Me: Whelp, this could have gone better.

Leon: How did this even happen? I mean I thought this place had a slaggin security system or something?

Oranges: Nehhh! My ramen! –Reaching for ramen just inside the glass doors of the penthouse, while being held back by Sambamaster-

Me: We do have a security system, apparently its offline for upgrades.

Leon: Slaggin great!

Sambamaster: How'd they even get in? I thought that there was a receptionist, traps & pitfalls in this place.

Me: There was it all comes down when we upgrade.

-Crashes, bangs, and booms are heard in the background.-

Leon: Where on the balcony of the penthouse several stories above the ground and the studio is being overrun.

Me: Anyway lets get on to the fic! Leon!

Leon: Alright! Polish doesn't own this stuff in the fic; she does own a look-book and is responsible for our current problem!

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"Ok, you two are going to make up with each other alright? No more hitting, " Angeal said sternly holding Cloud choco-chibi out to Zack chibi who was being held by Genesis both chibis looked at each other then simultaneously hit the other over the head.

Angeal Face palmed.

Chapter 10: A day with Sephiroth

"Alright that's enough! You two WILL behave yourselves or else!" Gen said in an authoritative voice causing the chibis to stop their squabbling and look up at Genesis who by this point was standing up with his arms crossed, a frown on his face and narrowed stern eyes.

"Sowwy, mummy" Zack said looking down sadly ears ad tail drooping,

"Sry, mmmy" Cloud lisped out fluffing out his feathers, and trying to make himself smaller than what he really was.

"That's better!" Gen said happily as he gathered both chibis in his arms to show them that everything was in fact ok.

"Now, Mummies going back to sleep for another couple of hours, then I have 2nds to terrorize. So you two will get along" Gen said with a stern look at the two chibis, "and you will behave for your father." He finished.

'I wonder if he knows he just called himself mummy or not?' Sephiroth thought quietly as he thought of the paperwork waiting in his office.

"Seph! You are taking the kids, Angeal you are going shopping for supplies for Cloud, and anything else we might need; Kids! Behave for your uncle!" Genesis delegated, before climbing back into bed with a meaningful glare.

And it was so; Sephiroth took both of the chibis back to his office, and settled them down on a blanket with a few toys to amuse themselves while he started on his paperwork.

Angeal walked off with his keys, wallet and a slightly bruised shoulder from where Genesis had thrown a fireball at him for asking him where he parked the minivan; forgoing the thought that he had somehow acquired one while out shopping for Zack.

He got to the parking lot, and braved one of the worst traffic jams he had ever had the misfortune to be in, and was insanely glad he didn't have the chibis with him.

'Groan; this is just too much, why couldn't it have been something simple like the flu? I'd welcome the flu for Zack, but then again I guess he is rather cute as a chibi… a puppy chibi but still a chibi. A rather adorable chibi that talked with a slight lisp and was waaay to hyper at times.' Angeal thought as he made his way through traffic.

"Ugh! I'm in waaay over my head!" he groaned out slumping over the steering wheel as traffic continued to move slowly.

At the apartment Genesis rolled over still deep asleep;

Sephiroth would start to do a form, look over at the chibis who were talking lowly and playing with their toys, then go back to work.

'Seems I got the better deal.' He thought as he went back to work, only to have the new red-headed Turk walk in,

'Great a Turk, now what was his name, tucker?, no it's the name of a place for gambling and a bad cop wanna be show (1), lets see, Vegas? No wino, rhino? No Reno! That's it Reno' Sephiroth thought as he stared at the sloppily dressed man before him.

"And to what do I owe you this pleasure of meeting you?" he purred out dangerously

Reno the now identified Turk, slouched slightly before giving him the report

"Yo! Seph, Boss-man wanted you to scare up the recruit troops to show them some moral or something" he said lazily while looking over at the chibis.

"I didn't know Tseng was interested in SOLDIER affairs?" Sephiroth asked staring at the man now staring at the chibis in wonder.

"He ain't, but the Pres. is, so he gave the job to Tseng, but since Tseng is busy he thought you'd like it, said something about a potato chip incident or something equally embarrassing." He finished before mooching over to the chibis still trying to figure out where they came from and why they were here of all places.

Sephiroth groaned, he still couldnt believe that people actually knew about that STUPID incident!, Sephiroth sighted unhappily, and got out of his seat; glared at the Turk stared at the chibis and wondered what it was he could do with them, should he take them with him and scare the recruits with a sight of him being human? No wait bad idea the last thing he needed was someone finding out about them and or accusing him of stealing from Hojo…again! Hmm…

He turned and looked at the Turk again, he couldn't very well leave them alone, he needed to put them somewhere, plus the troops needed to be scared of him, if they where scared then they would listen to him and do what he says and not sass back…

He turned up his stare at the now slightly freaked out Turk, before smiling.

"You'll do." Sephiroth purred.

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Me: You fiend! –reaches for beloved ereader-

(1.) Is Talking about the show Reno 911; yeah its that bad, but at the same time you'll laugh your butt off! ^~D


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