Chapter One

Lazytown continued to change into being more active with the help of Sportacus and Stephanie. Everyone started eating more vegetables and fruits. Well, the only exception is Robbie Rotten. Children had been playing outside more often. But of course, Robbie Rotten disliked that most of all. He hated how people weren't being lazier often. And of course, he would always try to find a way to stop it. But so far, it failed. It had been going on like this for a while now, and Robbie got tired of it. So, finally, he decided to pack up and leave Lazytown. Well, until, he is stopped by a new person coming into town.

"Hey, you! The one in purple wearing stripes!" The lady yelled over at Robbie. Robbie looked over at her and pointed at himself, rather surprised. She nodded at him. He then started to look left and right, knowing full well he was the only one there other than her.

"What is it?" He asked snippily. She rolled her eyes at his tone.

"Is this place called Lazytown?" She asked. Robbie wrinkled his nose in distaste.

"Another uninvited guest," he thought with a feeling of annoyance.

"Yeah," he answered unhappily.

"Thanks," she told him but then saw him carrying his luggage in both hands. "You're leaving this place?"

"It's none of your beeswax! Now leave me alone!" He yelled at her as she shrugged until a light bulb hit her.

"Hey, you're Robbie Rotten, aren't you?" She asked. Robbie gasped, surprised that she knew him. Was he famous?

"Why? How do you know this Robbie Rotten?" He asked, now curious.

"Well, if you're not Robbie Rotten, I'm not telling you." She smirked mischievously, knowing full well without needing an answer.

"Well, I am." He pointed at himself proudly. "Now, tell me, how do you know me," he asked while looking left and right of her.

"Found ya," she said with a smile before holding the back of his collar.

"What? What are you doing," he yelled, trying to run away but found the lady stronger.

"You're not going anywhere, Mr. Rotten. You've changed, Robbie. You used to be so active and nice when we were children unlike your parents," the woman said before she sighed and shaking her head at the look of him.

"How...? Who are you?" Robbie demanded. The young woman let go of him and smiled.

"Lina," she answered simply. Robbie's eyes widened and then he started walking around her, inspecting her from left to right. His eyes looked up and down. His mouth widened. And if any flies were around, they would certainly make a home in it.

"Li-Lina! Lina Lesiurely?" He asked, making sure. Lina confirmed it with a nod. "Why are you here?"

"To find out what had happened to you. Heard your name on television being saved by that Sportacus hero of Lazytown," she told him in a relaxed manner. "What were you thinking about trying to climb a satellite in a gorilla suit?"

"That was long ago! Can't everyone leave me alone about that and stop bringing it up?" He yelled with frustration. Lina merely chuckled and took his hand.

"Show me around, will you?" She asked him. He looked over at her a bit and then snatched his hand away from her before he crossed his arms.

"No," he told her. His head looking away from her with closed eyes. It didn't take him long when he opened one eye to take a glimpse at her.

"Oh?" She asked while hiding a smirk. "If that's how you are going to act, I'm just going to let you be then."

"Good," he commented, still standing with the same posture.

"Hm... I am rather interested in that Sportacus hero. Well, I'll find him then. Bye Robbie. Hope you have a nice life," she said with a hint of mischief in her voice before she picked up her luggage again and slowly walking away from him as if waiting for him to stop her.

And lo and behold, Robbie Rotten's mouth fell open. He became shocked at the thought that Lina would want to see Sportacus. If she was to meet him, she would immediately fall for him. Everyone loved Sportacus except him. He couldn't let her be hypnotized by his awesomeness. He picked up his luggage and ran to her (which was unnecessary as she didn't walk that far) before he stopped in front of her.

"Let's go then!" He yelled angrily while walking side by side with her. Lina smiled secretly towards him.

"Thanks, Robbie."

"Oh, whatever," he answered with an annoyed expression.

First, he showed her to his lair/home. She looked around with an amazed expression. Robbie saw it and proudly smiled while crossing his arms. She then saw his orange fluffy chair and smiled. She looked around it but never sitting on it. He saw that as well.

"If you want to sit on it, you can. It's very comfy," he told her. She looked up at him and shook her head while smiling.

"I'm good. This place doesn't look too bad for an underground home." She then proceeded into looking at the tubes of different clothing used for Robbie's disguises. She was rather shocked to see even woman's clothing in there as well but didn't dare ask him why.

"If you're hungry, I've got cake," he told her, trying to strike up a conversation.

She didn't answer him because of being mesmerized by the inventions all around her.

"You know, Robbie, you've got a creative mind. I never saw that part of you," she said before gaining her attention towards him again. He shrugged while smiling at the compliment.

"But of course, I, Robbie Rotten, had changed over the years," he told her. Her smile immediately left her, revealing a solemn look.

"I heard you've become the laziest person in Lazytown. Why is that?" Her voice became serious this time. Robbie became surprised at her sudden change of mood.

"Be- because I wanted to," he told her. "So do you want cake or not?" She knew he wanted to change the subject. And for now, she allowed it.

"No, thanks. Sweets make me sick. I had to be hospitalized once before."

Robbie's eyes widened at her then held her shoulders before shouting, "What?"

Lina, of course, winced at him yellilng near her while his voice echoed throughout his lair.

"Aye, don't yell when I'm right beside you."

"What happened?" He questioned his voice in a normal range.

"I vomited and then fainted," she answered with a sigh. "After that, I can't consume anymore sweets. I would either get too tired or just faint."

"You sound like Sportakook," he said with a frustrated look. Every time he thinks about the above-average hero, he gets irritated.

"Sportakook?" She asked, one of her brows rose in question.

"You know that guy who goes bloop bleep bloop," he told her while making a terrible impersonation of Sportacus' moves. It made her even more confused but realized what he meant.

"You mean Sportacus?"

"Yeah, that guy."

Lina merely shook her head but smiled all the while.

"Other than that, will you show me the lovely places of Lazytown?" She took his hand while he felt quite... awkward from it. He merely nodded before going up the ladder with her behind him. He opened the heavy entrance, almost not being able to. While doing this, he thought about finding some way to open his home easier. Robbie didn't want Lina to think of him as a weakling.

"Ach! What am I doing? I, Robbie Rotten, shouldn't be affected by anyone, not even her. I am happy the way I am," he thought before he held out her hand to take. He almost thought about letting go of her to prove a point but that thought quickly left when he decided to help her out of the exit.

"Where to next?" She asked.

Robbie sighed with an unhappy expression. He walked around with her while pointing out the places unenthusiastically. It was about two or three places of showing her around before the teenagers of Lazytown saw them. Ziggy, not paying attention, bumped into Robbie. And of course, Robbie's nose scrunched with an angry look heading towards him. Ziggy, scared, apologized for his carelessness.

"No worries. Robbie isn't that petty, are you Robbie?" Lina lightly nudged him. Robbie only sighed and looked over at Ziggy.

"Take your little legs and go," he demanded, even though Ziggy was almost as tall as Robbie. Ziggy did return to his friends' side. Lina shook her head at Robbie's behavior.

"Um... who are you? Are you new in town?" Pixel asked when he noticed the woman beside Robbie Rotten. Robbie glared unhappily. He knew that this welcoming thing will start soon just like they did to the pink cheerleader, Stephanie.

"The name is Lina Leisurely. And actually, no. I've been to Lazytown before," she answered.

"Did you come here often? We've never seen you around before," Stingy asked.

"Or! Or maybe you're like Stephanie and only visit Lazytown on vacation!" Ziggy said excitedly. Lina chuckled at the teenage boy's excitement.

"I was actually born in Lazytown before I had to move with my parents when I was twelve," she answered.

"How come you're with Robbie Rotten? He's really rotten just like his name," Trixie told her. Lina's smile faded away just like that. Robbie was surprised and was afraid that Lina would give out unnecessary information when they were kids.

"Well, I-" she started before her mouth was muffled by Robbie's hand.

"If you please excuse us, I am showing her around Lazytown. Now, skedaddle!" He ordered while gesturing them to leave before the teenagers did so.

When they were far off, he let go of his hand that held her mouth. Lina breathed heavily from him using force. Robbie saw this and chuckled nervously.

"Why did you do that for?" She asked when her breathing became stable.

"I was afraid you'd talk about my childhood. They do not need to know that tidbit," he told her as Lina rolled her eyes.

"I was going to talk about myself before you rudely interrupted," she told him. "They should at least know my background."

"About you being an ex-bully and me being one of your victims? No way. Nuh-uh. Nope," Robbie told her as she shook her head.

"Why did you give up being nice, Robbie? Even when I bullied you from the first grade up to the fourth grade, you still were nice and never stopped helping people. Where is that Robbie Rotten?"

"Stop it, Lina. It's in the past. I will not go back to that person," he told her. Lina shook her head with a sad expression.

"I'm going to find the old you, Robbie. I will. I promise that or else I won't be Lina Leisurely," Lina thought.

"I guess I'm gonna get my luggage and get going then. Thanks for the tour, Robbie," she told him. Robbie's eyes widened but coughed and settled down to his usual demeanor. They left to go back to his home and there Lina picked up her luggage before he spoke again.

"Leaving Lazytown, eh. Good. Less of a headache for me," he said but inside him wanted her to stay for some reason.

"Who said I was leaving Lazytown? I was just going to get my luggage and rent an apartment," she told him. After she said that, Robbie started to get giddy but tried not to show it.

"What?" He faked a tortured look.

"Since I'm already here, I'm going to spend my vacation staying in Lazytown. I guess I'll be depending on you for a while, Robbie," Lina said with a smile before hugging him. And of course, Robbie froze, feeling rather awkward. "Well, see you tomorrow, Robbie."

She left the lair with her luggage and closed the hatch to Robbie's home. Robbie sat down on his orange fuzzy chair and smiling. He was about to eat some cake. But just as he held it, he put it back down. He then started to peep through his periscope, looking around Lazytown before he saw Lina's back. He hadn't seen her for so many odd years. And when she suddenly turned up because of hearing his name on television from a long while ago, he felt many emotions ranging from being awkward to being happy. What was she to him?