-piece of a gorgeous silver ring; said ring was currently snug on one of the fingers of Nami's left hand.

"Incredible!" the owner gaped. "I've never seen such amazing beauty and quality in all my years in the jewelry business!" He then got out a calculator and began typing a few keys. When he finished, he held the display up for the others to see. "I'm willing to pay you 10 million yen for that specimen!" he offered.

"That all?" Luffy wondered, glancing at his treasure hunter. She huffed, taking the valued ring off of her finger.

"Just so you know, Luffy, this is only a loan!" she informed her errant captain, holding the ring in question up for emphasis. "You'll be paying me back with interest!"

Luffy merely looked away.

After being paid the offered amount, the pirates walked down the street, Nami fingering through the stack of bills in her hands.

"You know, Nami," Usopp piped up, "I'm pretty sure he doesn't intend on paying you back."

"That's true, Usopp," Vivi interjected.

"Yep, he sure is pretty laid back about these sorts of things," Zoro added. They all stopped when Luffy abrubtly halted (Nami accidentally ran into Luffy when he stopped); he looked at the people all round them, who were looking at them. It was no wonder, what with their style of dress and their unnatural hair colors.

"Well, this is a pretty nice planet," Luffy remarked. "I bet the food is gonna be a real gas, if you catch my drift."

"Let me guess, Luffy: we're gonna go to an all-you-can-eat place so that you can clean 'em out, right?" Usopp surmised.

"Not quite..." Luffy cryptically answered with a slight smirk on his face.

Both Usopp and Nami were quite confused, seeing as they were currently sitting in a restaurant known as the Snack Safari, which was apparently known for its curry selection.

"Why this place?" both droned, Usopp resting his head on the table with Nami laying back in her chair.

"I've heard good things about Earth's curry," Luffy answered. "I just want to sample some of it while we're here."

"Knowing you, Luffy, you'll clean this place out in 20 minutes flat," Usopp griped.

"I've never had curry before," said Vivi, who was sitting with Ussop and Nami. "Just look at it as the opportunity to try something new."

"Whatever it's like, it probably can't ever compare to Sanji's cooking," Nami complained, suddenly looking downcast. Sanji, their chef, had been missing ever since their escape from the Endless Ocean. It was a particularly painful topic to bring up, so it was safer to just make casual references to their awol friend.

"OK, so how are we supposed to find One Piece if no one on this god-forsaken rock knows where it is?" Zoro pondered, sitting to Luffy's right at the serving bar.

"Don't be in such a rush, Zoro," Luffy responded. "We really can't do anything on an empty stomach, after all."

"Thank you for waiting!" a man carrying a tray of rice curry announced, coming over to Usopp's table first. "We hope you enjoy our Special Safari Curry!" He then headed behind the bar area to hand Luffy and Zoro their dishes. " I heard that you were out of town, so let me tell you this: before eating, it's always polite around these parts to say 'itadakimasu'. It roughly means, 'thank you for making the meal'."

"I gotta say, this looks delicious!" Nami gushed, picking up her utensils.

"Agreed," Vivi added. "Let's eat!"

"Well, when on Earth..." Luffy told the rest of the group.

"Itadakimasu!" They all said together as they dug in.

Unfortunately for them, not a single morsel of food reached their mouths, owing to the large explosion that had just gone off outside, racing into the restaurant itself. Time seemed frozen in the ruined eatery, broken only by the fluttering of the yen bills, and the dull cries of a frightened people. The plates of curry were nowhere to be seen.

Nami's smile faltered as she looked up at the floating bits of Earth currency. She soon let out a shrill scream. "NOOOOO! MY MONEY!" she cried as she tried to gather it all back up, Usopp holding a shattered store sign in front of him. The group rushed out to see what all the ruckus was about, except for Nami and Luffy. The former was attempting to rescue her money from burning, while the latter merely put down his spoon.

"Hey," Luffy called out to the man who had served them the meal. "What about the curry?"

"I-I-I'm sorry, sir," the man stuttered, holding out his arms in an x-shape, "but I'm a-af-afraid that's not possible right now!"

"Are you for real?" Luffy asked in all seriousness.

"Forget about that, Luffy!" cried Usopp as he came racing back in, shattered sign still in hand. "Come take a look out here!"

Luffy got up off of his stool and, together with Nami, made his way outside. As they looked up into the sky, a large, white spaceship with a pair of horse's heads caught their attention.

"Hey, isn't that...?" asked Nami.

"Yeah, it has to be!" Vivi agreed.

"It's the Gigant Horse!" Usopp shouted.

"The guys we blew away must have been the vanguard," Zoro dryly noted. "And if that monstrosity is here, then we know who's in charge of this invasion operation."

"Oiles Gil, himself," Luffy confirmed. "Looks like the Empire's serious about taking over this planet."

The team looked on as the Zangyakkian cruisers wreaked havoc on the city, firing their beam cannons into crumbling buildings. A stray shot hit the area where the pirates were currently standing; all but Luffy dove for cover as the explosions surrounded them.

"Why here?" Nami demanded as she got back up, looking at the sky above. "Why now?"

"Luffy, what are we gonna do?" Usopp fearfully asked. "We can't search for One Piece like this!"

"Pull yourselves together," Luffy ordered, his gaze unwavering. "We're heading back to the Gokai Galleon."

The land forces of the Space Empire Zangyakku were broken up into three types of foot-soldiers. The first were the disposable grunts, the Gormins. Colored silver all over with a cylindrical helmet (sloped at the top with triangular eye holes), they carried standard-issue maces which also doubled as RPG launchers. If a Gormin survived long enough and performed exceptionally, they were promoted. A Sugormin was what the lucky Gormin eventually found himself as. Given a new fish-like helmet and large blue arms with claws for hands, these soldiers also had the increased intelligence to match. Because a Gormin rarely survived long enough or performed exceptionally in the eyes of his commander, there weren't as many Sugormins when compared to their lesser counterparts. Even rarer were the Action Commanders. These monstrosities were highly-evolved Sugormins; cyborgs or mutants created from either prisoners of war or the willing; or cloned from the DNA of some of the greatest fighters in the galaxy.

Action Commander Shikabanen was one of the rarer creatures among his brethren; he started out as a lowly Gormin, surviving long enough to become a Sugormin. He slaughtered, evicerated, and decimated enough to catch the eyes of Oiles Gil himself, and (after a lengthy mutation procedure and rehabilitation) was promoted into an Action Commander. In Gil's personal conquests, Shikabanen often led the effort from the front lines, killing to his heart's desire. The only time he stopped was when Gil told him to stop: the monster still owed a debt of gratitude to the first son of the Emperor, after all.

From the skies above dropped the foot-soldiers of the Empire, having deployed from jettisoned, chained magnets located below the main cannons of the cruisers. As always, Action Commander Shikabanen was among the deployees, consisting almost entirely of Gormins, with the odd Sugormin here and there.

"Master Oiles Gil!" Shikabanen cried. Shikabanen's entire body was mostly colored in a deep navy blue, with orbs of blue energy located on his shoulders and arms. His fin-like head had no obvious eyes, and a a metal grille that covered his mouth. He carried a gun in the same shade with a strip of blue energy located underneath the barrel. "I, Action Commander Shikabanen, am grateful to once again slaughter and kill in your name!" Turning his gun to the side, he opened fire, blue bolts decimating a fortunately-empty building, flames engulfing the side-streets surrounding it. In the ruined war-zone, innocent people screamed in terror, running for their lives. The Gormin charged, their Sugormin overseers walking calmly behind them. The silver soldiers tore into the frightened crowd, not caring if their maces hit the living.

A small number of them jettisoned their RPGs (which also acted as the heads of their maces), hitting cars, buildings, and a small number of people. Among the throngs of the terrified was a kindergarten class out on a field trip, accompanied by their teacher and a chaperone. The small group ducked into an alcove. "It'll be okay," said one of the adults, hoping to restore calm; just then, however, an explosion went off and a body in flames went flying before their eyes. As the body hit the ground, one could tell there was no hope for them. In the wake of the explosion came the monster that had started the mayhem. He glanced to the side and saw the frightened class.

"It's no use running from me!" the monster said evilly as he approached them with gun in hand. The silver soldiers that assisted him in the massacre surrounded the innocent, ensuring no escape.

Usopp in the lead, the pirates kept on running through the ruined streets. When Vivi heard an evil cackle, however, she stopped and turned in its direction. Luffy, who was right behind her, accidentally bumped into her as she stopped.

"What's up?" he asked her. Zoro, Nami and Usopp doubled back upon seeing two of their group fallen behind. One by one, they all looked at the scene Vivi was seeing; a navy blue Action Commander and his minions having cornered a group of children and their adult caretakers.

"No one runs from us!" the vile creature ordered. He grabbed one of the women by the throat and began squeezing.

"Do what you want with me," the woman choked out, "just let the children go!"

This was apparently the wrong thing to say, as he threw her down to the ground and stomped on her head with his feet.

"Now why would I do a dumb-ass thing like that, you idiot?" he crowed as he applied a little more pressure.

The pirates were silent as they watched the scene unfold. Usopp was the first to break the silence.

"Ummm... shouldn't we be going?" he fretfully asked.

"I hate to admit it, but..." Nami piped up. "...this planet might not have a future."

"If that's the case, then it'll just become another part of the Empire's territory," Zoro responded.

"Just like the Endless Ocean..." Vivi added in worry.

Luffy was silent as they continued watching the horrifying events unfold; the Action Commander pointed his gun at each of the terrified faces in his captive audience. "Oh, how I love those fearful faces!" he boasted. "It just makes me wanna kill you all the more! More... show me more!" He then shoved the barrel of his gun into the other adult's face.

"I don't like this..." Luffy muttered, stepping out from behind Vivi. "Not one bit."

Cackling madly, Shikabanen raised his gun. "Thanks for all those wonderful expressions!" he said in absolute glee. Charging his gun, he prepared to fire...

...and a gunshot rang out, but it was not Shikabanen who fired. The shot came from a pistol; the barrel was black, and the handle red. The chamber was decorated by a translucent symbol, that of a pair of cutlasses crossed, with a key on top of them. The one holding said pistol was one Monkey D. Luffy; he and his team-mates walked towards the enemy party, determination etched onto their faces. They came to a stop mere meters away as the Action Commander approached them in a huff.

"Well, well, well... look what the cat dragged in..." he called out. "You're those Gokai Pirates we've been hearing so much about, aren't you? What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Who knows?" Luffy responded.

"Wait... I think I get it..." Shikabanen caught on. "You're after some sort of treasure, aren't you? Since you're not my prey this time, I think I'll let you go... so scram!"

"I think you need to shut up, you idiot!" Nami taunted.

"I-Idiot?" the Action Commander balked.

"I think you'll be the one scraming," Zoro smirked.

"And you're in for it if you think I'll listen to anything you have to say," Vivi added.

"That goes double for me," Usopp agreed. "I may be scared of you, but I hate it when the strong bully the weak!"

"Are you nuts?" Shikabanen demanded in frustration. "We're the forces of the mighty Space Empire Zangyakku! Crossing us is a very bad idea!"

"Maybe," Luffy nonchalantly shrugged. "On the other hand, I make the ones I don't like walk the plank!" He then held up the red, pirate-like figurine in his left hand. The others reached into their pockets and drew out similarly-shaped figurines of their own. Zoro's was blue; Nami's yellow, Usopp's green, and Vivi's pink. "After all," Luffy finished with a grin on his face, "we're pirates!"

The figures changed into keys, and all of them brought out a cell phone in their right hands, mostly colored in black with red highlights. Opening them revealed a sort of silver shape acting as the earpiece and phone screen. The bottom had the standard keypad and a strange hole above it. Holding the keys out in front of them, they all cried "Gokai Change!" then inserted them into the strange hole. Twisting the keys in the hole, the top split apart so that it resembled a pair of crossed cutlasses and a key symbol; the cross glew their respective colors as they thrust them outwards.

"GOOOOOOO... KAIGER!" the phones cried out as three x's and a v emerged from the Mobirates. When the first x hit, the pirate symbol appeared on the now black leotard everyone was inexplicably wearing. The second x created a jacket; the third a face-covering helmet, and the v created a second pirate symbol, this time located on the pirate-hat-like protrusion on their helmets.

"Gokai Red!" cried Luffy's voice, striking a cool pose.

"Gokai Blue!" announced Zoro's voice, placing his thumb and forefinger on his helmet.

"Gokai Yellow!" shouted Nami's voice, placing her right elbow over her left hand.

"Gokai Green!" bellowed Usopp's voice, placing his hands on his hips in a very ridiculous pose.

"Gokai Pink!" Vivi's voice yelled, performing a short little bow.

"Kaizoku Sentai..." Gokai Red began, he and the team striking a joint pose.

"Gokaiger!" they all finished.

"Let's make this flashy, nakama," Gokai Red ordered with his standard-issue blade (the Gokai Saber) in hand and firing his standard-issue Gokai Gun at the Gormin surrounding Shikabanen. Rushing into battle, the Gokaigers slashed and shot at the foot-soldiers, remaining spotless while doing so.

"Get them, Gormin!" Shikabanen commanded, still slightly reeling at being shot a second time. Unnoticed behind him, however, the schoolchildren and their chaperone and teacher took refuge behind a wall some ways behind the fight that was currently unfolding.

"No way!" the chaperone muttered. "Could they be the 35th Super Sentai?" The schoolchildren and the teacher looked at her in puzzlement.

After using a grappling hook installed in the hilt of her Saber, Gokai Pink shot her gun at two Gormin that approached her, kicked a third in the back, then jumped off from a ruined stairway onto a trashed, circular structure, firing on the foot-soldiers below her all the while. When she landed, she let go of the rope and slashed at one of the Gormins on the structure.

Meanwhile, Gokai Yellow ran through the husk of another building, firing on two Gormin and lashed out with her blade at another couple. Taking aim, she fired on a Gormin that had gotten behind her, then rushed to confront the fresh Gormin that raced up to replace the wounded. She opened fire once more on them. "Out of my way!" she yelled, kicking one that had gotten in front of her off of the elevated tier they were fighting on.

Gokai Blue jumped off of the open stairwell he was fighting on to the top of some low-lying rubble, rolling as he hit. Once he got back up, he slashed at a couple of Gormin that followed him, then jumped back down to a nearby car. He rolled off the roof, unleashing more sword slashes as he got on his feet again, firing on the lone Gormin that had just been where he was.

Gokai Green jumped off a maintenance walkway high up off the ground as the Gormin tried to unsuccessfully hit him with their bullets; he managed to latch onto a wire connecting part of that structure to another one, unleashing a slash before bouncing back up due to the wire's tenacity. When he landed and bounced again, he opened fire on the Gormin that surrounded him.

Gokai Red ran into and rebounded off a nearby wall, slicing two Gormin off of a nearby platform, then firing on one in the distance. He sensed the Gormin that had just leapt up behind him, and paid it the proper courtesy with his blade. Another came up to take its place; Gokai Red stabbed then shunted the cannon fodder off. Two more then emerged from behind, forcing Gokai Red off. When they attempted to clobber him from the high ground, he merely blocked their maces with his Gokai Saber, then shot at them with his gun. When they fell, he tossed his sword, which impaled itself in a mook that had attempted to catch Gokai Blue off-guard.

"Yo! Usopp!" Gokai Red called out; at that moment, Gokai Green was currently fighting off more goons in the open ruins of yet another building.

"Uh... right!" he responded, tossing his Saber to Gokai Red. Gokai Blue did the same with his gun. When the gun approached, Gokai Red kicked the gun to Gokai Green's position, catching the sword when his foot returned to ground, which he promptly used to slice the back of a nearby Gormin.

Inexplicably now hanging from a swinging trapeze, Gokai Green caught the flying gun, and promptly took aim. Gokai Blue took the sword impaled in the Gormin and promptly began slicing them to ribbons while Gokai Green fired on some of the ones on a nearby building as he swung towards them. Gokai Blue continued his relentless sword charge through the Gormin ranks, blocking one mace and repaying the favor to the offender. Another set of Gormins fired their RPGs at the blue warrior.

"I may not have three swords to call my own anymore," he snorted as the grenades flew at him, "but that doesn't mean I'm less capable!" Using the swords in his hands, he batted one to the side and sliced through the other two, creating a set of explosions behind him.

After cutting down yet another Gormin and kicking the one behind her in the gut, Gokai Yellow held up her gun. "Vivi!" she called out, tossing said gun to her.

"I got it!" Gokai Pink answered, tossing her sword to Yellow. The two caught their weapons near-simultaneously; Pink struck a pose as Yellow went into a slashing frenzy. Pink hopped up to some more rubble, firing all the while at the Gormin surrounding her. None of them were safe as she twisted her body this way and that, even rolling on the ground to ensure that she could shoot anywhere. Yellow, in the meantime, continued to hack into the horde.

"I'm just getting warmed up!" she boasted; she started swinging her swords out through the grappling hook attachment, which twisted and flew all over, hitting the Gormins at a distance. As the swords returned, she twirled them about in a flashy show of force. The Gormins were not yet beat, having amassed before her; Yellow was soon joined by the others. "Oh, come on!" Yellow whined upon seeing yet more Gormin. "These guys just don't know when to give up!"

"Then I guess we'll have to pull that out," Red responded.

"That, huh?" Blue agreed.

"Oh yeah, that that!" Green caught on.

"No prob!" Yellow confirmed.

"Let's do it!" Vivi answered, making the motion unanimous.

"Heh," Red let out before pressing a button on his golden belt buckle; a hidden revolving door revealed another red figurine, which looked like a strange jumpsuit with a yellow v-shape on its chest, and it had blue eyes for a visor. The others did the same thing, and their figurines looked like they belonged with the first. Just as before, they transformed into keys with a flick of their fingers. The team once more brought out their Mobirates, and with a shout of "Gokai Change!" they inserted the keys into the phone's keyhole and twisted, the top once again changing into their team symbol.

This time, differently colored curtains of light covered them as they spun on the spot; the Mobirates called out "GOOOOOOO... RANGER!" When the lights faded, the Gokaigers were not standing there. Instead, in the same colors, but looking much older were a ranger that had goggles as a visor, one whose visor was shaped like an arrow pointing upwards, one that had an oval-shaped visor, one with a v-shaped visor, and one whose visor was pink and shaped like a heart. The last also appeared to be wearing earings. They also all sported capes of their respective colors, and all had v's on their chests that represented their numerical designations: Red was 1, Blue was 2, Yellow was 3, Green was 5 and Pink was 4. They all posed, placing their right hands, palms out and fingers spread in front of them.

The kindergarteners, having watched all the while, gaped at the appearance of these new warriors. "Teacher," one asked, "who are they?"

"They were the first Super Sentai to ever be formed!" the teacher answered.

"Himitsu Sentai Goranger, right?" the chaperone wondered; after all, the Super Sentai were said to have lost their powers in the Legend War. "But how is that possible?"

Pink spun around, holding a multi-colored football adorned with stars and in front of her with four fins on one end.

"Let's use the Goranger Hurricane!" Vivi's voice called out.

"Yeah, what better way for trashy scum like these guys to leave in than a garbage truck?" Luffy's voice responded. "Ready? Goranger Hurricane, go!"

Red, Green, Blue and Yellow rushed into battle with the Gormins while Pink stayed behind with the ball, charging it with her energies. "Usopp!" she called out after finishing, tossing it to him in the heat of battle.

"Got it!" he replied as he kicked it around in the air, fighting off the tin cans in the process. "Nami!" he shouted as he passed by Yellow after placing his energy in the ball. She too kicked it around some, charging it with her energy.

"Zoro!" she called, kicking the ball high up into the air. Blue jumped up and caught it. He then flipped multiple times in the air before landing. Holding out the ball in front of him with both hands, he cried, "Luffy!"

"Right!" Red yelled as he leapt through the air, face forward and arms spread. He then re-positioned his body so that, with a cry of "Endball!" he kicked the football; the fins on the bottom expanded, the ball itself having been filled to the brim with Ranger energy. When the ball hit the ground, it let of a flash of light that was soon transformed into a green-and-white garbage truck. The Gormins, curious as to the device's nature, inched closer. The truck's wast processing machinery activated. In another flash of light, the truck miraculously vacuumed up the Gormin that surrounded it. When it was done, the truck drove off into nothingness. Red landed, looking to his right, saw more Gormin rushing towards them, with the Sugormin entering the melee.

"How many of these things do they have?" Blue asked in annoyance.

Red's only response (after dodging a blow from a Sugormin) was to hold up another figurine. This one looked like it was wearing a set of Japanese samurai clothing, its head decorated with the Japanese kanji for fire. The Rangers group together, back facing back. With another cry of "Gokai Change!" they turned the samurai keys, once again activating the Mobirates. It cried out, "SHIIIIIIIN... KENGER!" as the Japanese kanji for fire, water, wood, earth and heaven shot out from each of the five, repelling an oncoming Gormin/Sugormin attack. The kanji wrapped around their helmets, once again changing their suits in a flash of multi-colored light. The Gokaigers, now masquerading as a sort of samurai sentai, unsheathed their katanas and tore into the horde.

Slashing their way past, they once again brought out their Mobirates and more figurines, each with a different part of an animal on the helmets. Once more shouting "Gokai Change!" they turned the keys in the phone's locks. The phones shouted, "MAAAAAAA... GIRANGER!" causing mystical seals to descend through their bodies. Now looking like suited magicians with helmets, they turned around (throwing their capes for emphasis) to face their enemies. They raised their magical staffs, the tops of which looked like over-large M's and shouted, "Gii Magika!" creating tornadoes of fire, thunder, water, wind and earth which swept away those Gormin and Sugormin still standing. In the end, only Shikabanen was left, calmy walking towards the false mages.

"Quite the little performance you've put on," he taunted before raising his gun, "but I'm afraid you won't be getting a curtain call." Tilting his head, he charged his weaponry (the gun and the missle pods hidden throughout) with the phazon coursing through his body; phazon was a potent energy source that the Empire was currently experimenting with. "As they say in show-biz, that's a wrap!" He then fired everything, which hit the team with a mighty explosion; Red's magic staff flew through the air...

...which transformed back into his standard-issue Gokai Saber; Gokai Red caught it as he descended from his leap with a fierce war cry, and the other pirates followed suit. With a flurry of slashes, Blue, Green and Red raced past while Yellow and Pink remained in front. Red spun back around to deliver another slash. His third slice was swiftly blocked by one of the Action Commander's forearms, but Red just as quickly planted his heel in the monster's chest and pushed, sending him to the ground. While he was down, Green and Blue rejoined their friends.

"Let's finish him," Gokai Red ordered, receiving confirmation from the others. By pressing a button on the front of the Gokai Sabers' hilt, a hidden mechanism which contained a lock popped out. Proceeding to press the buttons on top of their golden belt buckles, the Gokaigers proceeded to insert their very own Ranger Keys in the locks. After turning them, they pushed the lock chamber with key inserted back into the flat side of their weapons, the large Gokai Symbols on the sides of the hilt beginning to glow red, blue, yellow, green, and pink, soon cycling back to red. The blades themselves began glowing in their respective colors as a voice not unlike the Mobirates' own called out "FINAL WAAAAAAAVE!"

By this point, Shikabanen had gotten back to his feet; it was too late as the Gokaigers slashed through the air, the energy from the blades creating waves that sliced through the monster's body. Action Commander Shikabanen crackled with sparks as, with a scream, he collapsed to the ground and exploded. In victory, Gokai Red wiped his blade and let out a satisfied hmph.

"Now we've done it," Nami whined, sitting on some rubble after the battle. "If the Empire didn't consider us enemies before, then they sure will now."

"True enough," Zoro calmly replied.

"No way!" Usopp yelled, frantically moving about.

"I wonder what we'll do now..." Vivi wondered worringly. Luffy had come back from the short walk he took during the battle. When Usopp saw, he rushed towards his captain.

"Things have really taken a turn for the worse, Luffy!" the long-nosed gunman yelled in the captain's ear. "We need to get off this planet, now! Just... forget about One Piece!"

Luffy only grabbed Ussop's nose, having noticed someone behind him: it was the kindergarteners the team had inadvertently saved before the battle began. When Luffy turned around, the others took notice.

"What is it?" Vivi sweetly asked as she approached.

"Thank you!" the boy in front honestly and earnestly said. Needless to say, the pirates had been taken aback by such an open show of gratitude.

"Yes, thanks to you, we're all safe," the chaperone elaborated. Luffy blinked, then let go of Usopp's nose turning his back on the children. He then walked away.

"What are you talking about?" Zoro clarified before he too began walking away.

"We're space pirates," Nami added. "We're just here for One Piece. Nothing more, nothing less." She was the third to walk away.

"If that's the case, then why did you fight them?" the teacher asked. "Was it for us?"

"Well, you see..." Vivi began, struggling for words. This brought the other three to a halt. It was Luffy who turned around and answered.

"Curry..." was the answer that came out of his mouth. Upon seeing the confused expressions on their faces, he decided to elaborate. "Those guys ruined our lunch, and if there's one thing I hate, it's not getting something to eat." With that, he resumed walking away. Nami and Zoro followed him, leaving Usopp and Vivi to finish up.

"That's why you don't really need to thank us," Usopp softly concluded before racing off to join the others. Vivi gave a short bow to the class before she too went to rejoin her friends.

The class just watched their saviors walk off into the distance, wondering if they really were heroes...

A/N: And that's chapter 1 of my new fanfic! I needed a creative break from writing Zangetsu (chapter 5 is still being written, so hang in there) and that's why this document exists. I drew inspirations from Kamen Rider Chrome and Rider Paladin, who pioneered the use of anime protagonists as toku heroes, and to TVTropes for helping me come up with the concept. Until next time... Let's Gokaiger!