They brought me to this place one day,
I didn't want to go but I got no say.
They wrap my legs with rope & chain,
the day I got here I became insane.
They hit me with anything they can find,
One day they will officially get inside my mind.
I'm covered with scratches and bruises,
if I put up a fight I'm the one that loses.
They make us do impossible tricks; I'm the one that the ring leader picks. My cage is dirty and small, I cannot fit I'm much too tall.
Oh how I hope you can see,
the circus life isn't for me.
I wonder if god will answer my prayers,
hopefully one day he will show me he cares.
Does he see the abuse I get,
or the scary people I've met? So many people pay to see me, just look into my eye that's the key. See the horror that flashes before them, They are scared giant gems, See how my legs shake in fright, Please help me I don't bite. The ring leader feels no shame; He doesn't know he's the one to blame. He doesn't care about how to feel, He just wants money to afford a meal. He laughs when I flinch away, "Stupid animals" He will say. Open your heart, just do it, just start. Start a petition, don't pay the admission. Protest the circus, Stay glued to the surface. Look into my eyes, the smiles are all lies. I just want to run free,
I just want to be me.
Oh how I hope you can see,
the circus life isn't for me.