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To Have and To Hold

Harry glanced up from his book at the solid, yet quiet knock. Setting the book on the coffee table, he stood to answer it, knowing of only three people who ever visited him.

"Yes?" Harry peered around the oak door to meet Lucius' molten silver gaze. "Oh, good afternoon, Lucius,"

"Indeed," The blond nodded slightly before stepping slightly away from the door. "The Dark Lord has called for your company,"

Harry raised an eyebrow but nodded, turning only once to check his appearance before leaving the confines of his room.

It had been odd, at first, becoming a willing, life-time guest of his once arch-enemy. Not that many ever thought it a viable outcome nearly three months ago. No, it had all started because of a few, stupid meetings after his fifth year. The summer when Harry was forced to remain in solitude in his little prison at the Dursley's. Letters to Ron and Hermione were forbidden, as were letters to any of his 'friends', but Harry needed someone to talk to. It just hadn't been the way he thought it would.

He'd ended up in Voldemort's repaired mind-scape one evening after passing out from hunger. After exploring a little, he'd run across the man himself. A fully revived, twenty year old Tom Riddle Jr.

Their conversations had uncharacteristically changed from semi-abusive to comforting within the first meeting as Harry's mental scars were quite visible on his 'mental image'. When Harry had finally wound up in 'The Study', as he'd nicknamed it, on purpose, he'd come with a small toddler. He wasn't quite sure where it had come from, but knew instinctively that it was part of Voldemort, and also a part of him. That had set off a lot of questions and research sessions until Tom had finally come up with an answer. Horcrux. Harry was a Horcrux.

After several debates, Harry finally conceded to being 'abducted' and taken to Voldemort's new hide out where he would be safe with the Dark Lord and Nagini. And the only reason he agreed is because Voldemort was certain that Dumbledore knew or at the least suspected that Harry was a horcrux, and therefore, planned to kill him eventually.

Harry followed Lucius into the dinning hall and sat on the Dark Lord's left side after a softly murmured 'good afternoon'. Other than the brief tempers, that always quelled when Tom realized Harry was in pain, life within the Dark Lord's lair was actually rather nice. He was fed regularly, he was cared for, and he was treated with respect. Harry sometimes wondered if he should have taken up Tom's offer when he was eleven. Maybe he would have been happier...