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Chapter Nine

Lina and Stephanie woke up early to get ready to go to Lina's workplace. After they were refreshed and ready, they left in a cab with Lina's camera set in the trunk. And before they knew it, they were already at a tall and large building. Stephanie was in complete awe when she first laid eyes on the building. Lina chuckled before tugging Stephanie lightly to get going. They both walked inside to a large and spacious room. It didn't take long before Lina was attacked by a few journalists asking her questions. Lina politely declined them all, but they were quite persistent until their eyes laid on a celebrity and leaving Lina and Stephanie behind to walk along.

"Wow, they change their minds fast," Stephanie said. Lina chuckled.

"I am actually glad they did or else they would never let me off the hook," Lina told her. Stephanie nodded in understanding. "Well, we'll be going in an elevator to the fifth floor."

"Okay," Stephanie replied.

They were in an elevator with several other people. The people there seemed to know Lina and greeted her politely and Lina returned the gesture. Stephanie was surprised at how well-known Lina is in BusyCity. Lina looked over at Stephanie and smiled. Stephanie smiled back, knowing Lina was trying to make her relax.

When they were at the fifth floor, they walked a few steps before opening a door. Inside, there was already a model getting photographed. She looked amazing and the male photographer was excited taking pictures every few seconds while giving compliments to the model. He looked around like he was in his mid-thirties.

Lina had to clear her throat before the photographer took notice of her. The photographer turned and his eyes went wide when he saw her. He stopped taking the pictures and told the model she has a five minute break. He turned back to Lina and opened his arms to embrace Lina. Lina gladly received it.

"You are finally here, Lina! I can finally let you take over and take some pictures," the photographer said before he finally took notice of Stephanie. "And who is this lovely young lady?" He smiled at her and Stephanie smiled shyly in return.

"She's Stephanie. Stephanie, this is Andrew Smiles, my ex-boss and ex-co-worker," Lina told her. Andrew frowned at her last statement.

"I'm not ex- of anything as of yet. You still have pictures to take here," Andrew told her. Lina sighed and shook her head.

"I've already told you, Andrew. I'm no longer part of the company, and I only do free-lance photography now. I only took in the assignment because I felt obligated to. This is going to be my final assignment for this company," Lina told him. Andrew frowned.

"But..." Andrew started, but Lina stopped him from finishing.

"No buts, Andrew. I will come once in a while, but that's it," Lina told him. Andrew sighed while his shoulders slumped.

"Fine. With that determined look, I guess I'm just happy you'll come visit once in a while," Andrew replied sadly.

"Now, I'll get to work," Lina said with a smile, patting Andrew's back lightly. Stephanie watched Lina work, and she was awe. Lina pretended to take pictures of the model. But by the moment the model had her break, Lina immediately started taking pictures with such a fast pace. Andrew smiled.

"That's the way Lina works. She often works with new models because they don't know how she works. If she worked with a reoccurring model, the model becomes stiffer and tries to pose more," Andrew told Stephanie in a whisper. Stephanie nodded in understanding. Lina was truly a good photographer.

After Lina finished with her work, she drove Stephanie to a store. It was then Stephanie found out the store makes personal cameras. Lina gave a piece of paper that Stingy wrote detailing specifically the features he wants and other things. When they were finished looking around BusyCity, Lina and Stephanie finally felt settled with staying at an inn in the countryside near BusyCity. It was only an hour drive to get back to BusyCity, which the girls didn't mind as much. Unlike the hotel in the city, there weren't that much electronics in the inn. Stephanie and Lina seemed not to care about it either. It seemed in the countryside they could settle down and relax from looking at nature.

Robbie and Sportacus seemed far off in their thoughts. And once again, they sat next to each other on the bench. If people walked by and saw them, they would be shocked. It wasn't normal in Lazytown to see such a rare scene of the hero sitting next to the villain and vice versa. But then again, Robbie and Sportacus did not notice one another. It was as if they automatically sat there to think.

By the time they realized it, it was already one o'clock in the afternoon. They had stayed there for five hours. They were shocked to see each other sitting on the same bench.

"What are you doing here, Sportakook?" Robbie asked.

"I should ask you the same thing, Robbie," Sportacus replied, but he didn't look disgusted like Robbie did.

"I asked first, Sportafool," Robbie spat.

Sportacus let out a sigh and began, "I don't know what to do when Stephanie returns. I'm not even sure what to say."

Robbie quirked his eyebrow for a moment before hanging his right arm loosely on the back of the bench.

"So you finally figured your feelings out for that pink cheerleader?" Robbie asked. Once again, Sportacus let out a sigh except it was much heavier than the first.

"Her name is Stephanie not pink cheerleader, and I don't know how I feel anymore. I never even thought about romance at all. I was just too focused on being the hero of LazyTown that nothing else mattered until now," Sportacus stated. Robbie shrugged his shoulders as if gesturing he didn't much care about his predicament. "And you, Robbie? Why were you sitting here?"

"Nothing for you to know. But if you really wanted to know, I could tell you," Robbie started. Sportacus smiled, but he really wasn't that curious, not with his mind being surrounded by Stephanie. When Sportacus stayed quiet, Robbie felt irritated. He wanted to tell what was in his mind. "Well, since you asked, I'm thinking about Lina. She's the most annoying woman I have ever met! She just won't leave me alone, not even in my thoughts. That woman will be the death of me some day! She's like a pest, you know. Everywhere I go, she's there. Well, not physically, but she's been plaguing my thoughts. I can't sleep because of her. The icing I love on my cake seemed to lack flavor and sugar. It's like she's there, but she's not. And it's making me go crazy!" Robbie let out his frustrations by messing up his slicked back hair with his fingers as he

Sportacus couldn't help but smile at Robbie's rant . He could see Robbie truly cared about her. And in a way, he seemed worried about Lina's well-being. Sportacus let out a third sigh. The swirling feelings inside Sportacus had taken a toll on the confused hero. He had wished he could let out a rant like Robbie did, but he didn't know what to rant about or what to say. He was completely and utterly lost.

Hopefully, things will get better when he would see her tomorrow. It was high time he had the courage to talk about the topic involved. Unfortunately, there will always be a twist. Robbie and Sportacus will have to face something they never thought would become the most painful experience for them.