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Puppies, Chocobos & Angels Oh my!

Chapter Name? OH SNAP!

In the world of Gaia 7, Shinra Electric Company works to provide power to the people; as a way of protecting the people an elite group called SOLDIER was created, among that elite group was:

Zackary Fair, Second class SOLDIER, student of Commander Angeal Hewley, and best friend to General Sephiroth, the red general Genesis Rhapsodos and is usually found to be happy, hyper, (Angeal can contest to this) and playful like a puppy. Not today, today he had to go to Hojo, and after having been made to take a shot, was feeling less than happy.

"Ugh…My shtomach" he slurred his vision blurred, as he tried to make his way to Angeal's & Genesis' apartment. He managed to get there, but it was a matter of getting in the right code. He groaned again as he placed his hand on the wall to steady himself, while the other was to his mouth to keep himself from hurling what was in his stomach up and on the floor. He managed the code before entering.

"Angeal!" He called out in a slightly slurred speech, he stumbled slightly but managed to take off his shoes swaying as he did until he managed to stumble over to the couch and slump down.

"Angeal are you here?" he managed to call out one more time before passing out

In Angeal's room, he and Genesis were rather indisposed… hmp, not going into detail at the moment. Anyway, when they heard the call Angeal groaned, and made to get up,

"Oh no you don't! I've been waiting for this for a month now! A month! Since you were sent on that damn mission! You are not taking that way, besides the puppy needs to learn not to run to you for every little thing!" Genesis snapped blue/green eyes flashing.

"Sigh, your right, now where were we?" Angeal agreed with a smirk, diving back in for a kiss.

At 3 in the morning Angeal found he couldn't sleep, something just didn't feel right, he couldn't place it but, something just wasn't right. He lay in his bed watching Genesis sleep, and trying to figure out just what it was when it hit him…

Zack! He had called for him about something when he returned home, but that was about it. He hadn't asked or called for anything else, and come to think about it his voice did sound slightly slurred when he'd heard it.

"That's it I'm going to check on him!" he said barely above a whisper, he slipped out of bed and put on his housecoat, he left the room silently so that he didn't wake Gen. He made his way over to where he could smell his puppy.

"The couch" he whispered to himself, "He's on the couch, it must have been something for him stay on the couch, normally he's in his room."

"Sigh, come on pup, let's get you to bed" he said quietly as he rounded the couch to get his student that was steadily becoming like a son to him. He rounded the couch expecting to see a sleep Zack Fair, with his dark black spikes sticking everywhere, open his ever blue eyes, he wasn't prepared to see a clump of clothing, Materia , and armor, etc. instead.

"How many times do I have to tell him to pick up his things and that dirty clothes go in the hamper!" Angeal grumbled as he reached down to grab said items. He grabbed the bundle of cloth only to find it heavier than it should be.

"?" Angeal thought, before he head a whimper, 'Ok what has Zack brought home now!' he thought as he grabbed the clothes in a more firm grip and ripped it upward causing something fairly small to fall out of it.

'It better not be that blonde kid again! I told him he can't keep him just because he looks like a Chocobo!' Angeal thought as he made his way over to the small thing.

He bent down to see what it was, it moved and sprang for him, and Angeal didn't have a chance before it attached itself to his front.

Me: Then in proceeded to latch onto his face and impregnate him with an alien spawn in his chest, that would then burst through his rib cage!


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Anyway, He bent down to see what it was, it moved and sprang for him, and Angeal didn't have a chance before it attached itself to his front.

"Gak!" was Angeal's only reply as he fell backwards onto the couch,

There were a lot of things that he was prepared for, floods? Check! Fires? Check! Wutai forces? Double check! But this, this was a bit much; he looked down and saw two ever blue eyes twinkling at him.

"Daddy! Goo mowning!" a high pitched voice said, causing Angeal to get a better look at the "thing" attached to his chest.

He blinked and looked closer at it spiky black hair, ever blue eyes, natural tan… his eyes bucked, and he felt faint, it was Zack, his student. Only a bit more improved he now had puppy ears that flopped down on his hair, a cute fluffy tail, and what looked like claws, and canines of a dog.

"Oh dear lord, I'm killing Hojo" was all Angeal said before passing out.

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