Chapter 3

At the Marketplace, Mulan looked around for any groceries she was missing at home. To her dismay, she had everything she needed at home. She was basically walking around trying to find something to do. She wondered why Shang had not yet came looking for her. She shoved off the thought of Shang when she noticed everyone whispering. They all gave her looks. Looks of disgust, looks of shock, and looks of pride. A sudden feeling of angst came over her. She felt her face flush a deep red, and she felt sick. She decided to gently head toward the nearby park to sit down and have a chance to take all of it in. When she came to the park, she sat at a bench under a tree (like the bench at the Fa home). She sat down and closed her eyes and several small, cold tears came down her left cheek. She was forced to open her eyes when she heard a familiar voice calling her.

"Mulan? Mulan is that you?"

Mulan looked up and saw her friend, Liu Fen. Liu Fen had been her childhood best friend. They had lost touch after the war. Mulan thought Fen would never talk to her after what she did. She felt like everyone looked down on her. Apparently, her friend was not as proud as she thought.

"Liu Fen," Mulan grinned and wiped the tears from her face. She did not want to greet her old friend by tearing up and having to explain her life tragedies.

"Mulan, Darling! I have not spoken to you since the Matchmaker's test!" Liu Fen hugged her as if it was the last day she would ever see her again. Mulan sighed and hugged her old friend.

"I know, its been too long."

"We must catch up, but, I have to go, i just came over to say hello. Would you like to come over for dinner tonight? I am sure your parents would allow you to." Mulan looked perplexed suddenly.

Doesn't she know that I do not live with my parents anymore? Has she not yet heard?

"Umm, Liu Fen, I..." Mulan was cut off by her, saying that her husband was waiting at home. Her friend walked away after hugging Mulan goodbye. Mulan, again, sat down on the bench and looked up at the sky. The rain had almost cleared but it was still drizzling. She sighed, closed her eyes, and burst into tears. She cried because she did not know what was happening to her. She cried because Shang had lied to her. She cried because she was disliked in the village. She cried because she missed her parents. She cried because she failed at the matchmakers. Her entire life was coming to her mind and she began regretting everything she did. She did not know why she felt this way, all of a sudden. After crying to the point that tears would not come down, she got angry. Angry at the world, at Shang, at her parents, at the Emperor. She honestly thought that she was going crazy. She noticed that she was having very sudden changes in mood. She looked at the ground and heard a pandemonium. It was thunder. She looked up, and the rain came pouring down. It was coming down quick, and within seconds she was soaked.

Dammit! That's just what I need! (sigh) I'll just go to my parents house, I can not face Shang yet. Especially looking as if I cried my eyes out (which I did).

Considering Mulan was already drenched, she did not care about going to her parents house. It was two towns away. She walked, and, after noticing that she would go farther with a horse... She figured she should go back home to get Kahn, but, she shoved away the thought. she ran out of the park and just walked the rest of the way. To her, it seemed like hours before she got to her parents. When she got there, she sat at the stairs thinking of what to say when she got inside. She looked up and let the rain fall to her face, yet again. She got up and forced herself to knock on the door. The door opened, it was Fa Li.

"Mulan! Oh, what a surprise!" Fa Li noticed the pale, depressed (and soaked) look on her daughter's face immediately, so she quickly dragged her inside for warmth. Mulan sat down on the couch while her grandmother placed a blanket on her shoulders. Mulan was too cold to even speak. She just hugged her grandmother as a greeting. Apparently, her father was not home. Mulan was disappointed to find out that her father was not home. She had come here to say "Hi" to the family and to warm up and get away from Shang, but, she was looking forward to hear what her father had to say about her and Shang's fight. She settled for her mother's advice.

After explaining everything to her mother and grandmother, she sat waiting for their response. They took about a whole 45 seconds to say something. She knew what they were going to say, even before they said it.

"Mulan, Marriage is all about sacrifice and humility" Fa Li insisted that the whole thing was Mulan's mistake. On the other hand, her grandmother thought Shang had to respect his wife.

"Mulan, you tell that husband of yours to straighten himself up!" Obviously, neither of these women were helping Mulan. However, she couldn't help but think that her mother had a point. She was about to give in her opinion, when she felt a strong, heavy pressure on her head.

"Mama... I feel sick. My head hurts." Fa Li came over to the couch and put a hand on her daughter's forehead.

"You're burning up, Mulan. Let me go get some herbal tea." Just then, Mulan began to cry, just like she did at the park. But this time, it hurt to cry.

What is wrong with me? I feel so deceased.

Mulan got up to see her mother in the kitchen. As she was getting to the stove, she grabbed onto the counter to hold herself up. Suddenly, she felt her weight heavier, and heavier. It got heavier until she just whited out, and dropped onto the floor. Fa Li hadn't noticed until she turned around with the tray of tea. She turned around looked down, gasped, and dropped the entire tray.

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