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Chapter 4

Hermione was drawn out of her memory of the past smiling. She used the potion exactly as he expected of her. She poured herself another helping of Firewhiskey picking up the letter from Severus Snape and looked to it wondering of its contents.

Hermione drank the contents down and fell back to the past to her first Defense class of the day consisting of 7th year Gryffindor and Slytherin.


She looked to her class before she stood up to address the students. "Mister Travers I need your assistance today in a class exercise as today's class is about Veriteserum and its effect. Approach my desk."

Travers stood up. You can't make me Professor as use of Veriteserum is illegal outside of the Ministry."

Hermione chuckled. "I can Mister Travers as I am not going to ask you any questions of illegal activities and you are of age and this is for educational benefit. This potionā€¦" Picking up the phial and held it up to the class. "Is from Professor Snape so I know that it is correctly brewed. Everyone has a choice so here is yours. You can decline where I will immediately send you up to the Headmistress with a recommendation for expulsion for willful disrespect of a Professor's character or you can elect to participate in this class exercise. You have one minute to decide. Shame if you decline as there is only a few weeks until you graduate."

"I'll do it!" Travers spat out and joined his professor at the front of the class.

She lectured them on the effects of the potion and watched the students take notes. "Very good." Pleased at the class interaction. "Slytherin students will write questions and answers about what is truthfully known about Mister Travers. You have five minutes and can consult amongst yourselves Slytherin."

The Slytherins immediately jump up and joined together whispering as a witch wrote on a piece of parchment.

A witch walked down and handed the parchment to Hermione and walked back to her desk without a word.

Hermione took her quill and lined out three questions. "Some of these are not appropriate for a class demonstration." Pulling out a chalkboard to where Travers could not see it and tapped her wand to it revealing the questions and answers. "These are the questions I will be asking and you see the answer. I will then ask a control question of my own and Mister Travers will answer if all is true after the potion wears off. You can see my question on the board as well without an answer."

The students looked to her question and knew the answer immediately with no doubt in their mind.

The classroom door opened and Professor Snape entered the classroom and sat down at the back of the class. "The Headmistress sent me down to make sure the potion is acceptable Professor Weasley." He drawled out and looked bored. He was not surprised that Mister Travers was up there and he would have a word with him later.

Not showing her surprise at the Potions Professor's entrance she continued. "I'll give you a moment to prepare yourself. Try to fight the potion and lie and you can tell us how it was afterwards. Stick out your tongue when ready."

Travers closed his eyes and breathed deeply for a few moments feeling fear before he stuck out his tongue.

"I am placing a single drop onto your tongue and it will have effect for five minutes. I want you to fight it."

The room was in complete silence as they waited for their professor to continue.

Hermione started with the standard questions of his name, age, and House affiliation. "Not so bad is it Mister Travers?"

"No." He replied in a dreamy voice.

"Now to the questions provided. Remember to fight it. Did you cry every night for the first week when you arrived at Hogwart's missing your family?"


"Do you hate the muggle born here at school feeling that they are not worthy?"

The class noticed a pause before he hissed out. "Yes." It was obvious that the wizard was fighting the question.

Hermione asked the last question of the Slytherins input. "Do you hate Professor Weasley?"

A long pause as Travers snarled out. "Yes she is a Mudblood and has no right to teach those that are better than her!"

Hermione looked to the young man. She knew that he did not like her and surprised at the anger in his voice. "You are doing well Mister Travers and one more question and I will be through. Are you a virgin?"

The whole class waited as they knew the answer was no. His reputation was well known in the school. They watched as their fellow student shook fighting the potions hold stronger than any other question.


The students whispered to themselves and Hermione silenced them. "Write down your observations right now and then observe Mister Travers as he comes out of the potions influence."

The students did as she bade and then waited as their classmate looked around clearly in control of his thoughts.

Hermione wrote the answer down to her last question and pushed the board to allow Travers to read the questions and answers on the board. "Tell the class Mister Travers. Is everything true?"

The class watched the horrified expression on his face at the last question and replied. "Yes." Looking down to his feet. His reputation was shot.

"Class dismissed and everyone will write out their observations. It is due tomorrow."

The students left as one Gryffindor told another. "I always believed Harmony when she said she was not with that snake." Leaving the classroom.

Hermione looked to her student. "Talk about marital relations when you are qualified to speak of them Mister Travers. As a virgin I question your previous statement about me."

Travers spoke out angrily. "How dare you using this! I'll have words with my father you Mud..."

Snape stood up. "Mister Travers you will come with me and we shall have a chat about this." Interrupting the boy and motioned him to follow out of the office.

Travers noticed his Head of House in the back of the classroom. Oh shit he was in for it.

Hermione watched the student join her colleague and walk out the door and wondered why he would help her. It was obvious that he knew his House and the trouble that would be caused.


Hermione pulled herself to the present and looked to the parchment in her hand remembering the Headmistress's outlash at the definite illegal use and admonished them both after staff meeting the next day.

After the Headmistress left Hermione and Snape alone she asked. "Why?"

"All professors need to be treated respectfully and you are no exception despite the poor choices you have made. Good evening Professor Granger."

She did not miss his address of her with her maiden name.

Hermione broke the seal of letter that Severus left her and began to read.

Dear Hermione,

I know that you are wondering about my will and why I left everything to you.

You are thinking about the past right as you read this and I will address that. I knew that you would be hurt when the dunderhead showed up and I delayed him so you could prepare. You held up to the vindictive articles about you so well.

Minerva maneuvered us into the last few Hogmeade's visits and you took him along and I understood it. I was there to make sure the fool did not do anything stupid. Every time we were around one another I knew what you were thinking about. You were with him but you wanted me. You were torn between your vow and what you wanted when you realized your situation. I told you that your thoughts leaked and I hope you did something about that.

When the dunderhead arrived back I realized that I wanted you and no one else. You gave yourself up to me and yes I acted on vindictiveness for my own pleasure but I realized it was much more than a simple vindictive fuck later. So after end of year I submitted my resignation and walked away to leave you to pick up the pieces of your marriage because that was what you desired. You would have felt guilty and ashamed if you acted on what you thought about with me.

Over time I remembered the night that we shared and came to regret my parting words to you. I did not realize that I wanted you for my own and angry at your life vow.

Time went on and you picked up the pieces as I knew you would and you settled into life.

I know that you wonder why I did not contact you after the dunderhead died. I was not sorry at the news of his death as I knew he continued his ways and that you accepted it as your lot in life.

The answer is this. I was scared. Afraid of your rejection after so much time had passed. Grown children and all. How would you explain my interest as I had not been seen in so many years? But I noticed the joy and love that you shared with your children so I decided to stay away. Yes I did spy on you from time to time. It is what I excel at after all.

So many times I wanted to take you into my arms and love you in the way a witch such as you deserved to be loved. But it was not to be.

As the words in my will spoke I will be waiting for you in the Veil and if the Fates allow it, perhaps I will have a chance to show you exactly what I feel about you. It is all that I pray for as I lay here waiting for my life to end on this bed.

I know that this is different from what you remember me. A cold, uncaring wizard and I am that. But allow a dying wizard his final thoughts. They say that death sets one free and I hope the words are true. I look forward to the Veil now Hermione Granger.


She placed the letter down and cried. After Ron's death she would have accepted him no matter what as she grew to love him as well despite the harshness of their one encounter remembering his words when he took her cursing that she belonged to another. It was why she kept the picture after so many years.


Fifty more years passed as 86 year Hugo Weasley ran off the many witches and wizards visiting his dying mother, stating her wish that they should remember her when living and not on her deathbed.

He sat down in a chair beside her bed noticing that the chambers of her bedroom had not changed despite her twenty years of being the Headmistress of Hogwarts. She took up the position after Rose was murdered and she witnessed the Kiss of a wizard named Travers blaming herself for his sister's death. He never understood it and Mum would never talk of it.

He sighed and stood up watching her sleep holding tight to a picture and a parchment and decided to give an update to the portraits in her office.

Walking into her office he walked up to a large frame with a brass plate embossed "Severus Snape Headmaster of Hogwarts" surprised that it was there as it had not been so in the twenty years that he visited. "She is dying." He stated to the portrait.

The Headmaster in dark black robes looked down to him. "I know."

The portrait's response was so cold, words angering him as he remembered the wizard's will.

"How can you be that way? I heard your will and I know that you cared about Mum." Hugo barked back in anger.

The portrait's stoic features softened. "Go back to your mother young Hugo. She does not have much time left."

Hugo looked to the portrait. "I am hardly a spry young wizard Headmaster Snape."

The portrait chuckled at the wizard's response reminding him of Hermione from long ago. "When you are dead and hanging on a wall everyone is young."

He walked to the door of his mother's bedchambers and looked to the portrait. "Did you love her Headmaster Snape?"

"I still do Hugo Weasley."

Hugo missed the other portraits startled gasps at the revelation as he entered her chambers to rejoin his mum.


Hugo dozed in the chair beside the bed and woke hearing his mother growl out. "Harry we've got to move! The Deatheaters will be onto us in a flash." She must be dreaming about the past and flight from Voldemort all those years ago.

He stood up noticing a healer from St Mungo's standing over his mother and performing diagnostic spells and then fluffed the pillows up. "There is nothing more to be done Hugo but to keep her comfortable. I think she will pass before sunrise if not before. And after she is gone there will be no one left that fought and saved us in the Final Battle."

Hugo spoke. "Thank you Jacob for everything that you've done and I appreciate you fighting the Ministry allowing her to remain here."

The young wizard looked to him. "Everyone deserves to choose where they want to be at before they travel to the Veil. I remember my great grand mum talk of her when she told us about the dark days of Voldemort. It was an honor for me to stand behind her request. I'll be in the office and send an owl to the Ministry as they demand updates from me. Just open the door and I will be there if you need anything from me." Leaving Hugo.

"Thank you son for staying with me." Hermione struggled to pull herself up to a sitting position.

Hugo rushed to help her sit up pushing pillows behind to support her. "I've told you that I would always be here for you."

"Sweet Hugo you have always been there for me. Now pull out that muggle device and play the CD. They forget the past and you need to remind them Hugo. There is an ill wind blowing and they ignore the warnings of an old witch so content in peace that they do notice the Darkness growing. You must make sure everyone hears this so they can prevail."

Hugo pulled out the CD player and hit play and her strong voice from a week ago sounded out. "I am Hermione Weasley and I am recording the true story of the fight against Voldemort so that you can prepareā€¦"

Hermione motioned for him to turn it off. "Good enough Hugo and make sure to warn anyone that listens. That wizard in Germany is Dark and will cause trouble."

"I will Mum." Tucking the CD player back into the pocket of his robes.

She observed her son looking to the parchment and picture in her hands. "I suppose you want to know why I have these here on my death bed."

"I did not want to seem nosey but I remember that parchment. It was from his will."

Hermione handed her son the parchment. "It is and I suppose it is time for you to read it and I think you will understand."

He read the parchment and set it down on the bed stand. "It explains the portraits arrival in your office. He told me that he loves you and it did not use the endearment of the past as I expect a portrait to use."

His mother handed him the battered photo that she held. "This was taken just before he left Hogwart's."

He looked to the picture. There were not many pictures of Headmaster Snape in existence and in this photo he was younger than the image of the portrait.

"Mum, I could bring his portrait in. Perhaps you can talk to him?"

"No Hugo as the parchment he left me promises that he will meet me in the Veil. No, I want to remember him the way he was when I knew him." She whispered.

Hugo pulled the pillow from her back and laid her down. "Rest Mum as our conversation has tired you out."

Hermione kissed his cheek. "You're right Hugo and I am so tired. I never expected to live this long and I do miss them all. Harry, Ginny, Neville, Rose and everyone. And your father as well even though I knew he was never content with me alone. I could never figure that out and it pained me so much through the years." A tear formed and ran down her wrinkled cheek. "You are a good son Hugo and do not mourn for me for I know when I close my eyes I will not open them again. Make sure to warn them Hugo."

"I will Mum I promise you." Whispering as he watched eyes close and settle into sleep. He fell into his chair and cried knowing that very soon his mother would begin her trip to the Veil.


Hugo woke to the faint beam of sunrise shining into the room and looked about. The room grew a bit colder and noticed a semi-solid form standing next to the bed. Hs life study was ghosts and the wizard standing was not one. "You are not a ghost."

"I am a soul pulled here to gather your mother. She called to me and the Veil allowed me to pass so I can be with her for her travel. It doesn't happen often." The form drily replied.

Hugo picked up the picture and looked to the form. "You are Severus Snape but you do not look like the portrait in the next room as you are a lot older."

"You see me as I am in her memory. I'm glad of it as I did not age gracefully. The stress of being a double spy and a bitter man takes a toll on one you know."

Hugo looked to him excited. "How is the Veil? What is it like? Is it the Nirvana that is promised?"

Severus smiled. "You are so much like your mother Hugo Weasley. Questioning and ignoring everything around you. I'm not about to give up secrets but I will tell you this as it is important. It is all in how you live and how you die. The Veil is a Sorting Hat for your next life. Be quiet now."

Hugo followed the wizards gaze and noticed that his mother's breathing was erratic. He rushed over and held his mother's hand whispering his love for her.

The rays of sunlight filled the room as Hermione took one deep rattling breath and stilled.

Hugo began to cry and heard the voice of his Mum. "Severus what in Merlin are you doing here?"

He turned around and saw his mum in a younger semi-solid form looking to the form of the ex-Headmaster. "Seems that you pulled me to you Hermione and I am not complaining as I have wanted you in my arms for so long and the only thing that I desired in life and death. And I am happy to announce that I will not have to share you with the dunderhead after all."

Hugo watched as his mum rush into the wizard's opened arms and kissed him passionately as they faded away. He opened the door and Jacob entered running diagnostics and declared his mother dead.

He felt a strange sense of happiness as he realized that his Mum got exactly what she wanted her entire life.

Be well Severus Snape and treat Mum well for I will be meeting up with you again. He looked to his Mum's body for a moment and walked out of the room comforted in the fact that she was finally with one who truly loved her.