Concrete and Wolf

Wolf and big secret

Tyrone walked deeper and deeper into the woods, the trees kept blocking his movements as if they were trying to dance with him. "Damn woods, it feels as if I have been walking for hours." He wipes the sweat from his head, and pushes on. Meanwhile Holo and Allexis were chained up and forced to walk behind two of those DNA creatures. Allexis had watery eyes as she stood close to Holo, she glared at Allexis getting her to back off.

"Do not show fear, otherwise they will eat you alive." Holo said, Allexis tried but couldn't help herself, they were both thrown into a cell and chained to the wall.

"Ahh what are we going to do? Tyrone is too injured to help us, and were trapped in this cell, and Deona is going to experiment on us, and-"

"Don't you ever shut up." Holo said as she interrupted Allexis. "Tyrone will come, I can feel it. As for us, we may be here for a while, they took my bag full of wheat, so I can't transform, and your too far away, so I can't even tribute blood. They seem to be allot smarter than the humans before." Holo sighed and waited, that was really all she could do. "I do hope he gets here soon, he had me waiting for a bit last time." Holo looked at Allexis and saw her eyes get teary. "What's wrong now? Seriously you fuss and complain more than those shepherds in my home land."

"I'm sorry it's just..." Allexis was silent for a bit, Holo started to get curious. "I knew Tyrone before all this, I know he will come for us, it's just...What that snake said to us." Holo looked at her then at the gates.

"I have a question, and forgive me if it's off topic, but you did say you knew Tyrone before all this right? How much? As much as his friend Chris?" Allexis nodded her head.

"I actually knew him before Chris, you know about the D.N. Animals they have been working on right. Well without knowing it, we were the cause of it, Tyrone and I started it." Allexis's eyes started to get watery again. "It started with that damned artifact, the converger..."

6 years ago, the start of it all, Tyrone cut threw some thick trees, with his trusty blade, he looked behind himself to see Allexis, she was holding a book, and moved a bit slowly. "Come on Allexis, not that much farther." Tyrone said, as he pushed more branches out of their way. "It's a discovery of a lifetime, we could start getting funded for our club if we find it."

"But Tyrone, this mountain is off limits, our teacher said we shouldn't set foot on it." Tyrone kept moving forward.

"Life is too short to fallow rules, if we are too scared to brake a rule or two we will never achieve our dreams." He holds his hand out for her. "Don't worry I will protect you." Allexis smiles and grabs his hand, Tyrone pulls her up and moves one last branch. They both saw it, the remains of an ancient civilization. "WOW! Do you see it! It's amazing! I have to sketch it!" Even back then Tyrone loved to draw, he would always draw things others would be scared of, or just ignore, it's what made him a true field artist.

"It sure is pretty." Allexis said as she walked toward the edge a bit, soon the ground beneath her gave in, and she fell down the hill. "AHHH!"

"Allexis!" Tyrone screamed, he put his sketch pad in his bag and jumped after her. He pushed his weight on the hill side, and slid down. "I'm coming Allexis! Hold on!" He saw her slide into the ruins, and fallowed her. When he reached the ruins, it was pitch black. "Allexis? You here?" Soon a small light was made around her.

"Wow that was scary, I'm glad I picked up magic from some of the black alchemists." She said with some tears in her eyes.

"I thought you weren't suppose to show others magic though?" She blushed some when he told her that, then hung her head in shame. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone, your my friend after all, I don't want the church or government to take you away. Anyways, we managed to get into the ruins." Tyrone rubbed his hand on the wall, he felt something but couldn't see it. "Hay Allexis, could you shine your light over here?" She moved closer to Tyrone, allowing him to read the markings on the wall.

"Can you read it?" Tyrone nodded, and took out one of his sketch books, he flipped a few pages, and found one with a bunch of different markings similar to the ones on the wall. He flipped the page and tried to translate it the best he could.

"It says, for those who enter, heed my warning, for the eyes of the beast will cause you dissolution. Well that doesn't make much sense." Allexis looked at the wall, and saw some drawings.

"Tyrone, look. The drawing show a group and what looks like a wolf, and something else, it looks like a orb in the center." Tyrone saw it, and sketched it.

"It may be a clue, I don't know what's in these ruins, but I feel we should try and find that orb." Allexis looked to him with worry in her eyes.

"I don't think that's a good idea, I mean what if we get lost or something?" Tyrone looked around them and saw what looked like an exit. He started to sketch a map.

"Look were, here right now, that looks like our way out. Just stay close to me, we will get out of here, if we stay calm, ok?" Allexis nodded, and fallowed Tyrone. They walked deeper and deeper into the ruins, Tyrone sketched each turn, each blocked off passage, and each trap they activated and survived. When they got to the center, Tyrone looked at the map he made. "It seems this should be it, this is the center of the ruins." Tyrone looked forward and saw it, the orb, it felt strange, and when he had his eyes on its beauty, he had to take it. He started to walk to it without thinking, it was like he was under a spell. He reached his hand out to it, when suddenly Allexis grabbed his other arm and pulled him back. He snapped back to reality, and looked at Allexis.

"You big dummy why didn't you stop when I told you to." Tyrone looked to her then to the orb, there was a big gap between them, he looked down to see nothing but spikes, and the remains of others.

"Thanks Allexis." She helped him up, then they both looked to the orb. Tyrone looked around, and noticed a path. "I'm going to get it." He put his bag on, and started to jump to the other ledges. "I should be fine Allexis! But in the likely hood I should slip up, go back to the school." She shook her head, and jumped after him.

"If you go, so do I." She said with a smile, Tyrone couldn't argue with the girl she was stubborn.

"Fine, just don't hold me back." Tyrone was worried for her, but jumped to each ledge, he waited for her before he moved on, just in case. When they made it to the center, Tyrone looked at the orb once more, and when he touched it, he could see something. A giant wolf was staring at him, he wasn't scared but it's sudden appearance before him shocked him. It looked at him, and lowered hit head to him.

"Human that touches my heart, what is it that you desire? What do you wish for?" Tyrone was speechless, he couldn't believe his ears the wolf was talking to him. "What is it you desire?" Tyrone spoke without thinking, he didn't realize until he said it.

"I want power, I want to protect my friends, I want the courage to do so as well." The wolf looked to him and smiled.

"Did you not already do this? You watched your mate as she fallowed you. Tyrone looked to Allexis and smiled.

"I was scared though, she was the one who protected me because she has magic, I want to protect her from now on, with my own power." The wolf admired his fire, and nodded.

"I deem thee worthy of my power, from now on you shall always have the wolf's power until you die."

Back in the present, Allexis's eyes got watery again. "I don't know what he saw or who he was talking too, but that orb we got granted him his wolf powers. However when we got out of the ruins, the church took the orb from us, then the Alchemist took it from the church. I'm guessing you know the rest." Holo nodded.

"That would explain why I seem drawn to him, he has the blood of a wolf, he is more wolf then any human I know."

In the woods, Tyrone was cut up, his eyes looked like a wolf's, he had fangs, and seemed more feral. In front of him was another one of the D.N. Animals. "I am Login the wolverine, and I will cut you like a pig." Tyrone gripped his sword, and held it to his face, aiming the blade to Login.

"I have somewhere to be, so I don't have time to deal with you. My friends are in that building, and I am not about to let you stop me!" Tyrone charged Login, only to have his sword deflected by one of Login's quilt like swords. He grew quilts on his arms that were as strong as steel.

"You can't beat me, my quilts are 10 times stronger than your puny tooth pick." Login rushed Tyrone, the sound of metal hitting metal echoed through the woods. Login was able to cut Tyrone because he had multiple blades, he then kicked him to the ground, and aimed a quilt to his neck.

"The mighty wolf has fallen by my hands, I will hang your head over my mantel." Login raised his blade, and swung it, a gunshot fired, and Login stopped in mid swing. Tyrone looked around, and saw someone in the trees with a sniper rifle. He jumped from the trees and walked to Tyrone.

"Still having trouble little buddy? Don't worry I still have your back." Tyrone's eyes widen when he saw the man, he was wearing a black vest with a white shirt, and black jeans with chains on them, his face looked burnt up, and so did his right arm.

"No way, you died...I saw your house blow up...Chris."

Its been awhile I know, but I have started uploading again, thanks to the internet not being as stupid this time. anyways, I had a friend of mine tell me that I should bring back Chris, I was unsure about it, and though about it for about a week, or 4, after that month I did a soul search to dust in the wind, and told myself, lets have Chris survive. So he is back, and you get a sneak peak at what might have cause the Alchemists to create such creatures. Anyways, I couldn't have done this chapter without those friends of mine. Hope you all like it. Remember to feed me thoughts and ideas and I will upload faster. This is the artist saying I need more creativity, so later.