Whew, first multi-chapter post. Go blame khfans100 again, 'cause it's all her fault. As usual. LOL, JK, darling. (Got nice hair!)

I'm just going to say it now - for all the wonderful love for this couple we have here, we do not have enough. This is my second contribution to that steadily growing pile - let's face it, Riku's not really going to settle for some girl that can't take good care of herself in a fight, right? Please enjoy, review, etc., and I would love suggestions. I'm afraid that I'm going to be repeating some scenes over and over if someone doesn't catch me on it or think of something I haven't yet.

Finally, all credit goes to Square Enix and Disney for this wonderful game series, and I don't own it or make any profit from it.

01. Beginning

Xion pushes herself up, clutching her elbow where he struck her so effortlessly.

This is only the beginning.

The imposter, this familiar stranger, has his back turned to her when he murmurs,"You could say that I am the biggest nobody of them all." He leaves her her in favor of the solitude of the Dark Corridors.

And Xion screams, screams in hatred and confusion, all because of him, because he's beaten her, because she knows she should know him, because she wants to follow him, stop him, embrace him, sob for him. . . .

This is only the beginning of their relationship.