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Hermione's thoughts and fantasies leak out and Severus Snape acts.

A Witches Thoughts

He watched her enter the Great Hall speaking to the students as she made her way up to the table to take her place for dinner. She was the only professor that did not bother with the Professor's entrance behind the table.

Professor Weasley took her place next to him. "Good Evening Professor Snape. I hope your day went well with no cauldron explosions to dampen it?"

"Hardly Professor Weasley. There is always a Longbottom to dampen my spirits every year. Tell me is your dunderhead husband due back soon?"

Hermione laughed. "It's Ron Professor Snape and he is due back tomorrow at 8 pm as the Quidditch season is complete as they did not make it to the finals this year. He'll probably be in a foul mood."

"Shame of the timing of his arrival." Snape drawled out. "Before curfew so there will be no chance for me to run into him. Pity."

"You bring out the worst in him when you both meet in darkened hallways Professor and you know as a spouse he has full right to be here and it doesn't help his mood when you drag him up to Minerva every time that you find him. And spending three days in the Infirmary last time does not help your relationship with him."

He snorted. "I will never have a "relationship" with your husband and you should press that fact upon him. Why you married him I will never understand but it is your life." Turning his attention back to his meal.

Hermione turned to her meal thinking of her dour associate. She had been having dark fantasies about her associate as of late and did not understand it. She was married after all, happily at that for Merlin's sake.

Her head leaked of her thoughts and fantasies of him and Snape caught them all. Six months he ignored them but he was a wizard after all. He would act tonight as she had patrol and would be at her room later with no witnesses present.

Snape wiped his lips and looked to the witch that was seated next to him. "You need to enter through the Staff entrance Professor Weasley. You leave yourself open to more work for yourself entering the Great Hall by the student entrance. They tend to waylay the errant professor that enters forcing more fulfilling tasks to add to your evening work."

She glanced to him and noticed his smirk. "The only thing I have tonight is marking papers so I would welcome any distraction from that and have patrol tonight as well. Have a good night Professor as I am sure you are disappointed on your lack of patrol duties tonight."

Snape stood up. "I will have a very interesting evening of that you can be sure of Professor Weasley. I have patrol tomorrow night and will make up the points that Slytherin will lose after your patrol. Until we meet again Professor Weasley." Turning away robes billowing behind him.

She watched him leave and shook her head. He was a bit of work after all and it took a year before he allowed a basic conversation with her and that was five years ago. It was well that he did not suspect the thoughts she had of him when Ron was away.


Hermione finished her patrol and found herself at the door to her chambers and waved her wand to disable the protection charms protecting them. One would say she was paranoid but she had enough threats from the pureblood students to warrant them despite the defeat of Voldemort years ago.

She stepped into her chambers and the torches did not light up as normal. "Lumos!" Noticing her wand did not work. Fuck this was not good. Did a student manage to make it past her wards? She placed her hand on the knife that she always carried.

She felt pushed against a wall and a hand snaked into her robes forcing her hand to release the handle of the knife and heard the blade hit the wall and fell on the floor.

Calming herself she spoke out. "Whoever you are this is not a wise course of action. Let me go and I promise that I will not report this." Trying to turn to see if she could figure out who it was in the darkness.

She felt her body pulled back and pressed tightly against the intruder and felt lips upon her neck causing her to shudder hearing his low silky voice. "I assure you that I am not going to let you go and I doubt that you will report anything about this night."

Hermione struggled recognizing the voice "Snape let me go!" She shouted out.

He continued to kiss her neck and heard her moan out involuntarily. "I think not Hermione. Scream and shout all you want for no one will hear you and I've charmed the door in case you have unwanted visitors. I would hate to be disturbed." Removing her outer robes when he felt her struggles stop. "I know what you want and I have decided that I will give you what you desire."

"I'm married Snape. Leave now!" She snarled out. Gods she was turned on by his touch.

He removed her shirt and bra and turned her to face him in the dark. "You want this Granger. I know it so do not bother to deny it."

"It's Hermione Weasley." She whispered.

He unbuttoned the skirt revealed and pushed it down. "Not for me as I will always recognize you as Granger only."

He removed her panties and noticed that she her struggles stopped. She wanted this. She wanted him. He felt hands unbutton the many buttons on his outer robes and pulled them aside and began to work on the buttons of his cotton white shirt.

"Enough of this dalliance!" He growled out Vanishing his remaining clothes. "Touch!" He commanded pulling her small hand down and placing it on his rock hard cock sighing as he felt her warm hand do as he commanded as he pointed his wand and whispered a anti-pregnancy charm to her and placed his wand on the bed stand.

He bit her ear and demanded "Stroke it." Moaning out as she did as he was bade. He snaked his hand down and touched her, long finger finding her clitoris and touched it hearing her moan out.

"Oh Merlin!" She thought. She wanted this and any thoughts of her husband and marital status went away as he manipulated her lust. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply, giving in to what she desired.

He pulled her to bedchambers and threw her down on the bed.

"Light Severus. I need to see you."

"I think not and you take freedom with my given name Granger. I'll allow it for this one time." Binding her hands to the post of the bed.

He was over her in a flash sucking hard on the nipples of her pert breast and his hands running up and down her body until she moaned out begging for him to take her. He owned her.

She moaned out again feeling the tip of his long hard cock at her entrance. "You want this witch." He purred out. All of this appealed to his darker nature and he enjoyed the nugget that the young witch unknowingly tossed his way.

Hermione moaned out thrusting up her hips confirming his words

Her actions gave him the answer to his question and plunged deeply into her, his hard cock slamming into her and growled out. "This is want you want witch. Take it all!"

He slowed his stroke for a moment wrapping her legs around his shoulders and leaned into her increased his strokes once again enjoying the new depth that he found, satisfied as she shouted "Oh Merlin!"

"Curse you Granger as you belong to another." He muttered and then increased his strokes. "But I will take what I can." Focusing only on his release.

She matched him stroke for stroke and felt the first true orgasm that she had ever felt. "Severus!" Moving wildly about as the wizard continued to pound into her.

He continued feeling her body still beneath him until he felt his balls tighten and released into her, thrusting hard until he was finished and pulled her up to him.

He ran his hands down her body and pulled her tighter against him. "I enjoyed this moment Granger and every time that pathetic wizard touches you will only think of me and this night. And that is going to be a long time considering your marriage is life bound." Chuckling deeply. "You may find in time that you wish your husband an early demise. Shame to be stuck with one as boring in bed as Weasley."

She felt him release the ropes holding her to the bedpost and get up from the bed.

"Work on Occlemency witch. Your thoughts leak out. Not only your fantasies but your love life or lack of as well."

She heard the door open and when it closed the torches in her room flared back to life shining brightly in her room. Pulling her blanket over her, she slowly drifted off to sleep feeling numb and satisfied from the night's encounter. "Oh my Gods what have I done?" She muttered out as sleep took over.

The next evening Snape stood hidden in a dark alcove and watched the dunderhead arrive with flowers and entered her chambers. He concentrated on the witch for he did not need to be in eye contact and was in her mind in an instant. He chuckled as his face loomed to her mind as the dunderhead made his pathetic attempts to pleasure her.

He left the dark alcove, robes swirling about him. Everything you desire and obtained came with a price and he was one to know that very fact. And Hermione Weasley was realizing that as well.