A/N: I know it's short, but I just had to write this. It has to suck putting yourself out there the way she did, only to be denied.

I can't believe her. Why would she do this to me? That bitch. I slam my fist into the locker door, causing a loud clang to reverberate down the hall. I give her my heart, finally tell her that I have feelings for her and she blows me off for Artie, that stupid kid in a wheelchair.

I'm good for her. We have a connection. I can give her everything she needs.

But apparently, it's not enough. The one time she has to be little Miss Wholesome and finally get a conscience. Oh, I'm sorry Santana, but I love Artie too. If we ever break up and you're singleā€¦

If you ever break up? Why don't you just fucking stomp on my heart right now, you dumb bitch.

God. Love fucking blows.