Well…I have an interest in Greek Myths…and I though Hancock was a really good movie. What do I do? Yep, combine the two. Yeah…this is also my first Hancock fanfic. This is going to be interesting…
Also, this is abstract-ish…

Disclaimer: I don't own Hancock…or Greek Myths…

You know what I have found out? Maybe…not exactly…but truly close enough….

We are like Artemis and Apollo. The Sun and the Moon. Born together, bound together, meant to be together, yet…we are torn apart from each other. Not even having a say in the matter, just our quiet and pitiful argues with the invisible force that is all around us and guides us and our love. But…you know, our love is special, just like us.

Our love is eternal, like the bright and glowing heavenly bodies above that helps and guides this planet we live on. And yet…we can never fully be together.

Many 'eclipses' has happened in our past. Times when we were brought together by our love and destiny. Only, those times never lasted long. We were always torn apart from each other.

Fate is a very fickle thing.

And the Moon always fades away at one point.

But…that cannot be helped…can it? The Moon must fulfill its duties by disappearing and reappearing while it performs its heavenly duties. My Artemis is always leaving me, vowing of no love.


Fate, you are so cruel. Could you not leave us alone? Could you spare me the pain of my Artemis leaving…or when I leave my Artemis? Can you please stop…because my tears do not.

I cry those tears everyday for my Artemis…who leaves me to mortals. My Artemis always leaves me…and sometimes, I have to leave my Moon for safety for both of us. But…I know that is what fate does to us.

Gives us our eclipse…then tears us apart. But…those brief moments, we both hold dear. But unfortunately, there is always something there to tear us apart from each other.

They tear us apart. Fate has sent them to take us apart. And they succeed everytime.

But no matter what happens, what has happened, and what will happen…we will remain together. It is who we are, who we were destined to be. We are destined to love each other and to be together forever.

A very painful forever, but forever none the less.

Oh my Artemis, woe is me. I love thee, but…

My Moon…I am still you're Sun. Fate gave us a painful life, but I love you without no doubts or love. No mortal has compared to you. Never my heart has stray, only giving me the protection to continue on to finally, in the end, be with you. Time has pass, and it can pass for all I care, but you will forever be with me.

Artemis…My Moon…I'm still your Sun…forever.

I love you….John.

So, that plot bunny wanted to have its shine. Ugg…I hate random plot bunny.