One Snowy Confession

By: Cheyanne Orlandi

It was 7:30 pm on Christmas eve at Konahan Park. For ounce in twelve years it was snowing, and there was a faint silloawet of a young lady in the park. It was Hyuga Hinata , the young Hyuga was wearing a tight low cut long sleeve shirt and a mid thiy skirt. Konahan's very own fox boy Naruto Uzimaki was walking through Konaha Park when he saw the young Hyuga. Apparently she looked cold to him so her started to run up to her to see if she was ok.

" Hey Hinata-chan, aren't you cold…in ….. what …your wearing….. woah!" Naruto said as he approach Hinata in her very revealing clothes.

" Oh … h-hi Naruto-kun, what are you doing out here in such cold weather?" Hinata asked in her normal stutter voice.

" Oh ….. Um nothing lust out for a walk … your so beautiful. W-wait I-I mean the night is beautiful , yeah that's what I meant." Naruto blushed out in embarrassment as he started to rub the back of his head with his hand.

Hinata giggled as Naruto embarrassed himself. He turned his head and looked at Hinata in the eyes , then when Hinata turned her head to look at Naruto their eyes meet. Naruto final realized who he was in love with. Both Naruto and Hinata started to walk closer and closer to each other. Until their faces were mere centimeters apart, to Naruto's surprise Hinata was the first one to make a move. She was the one to close the gap between their faces. Hinata placed a sweet cheesier kiss in Naruto's lips. Hinata started to pull away when she felt Naruto start to kiss back.

" N-naruto-kun, I …um ….well …I-I-I…love you Naruto-kun!" Hinata said as she pulled a way from the kiss.

"Oh Hinata your so cute when you stutter, and I love you too!" Naruto blushed as he complemented Hinata. She started to blush uncontroable when naruto kissed her again. The kiss lasted for a good five minutes before they hade to pull away for air.

"Oh Naruto-kun I line you so much!" Hinata blushed as they walked home hand-in-hand.