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Warning: This story contains severe child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, drug and alcohol abuse and swearing.

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My name is Matt Ranger. Yamato, actually.. Not Matthew, Matteo, Matteus, or Matthias. Or, any other name you can come up with that can be shortened to Matt, Yamato. In English, yama means mountain. It is December 23. Today, is my eighteenth birthday. Want to know what I'm doing? Meeting my biological family, that wants to readopt me. I am eighteen, and for the first time, learning I have a brother. When Vincent told me he had found them, I laughed. Vincent's my social worker, by the way. Or, rather, parole officer, which ever you want. I'm being driven to the house now. My last name may become Ishida. When the news that I might actually have a real family, I laughed hysterically. For hours. Not that I'm a very happy person. Vincent is unsure about my silence for the last three hours. Normally, I talk to him. He keeps glancing at me, and trying to get me to talk.

"Are you angry, Matt?" He asks me. I shake my head.

"Hmm," He says, and he then is silent. He can see that I'm thinking. My thoughts are on my first father. I never understood why I was adopted in the first place. It's one of the first thoughts I ever remember having.

"Vincent?" I ask after twenty minutes. He glances at me to let me know he's listening.

"Why did he adopt me?" Vincent is the only person who knows some of my story.

"I don't know, Matt."

"He told me once, that he had actually taken me himself, from the hospital, and left me at an orphanage with a note, then came in three days later to adopt me...So it would be official, you know?" Vincent doesn't say anything, and I stare at the window, watching things fly past me. I sigh. I hope they aren't like everyone else I've been tossed around to.

"Vincent..?" My voice is almost unheard. I am unsure. Feelings don't express themselves from me well. And the fact that I am honestly scared that my biological brother might hate me upsets me.

"Yes, Yamato?"

"What if they don't want me either?" I voice, Vincent stays silent for a few minutes.

"Then I guess I have to adopt you myself." He says. My head whips around to look at him. He's not smiling, which means he is completely serious.

"Oh, don't look at me like that. Matt, I've known you for what, four years now? A whole one dedicated to trying to find you a decent home."

"What if my brother doesn't like me?"

"Takeru will like you. I promise, Matt. This is your biological parents."

"But everything I do, all my pro-"

"Shush. They know you have issues, Matt. They believe you're coming from a home where the parents suffered drug problems." I sigh. Vincent always makes things bad for me like that. Trying to cover up my OWN addiction. I know I need help, but...I can't bring myself to stop just yet. I started drinking in my first home, at 10. By 12 I was drinking daily. On my 13th birthday, I had a run in with speed, and now? I do cocaine, speed, acid, and heroin. At least one a day. And I'm not addicted to drugs, I start drinking first thing in the morning, and don't stop until late, normally 11, or 12 at night. That's if I don't pass out first. I quit school at fourteen, which is why Vincent showed up at our door. One look inside my closet room was all he needed to get me out. I was grateful, but it was only until the last six months that I had been telling Vincent the truth about my past. The car stopped, and I looked up, coming out of my thoughts about the first house I had lived in. I've never had a home.

"Ready?" Vincent asked me. I shook my head, but undid my seat belt and got out of the car. I looked at the house in front of me. Two stories. Just for a second a boy appeared in one of the lower windows, then disappeared.

"They're here!" He shouted. Vincent was already up in front of the door, knocking. I stayed against his car. I took a deep breath when the door opened. It never got easier, it was never harder while sober, which I was. It was the boy in the window that opened the door. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, like me, only my eyes were colder then his. He seemed so...happy. It was disgusting. Behind him I could see what must be my parents. I ignored the greetings passed between everyone.

"Yamato." Vincent said. I looked at him from my previous study of the sky. He motioned for me to come, so I did.

"This is your father, Hiroaki, your mother, Natsuko, and your little brother, Takeru." Takeru beamed at me.

"You can call me T.K. Everyone does." He said. I nodded. His smile faded just a touch, and he looked up at Vincent. I don't know what he saw, but his smile grew, and he retreated back inside.

"Well, come in." My mother said. They were all happy. You could feel it floating around them. It made me sick. They thought I was this victim. And I guess I was, but, I was also violent, mean and walled up. My mother shut the door softly behind us, and we followed my father to a sitting area. Takeru was already sitting. My parents sat with him. Vincent sat opposite them, and I stood. All eyes stayed on me.

"What? I've been sitting in a car for almost four hours..." Takeru giggled. My mother nodded like it made perfect sense. Perfect. I wish something about my life could be seen as perfect. There was more small talk between my parents and Vincent. Takeru stared at me, like he thought I'd disappear if he looked away. I gazed right back at him, eventually, something sparked, and he looked away, eyes wide. I was pleased with myself. Then it got down to business. All the adults in the room notice how my back stiffened as they discus where I'd be staying. My father seemed slightly against the idea of me staying with them, but my mother thought it was for the better, and Takeru agreed.

Vincent took me out to get what little I had. My guitar, a small bag of clothes, and my iPod that Vincent had given me a year ago for my birthday. My cell phone, couldn't forget that. I also had 280$ in my pocket to spend on something that would keep me going, but not even Vincent needed to know that. I am lead to my room. Takeru's is the room to my immediate right. My parents is a door down, across from mine. The bathroom is at the end of the hall. My room is bigger then my last one, but there's less in it. I have a dresser, a desk, and a bed. There are no pictures, and I am thankful. I have a closet, which is where I put my guitar, and throw my bag of clothes. I set my iPod on the desk. The bed is a queen, there's a pillow and a sheet. No blanket. The way the room is arranged, the light from the curtain less window won't shine straight on my eyes. There's a gentle knock on my door, and Takeru pops his head in.

"Uh, Hey. Mom wanted me to see if you were okay.." He seems hesitant to come near me, and that's the way I like things. I shake my head, knowing I'll be left with three strangers soon. The thought does not appeal to me. Takeru leaves, to let me drift. I want to play my guitar, but that's for me only. Not even Vincent knows how well I can play. When Vincent appears, I almost panic. He's leaving soon.

"I have to go, Matt." He calls me Matt when we are alone. He's the only person allowed to call me Matt. I frown up at him. I'm not ready for him to leave yet, and he knows.

"I'll be back in three days to check on you. Be good. And be nice to Takeru." He warns me. He is the only adult figure I take seriously anymore. He's never tried to hurt me, and when he tells me things he knows I won't like, he tried to do it gently, but never hides anything from me. I think he's more like my only friend then my social worker. I nod my head once to his warning, and he leaves my room. I am alone in a strange room, strange house, with strange people, in a strange city. For the first time in over 20 houses, this is the first time it's ever bothered me, because this feels permanent.