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Translucent Skies

On his best days he was blatant.

Chili's infatuation with Elesa was common gossip around Unova. He found himself catching girls whisper around Striaton City about how jealous they were. There'd been an increase in flirtations whenever he served teenaged girls, especially the days that Elesa had dropped by. Those were the worst, in Chili's mind, because she'd made it a habit to request one of his brothers. It annoyed him to no end, but it wasn't like he could do anything about it—she'd crush him in an instant if they ever battled, no doubt.

On his best days he was blatant—he made it very clear that he was jealous whenever his brothers served her. It was little things, but they always added up. Sometimes he'd stall Cress as he made his way over to take her order. Or he'd ask Cilan for some help before he went to give her the receipt. His brothers had noticed, and so had Elesa. He'd noticed that she knew when, after asking Cress to help him clean up a drink he spilled in the kitchen, she rolled her eyes playfully and continued to tap away on her xtransceiver. He found himself smirking as Cress went to take her order.