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Ink Fingers

Charlie entered Harry's private office in the Department of Mysteries. Only to find a very pissed brunette. Harry was cursing vibrantly as his ink bottle had spilled black liquid over his parchment. His hands were coated in a thin layer of the oily black mess. Charlie chuckled softly to himself at the sight. Harry's sharp eyes narrowed on him.

"This is not funny!" He growled. "I've been working on this damn paper for over a month and I've just lost sixteen pages of document!"

"I don't doubt it," Charlie murmured, closing the door softly behind him and approaching the desk. Setting a small present on a stack of parchment far from the ink spill.

"What's with that?" Harry eyed the wrapped box warily.

"Happy anniversary, Love," Charlie grinned, leaning over to kiss Harry's cheek. Harry stilled.

"Really?" Harry murmured softly, staring at him.

"Yep, two full years now," Charlie wouldn't let his mood be affected by Harry's tizzy over spilled ink.

"Charlie, have I ever told you I love you?" Harry's shoulder's relaxed as he rounded his desk to stand in front of his lover.

"Yes, you have," Harry stood on his toes and kissed him roughly, hands cupping Charlie's face and sliding back into his lush ginger hair. Charlie picked him up off the ground, encircling his arms around Harry's small waist and pressing them together. Harry arched against him, legs wrapping around the dragon keeper's hips. When they broke apart Harry's mouth hung open for a moment before laughter bubbled out of his throat.

"What?" Charlie looked at Harry curiously.

"I – The – The ink..." Harry gasped between riotous laughs, "You're face!" He finally squeaked.

"Harry," Charlie raised an eyebrow, "Hands?"

Harry raised his fingers and wiggled them in front of Charlie. The once slick ink was now rubbed into the lines of his palm. Rubbed off against Charlie's face. He shook his head with a chuckle. A perfect way to start their anniversary evening. Charlie swiped a finger in the ink still pooled on Harry's desk and drew a quick heart on his lover's cheek, kissing the Unspeakable's lips once more.

"I love you," Harry sighed, nuzzling his nose into the crook of Charlie's neck.

"I love you too," Charlie smiled, "We'd better get moving though. Mum's got dinner waiting at home."

"Oh, crud, I forgot!" Harry dropped from Charlie's embrace and scrambled to get his work for the weekend. He banished the inky mess on his desk and sighed when his corrupted papers were actually salvageable.

When the two arrived on the steps of the Burrow a fuss was made about the ink on their faces.

"It's all right, mum," Charlie grinned, his hand intertwining with Harry's, "We're celebrating our Anniversary,"

If any one noticed Ginny's smile crumble or the tears that slid down her cheeks at the announcement, no one commented. Harry was too in love to notice, and Charlie was too happy.