Here's another drabble collection. Sadly, I don't think this shipping has a name [yet]. It's Chili/Elesa. So, you know, it's gonna be awesome. (Never have I or will I own Pokemon)

Translucent Skies

Keep dreaming, little boy.

Many things could be wrong with Chili when she came in. His face would break out in a cold sweat, he'd stutter, he'd feel feint or nauseous. Sometimes, he wanted to take the day off and lie in bed when he knew she'd be visiting the city. His normal flirtatious attitude would suddenly drop and he'd completely lose his cool. All because of her.

She was, after all, a model. Perhaps unnecessarily skinny, yes, but she was one of those girls Chili found himself staring at in gossip magazines and tabloids (not that he read them, of course). It was when she appeared on the covers and such! Well, that, and he frequently went to Nimbasa as a child for the amusement park. That was where he met her.

It had been in the summer, when he was finally let out of trainer school. His parents congratulated each of them and let them choose to do something special. Cilan chose to go to the Dreamyard, a place where the scientist Flannel would work with munna, but Cilan was permitted an hour to play with the pokemon.

Cress had chosen to go to Mistralton City, where he could watch airplanes fly all day. He liked that as a child. That was also where he met Skyla, who was at the time eleven, a year older the Cress. They became fast friends, until Cress had to take the airplane home.

But Chili had chosen the logical choice for a child of ten; he picked the Nimbasa amusement park. Like most ten-year-old boys wanted to do. Of course, they were all jealous of Chili, whose parents actually let him go.

Just before he left, however, his friend told him something.

"There's this really pretty girl who's our age running the roller coaster. Her dad's the gym leader there, and she's supposed to take it over when he retires!"

Chili grinned while he said, "Well, I'll be the one that makes her fall for me!"

With that, he took off to Nimbasa.

While he was there, the first thing he went for was the roller coaster. He asked an information guide as to where it was and was pointed to the Nimbasa City Gym.

"The gym leader ain't taking any challenges."

"I'm not here to challenge the gym leader," Chili said. He ran off to the building, his pansear close behind.

When he got there, a young, no older than eleven-year-old blonde girl stood at the entrance. She was decked out in headphones, a yellow and black dress, black leggings, and was barefoot.

Chili approached the entrance and she said, "I am Elesa, daughter of the gym leader. He's not taking any chall—"

"Don't worry, girl, I'm here to ride the roller coaster!" Chili reassured her.

"Don't call me that!" she shouted, but permitted him to enter.

They met again three years later, when Chili was going to Nimbasa for business reasons.

He entered the gym and found the girl sizing him up.

This girl was the new gym leader, and he, Chili, was going to welcome her. He ended up staring at her.

But she noticed and stated, "Keep dreaming, little boy."

This was the beginning of a game of cat and mouse.