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A/N: I'm so excited! This will be both my first challenge and my first Kingdom Hearts fanfic! :D Hopefully I can stick to this until the end! The challenge is written with Terra in mind (who is, by the way, my favorite Kingdom Hearts male)!

I hope you like it! And reviews are appreciated! ^^

:: Introduction ::

As a boy, Terra never really thought about what he'd do with his life.

Would he be a firefighter? Too wet.

How about a racer? Not fast enough.

All the career tests he filled out at school gave him interesting results, but none of them felt right to him. He wanted something unique... Special... Amazing.

However, where he was from, the lazy days were never exciting and every instance felt bland. Terra could never live to do something "amazing" and the very idea of it saddened him greatly. His life would forever remain predictable.

...And then he met Master Eraqus.