Hey guys…

I'm not dead, I swear. xD I've just been having such a hard time -.- And then now I'm barely just getting back into writing and my art and everything that ever interested me.

I read over the chapters and the reviews to this story.. I must say, I love you all so much for the positive words, support, kicking my butt when I needed it. I was in love with this story and the plot, but so much happened I guess I'm just not willing to go on with it.

I apologize, but I must end it here. :C It's really hard on me to do so, but I've lost the information for the plot and the motivation to think up a new one. Perhaps one day I may come back here to bring it up again, but honestly, that's probably not going to happen.

I give anyone permission to either a.) Think up the rest of the story, basically steal it from me xD or b.) Kill me with a fork for letting it drop.

Anyway. I hope you guys have a wonderful summer/winter/whatever season you're currently in. Again, I apologize. Tbh, fanfics weren't really my forte x-x Also, please leave in the reviews what YOU think might have happened in the story. (:

Love and muffins,


P.S. Anyone interested in my writing? Please visit my dA: zaxiarain(dot)deviantart(dot)com I'm currently working on a new story called "Rabbit's Tear Drop" c: ttfn.