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Loyal Til the End

Naruto trudged along the path back to Konaha, dragging a wounded and unconscious Sasuke behind him.

"You are one major pain in the ass." the blonde muttered to himself, looking back at his traitorous comrade "You just had to try and leave, you just had to try and go to Orochimaru to get power to kill your brother. You just had to ram a Chidori through my chest." Naruto continued to complain as he walked back to his home. After the long and tiring walk he arrived to see that Kakashi was about to leave to come after him, and that Sakura was still at the gates waiting.

"NARUTO!" Kakashi shouted as he ran over to him, supporting him as Sakura ran over to Sasuke, starting to cry.

"WHAT DID YOU DO NARUTO?" she cried.

"I... I brought him back." Naruto said slowly.

"I wanted him home, not half dead!" she screeched as she glared at the barely conscious blonde.

"Sakura..." Naruto trailed off as Kakashi shook his head and carried Naruto and Sasuke to the hospital where they could be treated. Upon their arrival Tsunade, who had just finished treating Choji, was checking on Naruto, going over his injuries after he had finally passed out from exhaustion.

"Multiple lacerations and burns. A large round hole, likely caused by a Chidori. Chakra burns along his entire body. Severe chakra exhaustion..." Tsunade listed as she stopped "I'll say that he is lucky to be alive."

"No kidding." Jiraya said from his seat on the window ledge "I already checked on the Uchiha. His wounds aren't too severe though he did take a beating from Naruto."

"I see..." Tsunade sighed.

"Hokage-sama." an ANBU agent said as they appeared in the room.

"What is it?" she asked.

"You have been summoned to a council meeting." the nin reported.

"Who else is present?"

"The elders and the civilian councils are already there. And at the moment only Hiashi Hyuga of the Shinobi council." the man nodded.

"Go get Shikaku Nara, and any other members of the shinobi council that you can." she ordered as she started leaving "Jiraya, stay with Naruto."

"Got it Hime." the old sage nodded as he kept a close eye on his godson. Tsunade walked into the council chambers to see that just as the ANBU agent had reported, only Hiashi was there from the shinobi council.

"What is the meaning of this?" Tsunade growled as she walked over to her seat.

"It concerns the Sasuke retrieval mission." Danzo said smoothly "While the mission was a success, the methods that were used are to be considered questionable."

"Questionable? Since when was it the councils job to cross examine every single mission that Konaha shinobi take?" Tsunade asked.

"When it concerns those last remaining members of clans." Danzo retorted "Due to his injuries, that we know of from a nurse at the hospital, along with the testimony of one Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha will be unable to be an active shinobi in our forces, and will likely be kept in the hospital for several months."

"As will Naruto, who suffered far worse damage at the hands of Sasuke. HE HAD A CHIDORI RAMMED THROUGH HIS CHEST!" Tsunade roared as she smashed her fist into the table, earning a jump from several of the council members.

"That is not the point. There were most likely better means from which Naruto Uzumaki could have handled the rescue. I therefore call for a vote, to execute Naruto Uzumaki for his viscous attack on Sasuke Uchiha, and for failing to complete such a mission to satisfactory requirements." Danzo smiled "All in favor?" he paused long enough to see all of the elders and civilians raise their hands, and Hiashi, raising his slowly.

"All against?" Danzo asked as Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, and Chozua Akimichi walked in, each raising their hands against, as did Tsunade.

"And by the Hokage's authority I am allowed to speak for the majority of the populace. Therefore Naruto shall not be executed." Tsunade replied, hoping to see the grin fall form Danzo's face, but it remained where it was.

"Very well. However due to the charges against him, he cannot be allowed to remain here. I thereby banish Naruto Uzumaki from Konahagakure." Danzo grinned.

"YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!" Tsunade shouted.

"I do however. The law states that when the Hokage has a close attachment to the person in question, said person can be banished if the elders and one half of the council agree, which the elders and all of the civilian council do. Therefore I will have him banished instead where he may meet his end as he sees fit." Danzo replied as the councilors grinned at each other, with the exception of Hiashi, who looked ashamed that he was involved in this matter. Once all of the civilians and elders had left Tsunade confronted Hiashi.

"HIASHI! What was the meaning of that?" she shouted.

"I did what was best for Hinata and my clan. Naruto is a force of chaos, just as his father was. I cannot allow him to be near Hinata. He will lead her down a path that will only make her miserable."

"Are you mad? Hinata is in love with that boy!"

"I know. That is why I agreed to this. I have nothing against him personally, but for the good of my family I will have him banished." Hiashi replied "Now if you will excuse me, I will be on my way." With not so much as a backward glance Hiashi left the council chambers, leaving Tsunade standing there in a rage. Walking back to her office she quickly removed the painting of Minato Namikaze, the Yodaime Hokage painted perfectly with his smiling care free face, revealing the safe behind it. Opening it Tsunade removed the documents within, along with all of the scrolls.

"I may not have been able to stop them, but I will do everything that I can to help you Naruto." Tsunade promised as she headed back for the hospital. Once in Naruto's room she saw that the blonde was awake, staring at the wall, his face grim.

"They banished me didn't they." he remarked, and it wasn't a question.

"I'm sorry Naruto, they did." Tsunade sighed.

"Pervy Sage said that it was likely to happen. I don't get why though." Naruto remarked "I did the mission, I brought him back..."

"Naruto. There isn't anything I can do more then this." Tsunade said as she set down the items from the safe in front of him "This is your inheritance. Your father, the Yodaime hokage left them in his safe, for you to have once you were sixteen. Since you won't be here before then I thought that now would be the best time to give them to you."

"Why wasn't I told?" Naruto asked.

"Because of your parents enemies. They would have killed you without a thought, just to get back at your parents. Your father was the one who decided to have it be withheld until you were sixteen. That way you would be strong enough to defend yourself against whoever they sent to kill you." Tsunade explained as she walked towards the door "Read their wills first, they are in the envelope, after that, go through them as you like. There isn't much rush, since you have until sunset tomorrow to be out of the village." Naruto waited a few moments before he opened up the envelope. Inside were two sheets of paper, both addressed to him. Grabbing the top one Naruto began reading.

"Dear Naruto,
I know that you will be reading this after I am gone, but I want you to know that I am sorry for not being there for you. Your mother and I always planned on raising you, on having a family, and watching you grow up to be the amazing young man that I know that you will be. Unfortunately we will not have that chance. It is the reason that your mother and I are leaving these wills to you, for you to read on your sixteenth birthday. So I guess the first thing should be wishing you happy birthday. I am sure that you are just like me, beating the women off with a stick. Trust me though, one day you will find a woman that will capture your heart and you will do anything for her. Who knows, maybe
you already have and if not, look at the shy ones, for they have the purest hearts of all, it's how your mother was around me. Anyway I am leaving you two scrolls. The first contains all of my jutsu, and all of my techniques that I have developed including the Hiraishin, which I know that you will use well. The next one contains all of the bank numbers to the Namikaze and the Uzumaki accounts, which at the time I am writing this contain over 3.2 billion Ryo combined, though with interest there is most likely much more. This should be more then enough for you to live on, and buy yourself a nice home. I hope that you are well and that you are not too angry that I sealed the Kyubi inside of you. I believe that you are the best suited for the job of keeping the beast away from mortal kind and pray that you are able to do this job to the best of your abilities. Remember that I will always love you.

Your father,

Minato Namikaze"

Naruto blinked back tears, knowing that his father had cared for him, and had truly done the best that he could for his son. Smiling Naruto set the sheet down gently and picked the other one.

"My darling Naruto,

I hope that you are happy and well when you finally read this, and that you have found yourself a wonderful woman to share your life with. I know that you are probably upset that we could never be together as a family, but know that we truly do love you. I won't waste time thinking on all of the maybes that could have been, since it would be a waste of time to wish things were different. I am leaving you two scrolls as well. The first contains the Uzumaki clan techniques, brought with me after I left Uzu no Kuni. The contain many powerful techniques and lost secrets that only our clan knew about before we were scattered to the wind. The other scroll will have my sword inside of it. It is called Geiru(Gale) and it will serve you as well as it did me. You will have to learn how to use it on your own, however I have faith that you will be able to do wonders with it, and hopefully someone has been training you in kenjutsu. Anyways, before I start rambling know that your father and I love you and that we will always be watching you from the afterlife, proud of you.

Your Mother,

Kushina Uzumaki"

Naruto was now wiping tears from his eyes and was only making sure that there were in fact four scrolls left for him. Nodding he opened each one quickly, noting that they were all had blood seals on the inside, probably to make sure that no one could copy the information before Naruto got them. Getting up slowly Naruto put on the ruined clothes that he had left, leaving the coat since it was beyond repair. Walking out of the room he saw Tsunade and Jiraya waiting for him.

"You knew about these?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah. Sarutobi-sensei left me a note about them for you." Tsunade nodded.

"And I was the one to get your mothers sword." Jiraya sighed "I'm sorry we didn't tell you earlier, but we swore to your parents that we wouldn't."

"It's ok." Naruto nodded as he turned to leave.

"Where are you going? You need to rest!" Tsunade shouted.

"I only have until tomorrow. I want to at least start saying my goodbyes, even if there are not a lot of them." Naruto replied as he walked. Inside the blondes mind he was in a cold rage. He should have been treated better by the adults if they had known about his parents, but they all treated him like dirt. He had been hated, abused and tormented for something that had been done to ensure their protection. He knew who was to blame at least and knew who at least deserved to have a chance to say goodbye to him. His first stop was the far end of the hospital where he stopped by to see Choji and Shikamaru.

"Hey guys..." Naruto said as he walked inside, surprising the pair.

"NARUTO!" they exclaimed as they grinned, Shikamaru stopping when he saw the blondes eyes.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing." he grinned "I knew you would be alright Choji."

"Of course I would be." Choji laughed "Though I have a lot of weight to put back on."

"Well I agree there. A skinny Akimichi isn't normal." Naruto laughed.

"What's on your mind Naruto?" Shikamaru asked suddenly "This isn't a social visit."

"Smart as ever..." Naruto sighed "I came to say goodbye."

"Goodbye?" they shouted.

"Yeah... Because I beat up Sasuke too much I have been banished by the 'great' council." Naruto sighed.

"Did our parents..." Choji asked.

"I don't think so. From what Pervy Sage told me Tsunade had them called to the meeting to defend me." Naruto sighed "Anyways I have to be out of the village by tomorrow night, otherwise I am going to be killed."

"That's just not right..." Shikamaru noted.

"It's my life. Don't worry about me you guys. I will be fine, but I wanted to say goodbye to all of my real friends." Naruto smiled as he got up "I do need to get going. If I get the chance I will see you all again."

"Yeah. I hope we do." Shikamaru nodded as Choji was holding back tears about this turn of events. Walking slowly Naruto exited the hospital, getting the usual glares from the populace as he made his way towards his favorite restaurant. The news being broke there was the worst for Naruto. Teuchi had nearly cried and Ayame refused to let him go as she cried, her tears hitting his head. After a half hour of this he was released and allowed to eat all that he wanted before he left. The gorging had gone on for several hours until he finally stopped, saying how he would miss them and write to them if he got the chance. It was dusk now and Naruto was sitting on top of the Hokage monument as he watched the village below him.

"Naruto..." Kakashi said as he sat next to him.


"I heard about you being banished."

"Yeah. It really sucks. Shame we never got to talk about my dad though." Naruto said as Kakashi nearly jumped.

"You know?"

"Yep. Got to read my parents will. Let me guess, you swore not to say anything?"

"I did. I respected your parents a lot. But I always watched out for you. Do you remember the dog masked ANBU agent, well that was me."

"Really? Never knew that one." Naruto laughed "Well it was greatly appreciated what you did for me."

"I know. I'm sorry I wasn't a better sensei to you."

"It's ok. Pervy Sage would have taken that role from you eventually." Naruto replied "You did what you could, and that is all that I could ask."

"Thanks Naruto. You know things are going to be boring now that you are gone."

"True. But they will liven up once Konahamaru hears about this. He will prank the hell out of this place until everyone thinks that he has become me."

This earned a chuckle from the pair as they looked back at the night sky.

"Regardless. I will miss you."

"I know. I'm going to miss this place, but if they don't want me then why should I stay?" Naruto asked, a cold edge taking his voice. Dawn came slowly for the blonde who was now saying his farewells to Iruka who while sad, promised not to let anyone ever turn out like Sasuke had. The next on his list was Konahamaru, and his friends who were in tears by the time the news was told, each promising that they would prank all of Konaha for years in his memory. With them out of the way Naruto went to the one place he always sat to think, the swing. Taking a seat he stared into the distance, his eyes just unfocussed as he slowly swung. A few moments later he heard footsteps and turned to see Hinata peeking around a tree.

"Hi." Naruto said as he faced forward again. Hinata frowned at the greeting and walked up closer to him.

"A... Are you ok?" she asked.

"Ok... I guess that given the situation ok is about the best I can be..." Naruto replied as he stopped swinging.

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked, now very worried about Naruto.

"I was banished..." he said as Hinata gasped "I have until sunset before I have to leave." Hinata stared wide eyes in horror at what Naruto was telling her. She quickly started trying to dispel whatever genjutsu she thought that she was under and once realizing that it was reality she started to panic.

"What are you going to do?"

"No clue. I guess just wander." Naruto replied as he looked at her, taking in her face and for the first time noticing how beautiful she was.

"But... Surely there must be something..."

"Sorry Hinata. I have no choice but to leave." he sighed as he met her gaze. Hinata decided that if she was likely to never see him again she had to act so that he wouldn't forget her. Rushing forward she tackled him with a back breaking hug and knocked them both to the ground. Naruto was confused and worried about what was going on when Hinata suddenly kissed him, shocking him even further.

"I love you Naruto Uzumaki." she said when she finally stopped, leaving him stunned as he stared at the girl who was laying atop of him. For a few moments he just stared, his mouth slightly open as his brain tried to register what was going on.

"You love me..." he said, truly confused.

"Yes. I love you." she said again, stealing another kiss from the blonde. Naruto sat up now, bringing Hinata with him and looked at her.

"Hinata. I am really touched that you feel that way for me. And I really wish that I wasn't leaving so that I could get to know you. But since I am, I can only do the next best thing and send you letters as often as I can." Naruto smiled as he hugged her "I only wish I had more time."

"I know..." Hinata whispered as she returned the hug. Standing Naruto looked at her and with a small smile he headed for his apartment to gather his tools before he left the village. Once at the gates he looked back and his face turned into a scowl.

"I promise this. You shall regret what you have done to me. I will make sure that nothing is left of those that have betrayed me." Naruto vowed as he left the village, entering the forest and making his way towards the nearest town where he could rest for a few days. Sitting in his hotel room he was reading over his father's techniques, quickly realizing that his dad while being a genius had never really finished anything. His Hiraishin technique was supposed to actually be used with seals on the body and using your own thoughts to move to the target place, not a special kunai. As he continued to read there was knocking on his door and Naruto was instantly on high alert.

"Who's there?" he asked as he grabbed one of his dad's kunai. Suddenly the door was smashed off of it's hinges and on the other side stood Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki.

"Found you." Kisame laughed as he prepared to charge at Naruto, Samehada at the ready.

"It is time that you surrendered. We know that you have been banished and that you are all alone. There is no hope of resisting." Itachi said coolly as he eyed the blonde. Naruto was trying to work on an escape plan. The window was behind him, easily a quick escape but something was telling Naruto not to use that as an exit. Which was smart on his part, as Itachi had a kage bushin waiting outside to trap him in a genjutsu should he make a run for the window. Staring straight ahead he was quickly making a way to escape, and with a nod he picked up his pack and his fathers scroll, making it seem that he would be coming with them. Once he had his possessions he struck, creating several kage bushin to distract them while he made the Rasengan. Once finished Naruto rammed the sphere into the ground, at an angle that would send debris flying at the two nuke nin, forcing them to block the barrage. Once it was done Kisame struck, swinging his massive sword at the blonde who rolled to the side and back, raising the kunai to see that Itachi was also moving in, his sharingan spinning. Grinning Naruto threw the kunai at the young man who simply leaned to the side to avoid the blade. However no sooner had the blade flew past his head did Naruto disappear in a flash of orange, shocking the two as they soon heard the footsteps running down the hall, but never the sound of a kunai hitting the wall.

"Did the gaki just use Hiraishin?" Kisame asked, clearly confused.

"I think he did." Itachi nodded as the pair chased after the blonde who had left the hotel and was hiding among the populace in the streets below. Jumping into the streets the two started walking through the crowd, searching for Naruto, who was already sneaking around the crowd and into the back alleys where he would be able to have the advantage. For over an hour the two Akatsuki members searched for him before they finally figured that he had left town while the had searched the populace. Naruto, sitting in an alley where he was catching his breath, was beginning to think that it was really safe to move again.

"Man those Akatsuki are relentless." he muttered as he realized something. The Akatsuki, while strong individually were a group, so that they could work together and therefore be nigh unstoppable. Grinning evilly Naruto began to have an idea as to what he needed to do, he needed allies, people who were willing to aid each other, to help them rise above what the world thought they were. Nodding he walked onto the busy streets again, his mind deciding that it was time to use his banishment to his advantage.