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Folks, we've come a long way. One hundred days or so ago, I was just starting to see how well Riku and Xion could relate to each other; now they have a kid. :P So, as promised from the day I merged the two "Snow" prompts together, I present to you the "outtakes" in that long and winding way.

The first outtake I present is from prompt 25, "I Know." I rewrote the drabble because, while there was some definite RikuXion, there was more Xiora than anything, but I still liked the story. I present to you "I Know"...

The third time she catches Sora watching her a bit too closely, she calls him on it to see that delightful blush.

"Don't tell Riku," he chokes. "I rather like life."

Apparently he likes how she's wearing her shirt today, too, but she takes pity on him. "Wouldn't dream of it," she tells him. "I know. Some days . . . I'll see you or Roxas, and it's hard to ignore the way Kairi feels about you then. I've even caught Riku staring at Kairi or Nami once or twice."

Xion turns away, missing the regretful look on Sora's face.

The next is the first version of "Mistletoe," prompt 27. I don't know, it just missed something that the second version had.

It's a relief to find Merlin's house in the barren, snow-covered streets . . . at least, at first it was.

"Oh, Riku, look up!" Sora calls as Riku and Xion finally stumble in the warm house. Riku wishes he hadn't – the green leaves are planted right between them, and everyone's watching.

Riku pecks her on the lips as quickly as possible and attempts to escape the limelight, but Xion won't let go of his arm. "I thought it was supposed to be longer than that," she giggles, and kisses him again, just to finish mortifying him.

Prompt 29, "Say Please," has two alternate versions. At the time I wrote the first one, I wasn't sure about posting something as obviously "steamy." I'm pretty sure you guys will like this, though—goldeneyes713 was surprised that I wasn't all that cracked up about it.

"Riku," she whines, clutching his shoulders; he's pretty sure that tomorrow there will be crescent shapes, and within the week Xion will be clipping her nails, but it doesn't really hurt now while he feels so high.

He leans down, whispers in her ear, "Say please," and grazes his teeth along her earlobe.

"Please, Riku." she begs, and it's unexpectedly adorable and predictably maddening, with her face as bright as it is, with her wide eyes hazy yet focused on him, and while he won't let her know it, Riku's melting in her grip.

He gives in too quickly.

The second one was funny, but, again, it didn't have enough of a pairing. I'm not saying that Xion isn't feminine, though—she just isn't quite as girly as Kairi gets made out to be.

"Riku, tell me you're not going to make me do this."

"Do what, Xion?"

"Riku, come on. You can't expect me to go shopping with those two, can you?" she spits.

"Yeah, I can. It's not going to kill you to be around girls your age for once, you know."

"Oh, just say I don't have to go."

"Maybe if you say please."

"Please, Riku, please."

"Alright, you don't have to go – "


" – with me and the guys today, since you never spend time with the girls."

"Do you want to be castrated?"

The original version of "Princess," prompt 59, was a lot less cute than the posted drabble and was intended to imply that this is at some sort of mass and public funeral for Riku, despite the fact that his body was never found (a. k. a. He's not dead! Yay!). It's a quick examination in the differences among Kairi and her variants and again explains why I can't see Riku paired with any of the other girls (even though Aqua's not mentioned here; she's too old . . . even for Riku). Plus I always find it fun to examine two people from a third person's point of view.

Sora thinks that the girls are all princesses in their own ways: Kairi in Heart, Namine in manner, and Xion in duty, and even those definitions of their characters are up to interpretation.

He knows, though, why Riku picked Xion. She is still different from them, always will be.

For example, if Kairi or Namine had been given her loved one's Keychain, like Mickey does to Xion now, Sora's sure she would burst into tears. Xion, however, bites her lip and clenches her fist around the chain; no one will see her weep here. She's too strong, just like Riku.

The non-sappy versions of 71, "Valentine," were some of my favorites—the posted one because I got to use some of my favorite lines from Reverse/Rebirth, and this one because it was pretty fun to write...

"Axel, was it you? It's not from Roxas—the handwriting doesn't look like it's a kindergartener's."


Sora hunches over in laughter, practically choking on his own breath. Beside him Riku leans back in his chair with a smile fighting its way onto his face. Oblivious to all this are Xion and Roxas, swatting at each other as Axel takes a Valentines card from Xion and examines it.

"This is awesome, man," Sora chuckles. "Thanks for letting me tag along."

"Thanks for getting the card to her. How long...?"

Suddenly Axel looks up at Riku, narrowing his eyes and pointing.

Hey, MonMonCandie, do you remember our conversation about how Xion is a bit of a runner? Number 75 was the first time I ever realized that, and it came out in both versions of "Runaway." This is another way Riku and Xion are similar and can connect to each other better than or as well as RikuNami or RokuShion (at least to me).

"This is where you were born, right?"

Riku tenses, and Xion almost regrets asking. "Yes."

"The girl that I look like – your friend Kairi, she lives here, too?"

"Yes." Riku watches the waves wash the shore.

"And you haven't talked to her?"

"Could you face Roxas yet?" Riku snaps. Xion drops her gaze; she hadn't realized. . . .

"I won't stay here until it's safe for them." He sighs, turns to face her. "We're the same that way, aren't we? We're the runaways."

He puts a hand on her shoulder momentarily, his way of apologizing, and turns back to the coast.

I really, really liked my idea for 78, "Ash." It was written a few days after the Fringe season 3 finale, when the main character Olivia Dunham's future self is killed by her crazy-as-hell father-in-law and her funeral is shown.

God, he feels so much older than he already is, and thanks to Xion, he's survived a lot longer than he ever imagined.

The tiny pyre with Xion's tinier body bobs on the waves as her namesake carries her over the horizon where he used to think new worlds awaited; the fire consuming it flickers brightly in Haruki's eyes. Riku can't see the ashes, but it's almost as if he can taste their bitterness.

They taste nothing of the girl they used to be.

Riku and his son stand on the shore until long after Xion is out of sight.

I mentioned in 81, "Stick Together," that I had a drabble with Xion and the Muses. Here ya go, direct interaction with Disney characters for the final outtake drabble I give to you.

"Riku?" Xion's eyes are wide and her face pale. "I think we need to stick together."

"What?" he chuckles. They're all alone in this garden; the only sound besides her breathing is the splashing of a fountain.

"Don't leave me here alone." Warily she glances at the nearest statue, then leans forward and whispers loudly, "The statues are singing to me. About saying I'm in love."

"I've heard that happens around here. We need to go, anyway." He wraps an arm around her shoulders as he leads her away.

In Atlantica, he finds out exactly what she's been dealing with.

Ha, ha, Riku tries to sneak off with Xion in a boat to go make out or something... and the fish follow them. This last part was inspired by a video I saw on YouTube using the Spanish version of "Kiss the Girl" with Riku and Xion. It was pretty cute, actually. Have fun solving the jigsaw puzzle below if you want to watch...

Http:/ /www. youtube. com/ watch? v=rx1s1qvkZF4&feature=related

This is the full version of 92, "Shield," which does nothing more than talk more about how Xion pulls an Aqua. :P Still, I like this version better.

Xion isn't Aqua; she's not brilliant at magic, but helplessness doesn't suit either.

Riku, Sora, and Xehanort are high above the seas of Heartless she and the others are fighting, and another wave of nausea washes over her when Riku is sent flying to the edge of the plateau.

Idiotic move, paying too much attention to them; a Heartless scores her back, forcing her to turn away to finish it off, and when she turns back, Riku has gotten up and is airborne.

Her heart stops when he's knocked back again, Xehanort's hand rising, and without a second thought she points her Keyblade at him and cries, "Reflect!"

Good thing, too, because Xehanort sends a fatal spell that never lands, dissolving her shield.

Even as she falls to her knees, gasping for air, she grins. They can do this much.

Final bonus! This isn't a drabble, but it directly ties in with baby Haruki's childhood. I was thinking about writing a series of shorts with Riku, Xion, and Haruki, but I don't think I'm going to do that—it sounds a bit cliché. As such, I'll give you this taste of what could have been.

Haruki doesn't really know what his dad does, only that it's important – a point that he always gets made fun of in school, and sometimes some of the other kids say he doesn't have a dad and call him one of those nasty b-words that Dad tells him not to use, but he's learning how to keep a stiff upper lip like Mama taught him. Mama says she had the same job for a long time, but she decided to stay home with her baby and raise him properly.

"Do you miss your job?" he asks once over supper. Mama pauses in scooping up another bite of food and tilts her head at him thoughtfully.

"I miss being with your father when we worked together," she answers, and Haruki can hear the wistfulness in her voice. "Sometimes I worry about him more than I would if I was with him, but . . ." She reaches over to run a hand through his hair. ". . . I like my new job better."

"New job?"

"Being your mom. Speaking of which, don't keep taking out the green beans." She chuckles at Haruki's pout. "Oh, they're not that bad, really. Try mixing them with something else on your plate. . . ."

Apparently all the grown-ups here at home know who Dad is, though. There was this one time that Haruki remembers at the grocery store, way before he asks about Mama's old job. Mama had to pay with a piece of paper with her name on it instead of regular munny, and the cash lady barely glances at it before she runs it through while Haruki sneaks away from the two to look for suckers under the electronic boxes, like normal –

Except that the cash lady does a double take and gapes at the paper.

"Miss, is there something wrong . . . ?" Mama asks kindly.

"That's – Riku – " The lady turns to Mama. "Then you would be Riku's . . . wife?"

"Yes." Mama's voice is weird, weird enough to make Haruki look up from three aisles away.

The cash lady's voice is even weirder. "I didn't realize he was married. We don't see him very often. . . ."

"I see. Haruki?" Mama's voice goes back to normal when she says his name. "Where'd you go this time?"

Uh, oh. Caught red-handed! Mama turns around to find him with an empty sucker container.

"Haruki! Get over here, silly." Normally Mama would be scolding him up, down, and sideways, but instead she sweetly walks over, takes his hand, and leads him back to their aisle, petting his hair.

"D'you have candy, ma'am?" That's how Uncle Sora taught him to ask old ladies for munny, and even though the cash lady is only Mama's age, maybe a little younger, he's pretty sure it'll work like a charm.

The lady, however, stares worse at him than she did at Mama's paper, particularly his eyes. "Of – of course," she murmurs, blindly reaching for the magic cardboard box under the electronic boxes, never looking away.

"Thank you, ma'am!" Haruki greedily unwraps the sucker and pops it in his mouth as Mama gets all the groceries herself-though usually she'd take the help from the one kid who asks all the time—carrying all the bags like they weight nothing.

The next school day, he tells the other kids to ask their moms who Riku is, 'cause that's his daddy. They stop teasing him after that, but they're still not his friends.

My mind tells me that even if Sora and Riku don't want to tell anyone about their adventures, the populace of Destiny Islands is going to hear about it anyway. However, how much have out main thirteen characters of this series suffered on account of the Keyblade? Tons. Tons and tons and tons and tons. Xion would know about that, and it's my belief that, as a mother, Xion would try to avoid the same fate for Haruki by not telling him anything about a Keyblade in hopes that he would not accidentally call out to a Keyblade when he needed it, if he should ever need it. There, my brain has explained itself.

And, as promised, I bring you the order of these 100 snapshots in my head. Even if you don't care, I hope you have some fun with this. If any of these are out of order, sorry and feel free to tell me which ones need switching.

358/2 Days: 1, 57, 25, 61, 88, 35, 2, 30, 5, 18, 83, 66, 4, 6, 26, 12, 53, 74, (28,) 82, 8, (17, 96,) 9, 76, 29

Between: 42, 14, 31, 32, 84

Pre-kiss: 13, 87, 79, 7, 45, 54/6, 65, 36, 34, 15, 51, 80

The Kiss: 10, 63, 60, 67

Post-Kiss establishing: 38, 81, 62, 77, 21, 39, 40, 3, 55

Xion's near death: 24, 11, 52

Growning closer: 27, 44, 94, 59, 37

Maleficent's curse: 47, 73

Very close: 49, 90, 19, 93

Vanitas: 68, 33, 78

In Love: 22, 20, 43, 16, 89, 71, 95, 41, 91, 46, 85

Symbol: 50, 70, 75

Closest, end KHIII: 58, 64, 97, 92, 99, 100, 98

Haruki: 23, 86, 69, 72

Alternate Universe only: 48

Have fun re-reading if you'd like!

Well, guys, it's been fun, but there's nothing left here for me to write for you. (Don't worry, though, I've got a bunch of other little drabbles in the same style as this challenge that I might consider posting if anyone wants to see... Hint, hint.) Thanks for reading, everybody, and I want to especially thank the following for repeated reviews, fun conversations, and awesome theory-bouncing:

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