Chapter 1: A New Fanfic! Getting to Know Your Characters

A 4th wall breaking Anime fanfic with the most random dialogue EVER.

This will definitely give you a laugh!

Lots of crazy language that's not for kids!

The reading is fast pace so you'll never get bored.

The fanfic is suppose to be about card games but the script writer must have smoked it all when he wrote this...

In today's episode, you'll see in a Japanese middle school, a main character wannabe and a fatass dueling during lunchtime.

PS: this chapter is not intended to be racist. It just is...

"Ha! I summon La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian. Saruis, Vizier of Suppression. And Angler Cluster." said some black fatass in a deep puzzling voice.

"Now I have 6 blockers! Beat that."

"Dude, this whole time, you been playing nothing but blockers…" said Nobu, the potential main character who thinks he's better than everyone just cuz he has the cliché spiky anime hair.

"Nigga, stop stalking so I can beat yo ass. I'm black so I can call you a nigga got that?"

"Nigga, there ain't nothing you can do to_"

" I summon Scarlet Skyterror…all your blockers die." said Nobu with a bored face.

"Gatling Skyterror, break his last two shields. Bolshack Dragon, finish him… -_-"

The black loser pushes the table down as he quickly stands up.

"Shit! I jacked this deck from some nerd and I still lost."

"That's cuz you jacked it from that midget Mokubo." said Nobu.

"Like, yea. Like why jack shit from like Mokubo?" said Donathan, the gay guy with his blonde hair covering one of his eyes like those generic pretty boys from the animes.

"Like, he sucks."

"Technically speaking, I counteracted the thought of getting jumped again by purposely planning a fake noob deck full of blockers in my deck case in case I get my cards robbed like yesterday." said Mokubo, a small midget with Harry Potter glasses that acts like a total know-it-all.

Nobu crosses his arms trying to look gangster saying, "This is why black people shouldn't be playing children's card games."

"He said there be fried chicken!" the fatass cried as he pointed to the weirdo with a black cape and a white jabbawockeez mask.

"Yes! It is I. Kurotakashitsuhamaru" said the guy with the cheesy phantom of the opera cosplay.

"I'm have deliberately given myself the title of being the main villain of season 1 for this fanfic."

"But don't like, the main bad guy like, always loses at like the end of the season and like, become one of the good guys for like, season 2?" Donathan blabber.

"Shut up!" Kurotakashitsuhamaru demanded as he changes to a kabuki face mask and does that Asian pose.

"My name has the word "shit" in it which makes me the shit so I don't have to put up with this!"

"Plus, I have the longest main villain name of all fanfics so that definitely makes me top main villain of all main bad guys!"

Nobu tilts his head and glance at the mask freak.

"Whatever "shit" face." said Nobu with a sign. "Since I'm the main character, it's my job to get ask many wins as possible. Main characters never loses unless it's for character development."

"Technically, the scripted said that you're a potential main character," said Mokubo with a fake intellect tone. "that means you're not_"

"Shut up Mokubo." Nobu said immediately with his face turned to Mokubo.

" I challenge you. Right here, right now, BANG!" Nobu said with the Naruto 4th opening music rising.

"Main characters always got to have some awesome music whenever they say cool lines like that," said Nobu with is right hand forming a fist.

"Very well, wannabe Naruto." said Kurotakashitsuhamaru with a cheesy evil accent.

"Prepare to lose your good guy winning streak." said Kurotakashitsuhamaru with the Sephiroth theme music in the background.

The random music suddenly stops cuz of this guy.

"Nigga, can I get my KFC now?" the fatass mumbled. "I ordered 6 wings with mashed potatoes. It better not be spicy."

"There is no chicken, you burnt biscuit!" Kurotakashitsuhamaru denounced. "I decisively tricked you now be gone!"

"The fuck is with these names!"

"Don't I get a real name in this fanshit?"

"Well no, the writer name never gave you a name cuz your purpose on this fanfic was to lose to Nobu and then never to brought up aga_"

"Shut up Mokubo." said the fatass with no name.

"Why is my character so freakin lame? The only shit I did was jump a kid and jacked his deck off-screen."

"I'ma join a better fanfic with nigga people! Ya'll and ye Jap names can suck it." said the fatass doing the Triple H "suck it" pose.

"But I'm like white." Donathan butted in. "This would totally be like a good plot twist later when everyone finds out the main character is like, white."

A random judge hammer started banging on the table.

"Alright brats, sit down. 5th period has started." said the bitchy teacher. "Time for history class. Now who can tell me why we bomb the living crap out of Pearl Harbor?"

"Wasn't it because of the 554 plan where the Americans_"

"WRONG!" the teach roared.

"Meet me at the river after school where everyone goes to play card games on that random table." said Kurotakashitsuhamaru. "If you don't, I'll kill the hostage!"

"You mean Mokubo?" said Nobu. "Go ahead and kill him. He's not important to the plot anyways."

"Curses! Hey fat boy, find me a new hostage!"