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The Full Scope

Naruto turned from the scene of utter destruction and faced the remaining shinobi from his former home that stared at the crater with such pain and loss. Naruto took a count of the total people that had been rescued and realized that it was less than he had hoped for but more than he had expected.

"Everyone." Naruto started as he moved to a point where they all could see him "I know that this is a heart wrenching moment for all of you, losing your homes like this, and I want to apologize that it had to come to this. I never wanted the village destroyed like this but in the end this was the only way of ensuring a better future."

"A better future?!" a shinobi in the crowd shouted "What kind of future can you build on the blood and bones of dead?!"

"One where such an event will never need to occur again." Naruto replied "You can ask Tsunade, I offered Konaha every chance to turn from this scenario, every chance to come join us in Yugure and become more than what it was. And every time the council chose to turn us away."

"He is right." Tsunade sighed "We did everything that we could to stop this but in the end the civillians thought that we could win."

"Against a force that outnumbered us ten to one?" Shikaku snorted "We had better odds of stopping all the tailed beasts at once."

"Naruto, you said to all of us that you had planned on securing different things, what were they?" Kakashi asked as he stepped out of the crowd of shinobi.

"That information is only for those that will join us." Naruto stated "I will make you all this offer, the village of Konaha is gone but it's spirit is not. This is you chance to turn things around and do something great to redeem the village that once stood as a shining example to the world. Join Yugure and we will help you rebuild and start anew. Join us and step into a new world with us. Or turn us down and you will be held as prisoners. You will be treated fairly and every amenity will be offered to you. The choice is yours."

There was a stunned silence for several moments before Tsunade stepped forward.

"My grandfather made the village in hopes of a better future and we squandered it. I don't intend for this to be the end, but a new beginning. I will join Yugure and build a new Konaha from the ashes of the old."

"I'm with you hime." Jiraiya nodded "I know it's what sensei would have wanted us to do."

There was a few mutterings before others started to come forward.

"Well I may not speak for the whole clan, but I for one am joining." Choji smiled as his father nodded that he would as well, and the rest of the Akamichi clan agreed.

"It'd be troublesome to resist." Shikamaru sighed as the Nara clan agreed to join as well.

"We can't be breaking the team after all this time." Ino sighed as her clan agreed to join as well.

"It is only logical that we work with those that risked so much to make sure that we would survive and have a chance to thrive." Shino stated as the rest of the Aburame clan agreed.

"Heh, no way am I going to be left out of this." Kiba grinned as Akamaru barked his agreement.

"My son has a point." Tsume growled as the rest of the Inuzuka clan voiced their agreement.

"Yosh! It is most youthful to offer us aid!" Lee shouted.

"Agreed my youthful student!" Gai agreed.

"NO HUGGING!" Naruto shouted as he stopped their sunset genjutsu before it started.

"I too will join Yugure, as long as Lady Hanabi is treated well. It was my last task given to me by the Hyuga and I do not intend to abandon it." Neji stated.

"You have my word she will be treated well." Naruto promised.

"Well I won't be the only one to be left behind." Tenten chuckled.

"Uncle Asuma?" Konahamaru asked from his position among the Yugure shinobi. Asuma looked at his nephew and then to Kurenai who nodded and then he spoke.

"The Sarutobi clan is with you as well."

Shizune looked at her mentor and then nodded her agreement to join Yugure as Tonton oinked his consent as well.

"I can't say that I'm thrilled to join those that destroyed my home." Ibiki noted.

"But..." Anko continued looking at her mentor.

"But in the end it was for the best. I'll help you." Ibiki replied as the rest of the surviving I&T department agreed. Finally Naruto looked at Kakashi who spook.

"Those who abandon a mission are trash, but those that abandon a comrade are worse than trash. I'll join Yugure as well." Kakashi eye smiled as Naruto grinned and patted his sensei on the arm.

"Well then everyone, welcome to Yugure." Naruto said with a smile "Find quarters for everyone and let's be on our way to Kumogakure!"

There was a general shout as most of the shinobi were led off of the bridge along with the few civillians that had been saved, with only Tsunade, Jiraiya and Kakashi remaining to talk with Naruto as they flew towards their destination.

"So what were you after?" Jiraiya asked.

"All of the documents that the village had for starters." Naruto stated "Along with the stone tablet in the Uchiha compound. According to Itachi it has some very interesting information on it. Konahamaru brought the forbidden scroll with him and we also secured most of the clan documents as well."

"That's quite a lot." Tsunade notted.

"But all of it was necessary." Naruto replied as they turned and they saw a cloud of black smoke rising.

"What is that?" Kakashi asked.

"The other part of phase 3." Naruto replied as he walked over to the comm link station "This is the Arashi, what is your status Inazuma?"

"Inazuma here. The destruction of Otogakure is going according to plan. There are no survivors so far, and we have Orochimaru on the run."

"Don't let him escape. What about the other bases?"

"All destroyed. The Shoku has already taken out every base in the elemental nations. Guren's information made it a lot easier."

"And Kabuto?"

"There has been no sign of him."

Naruto frowned at this before signing off and looking at the three former Konaha shinobi who were staring at him stunned.

"You were attacking Orochimaru while you were also invading us?" Jiraiya asked in shock.

"Killing him is the better term. Orochimaru is too dangerous to leave alive and that's why we launched a surprise attack on him. Guren's information helped us find all of his bases since she was very high in his chain of command. I doubt we got all of them and this is going to take years to make sure that we have fully destroyed him, but the way things stand we should have the majority of Orochimaru's taint eradicated by nightfall." Naruto explained as he walked towards the door "We'll be in Kumogakure in about an hour. Once we land I want you three to come with me to a meeting that the main council is going to be having."

"Why?" Tsunade asked.

"Because Phase 4 is about to begin and I need to read you guys in on this and get your opinion of what is going to happen, some fresh eyes might spot something I have missed." Naruto explained as he left the room. An hour later they arrived in Kumogakure where the majority of the shinobi were take to temporary housing while more permanent estabilshments were made for them while Naruto and his commanders, along with Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Shikamaru and Shikaku went to the main meeting room where A and Mei Terumi were waiting for them.

"Glad to see it all went well." A nodded as he looked at the new arrivals "Tsunade."

"A." Tsunade nodded as she shook his hand "It's a pleasure to be on the same side this time."

"Too true." the Raikage chuckled as he nodded for them to take a seat while Naruto made his way to the head of the table.

"Ok everyone, it's time to start getting ready for the final phase." Naruto sighed as he passed around folders containing documents "To fill in our new arrivals as to what is going on, these first three phases have been to unite the world under a single banner, to prepare to fight off our true threat."

"True threat?" Shikamaru frowned.

"For the last eighteen years someone has been manipulating things from the shadows, starting with the Kyubi attack, the madness of the Yodaime Mizukage, the sudden change in the Akatsuki's methods. I have spoken at length with those close to the people of each of these incidents and it all comes down to one figure that should be long dead. Madara Uchiha."

"Madara Uchiha?!" Jiraiya exclaimed "He should be dead!"

"Should be and I think likely is." Naruto nodded "I think we have another Uchiha masqurading as him. One that is trying to push things towards his final goal. He manipulated Nagato into changing how the Akatsuki operated, took control of the Mizukage, and releaed the Kyubi from my mother while she was giving birth to me. He is trying to instill chaos while moving towards his ultimate goal, gathering the Biju."

"But why?" Kakashi asked "The Biju are powerful but they are not unstoppable."

"Agreed." Naruto nodded "That is why I'm hoping that the stone tablet that we recovered from the Uchiha compound will shed some light on the matter. According to Itachi, a masked man helped him kill the whole Uchiha clan that night, but he thinks that it was a ruse to go and read the tablet while the clan was distracted."

"So what do you think that this man is planning?" Mei asked.

"If I have to guess, a war. A war to capture all nine Biju and implement his master plan. A war that will be the final one on this land." Naruto replied.

"Are you certain?" Kakashi asked.

"I have looked over his reasonings and findings and I have come to the same conclusion." Hao stated "If it is true that this masked Uchiha that calls himself Madara is trying to start another war than it is best that we have united the world. Every shinobi nations stands with us now, along with the smaller nations. Tetsu no Kuni has agreed to aid us in this matter as well."

"So we are prepared to handle the worst case scenario." Tsunade noted.

"Not quite." Naruto sighed as everyone looked at them "There was one objective that we didn't meet in the Konaha invasion, and I am positive that he got away."

"Sasuke." Kakashi sighed.

"Yeah, he wasn't sighted once during the attack." Naruto nodded "I think that Madara got him out and is likely getting him ready to fight against us. Itachi, is it possible to use a genjutsu to trigger the Mangekyo Sharingan?"

"In theory yes." Itachi nodded "It would have to be very complex and very difficult to break, one that the mind can accept with ease. But if it could be done than the evolution could occur."

"Crap." Naruto cursed "All we need is Sasuke with a Mankekyo Sharingan."

"Would it be that bad?" Mei asked.

"A full powered Sharingan makes him challenging. A Mankeyo Sharingan will make him a much larger threat. There is no telling what his abilities will be with that second step, and that will make him very unpredictable." Naruto explained.

"But we have Itachi on our side." Jiraiya noted.

"And he is going blind." Naruto sighed.

"It is true. The cost of the Mankekyo is to lose ones sight the more you use it. The only way around this is to take someone elses Sharingan and thus keep your sight." Itachi explained.

"So you take Sasuke's eyes." Jiraiya replied "He is already gone down the path of evil, so there shouldn't be a problem."

"True. Though I would like one last chance to try and convince him to change his path." Itachi sighed.

"I doubt it will work, but if it does than great." Naruto replied "Ok, you all have copies of the files that we have and inside are the assignments that I need each of you to handle. Look over them and be ready to move out at a moments notice. Until then it's business as usual."

There was a nod of general agreement as they all stood and left the room to begin their preperations and to try and find out what their enemy was planning.

Orochimaru panted as he hid on the outskirts of his villages. Yugure had caught him flat footed and had pressed the advantage. His forces were destroyed and shinobi that were just as powerful as he was in their respective areas were pursuing him. He didn't know how this happened but he was determined to survive. What made matters worse was that some of the key people that he had brought to this base were suddenly missing and he was certain that they hadn't defected for Yugure, which made it all the more troubling that they were gone. Before Orochimaru could do anything else a sword stabbed through the tree and through his chest, shocking him as he shed that form and emerged from the mouth of the old body. He had already done this two other times and he would not be able to do it again for at least another thirty minutes.

"You won't escape." a voice to his right said as the ninjutsu master landed, already flashing through handsigns "Katon: Taiyō kaminoyari(Lance of the Sun God)!" a lance of white hot fire shot out, too large for Orochimaru to evade and the sannin paled as he flashed through handsigns and attempted to use a wind ninjutsu to counteract the worst of the fire. What he hadn't expected was the massive heat that came with it and he could literally feel his skin cooking from the increasing temperature. As the fire stopped Orochimaru stopped the jutsu and found that his arms were char broiled and useless and felt two kunai stab him in the back as he turned and saw the third pursuer landing, the one that used long range weapons and genjutsu.

"You're finished." The swordsman said as he leapt down from the trees where he had moved during the fire jutsu flickering from sight while swinging his sword. All Orochimaru could do was roll to the side where another kunai struck him in the leg and he fell to the ground. Orochimaru paniced for the first time in many years as he realized that he still had five minutes before he could use the snake shedding technique again and knew that they would not wait that long. Before he could try to bide time the first man swung his blade and removed Orochimaru's head from his sholders and then nodded to the ninjutsuist to set the whole thing of fire. Once the body was burning the swordsman touched his communicator.

"This is the take down team. Orochimaru is dead, body is confirmed and has been incinerated."

"Very good. Return to the Inazuma." the operator said as he made sure to pass along the message to be sent to Kumogakure.

In a hidden base deep in the woods of Hi no Kuni, Tobi stood over Sasuke who was trapped in an illusion that would trigger the Mankekyo Sharingan. He had been in the illusion for days since the masked man had gotten him out of the village. He had known that Yugure would attack soon after they had attacked Iwagakure and he was going to need the avenger on his side to help deal with the tailed beasts. He had also gotten several other key pieces for this altered plan since they had failed to capture a single Biju. Kabuto was undergoing a transformation that would render him even more powerful while he also worked on creating an army of Edo Tensei soldiers for Tobi, while the few members of Orochimaru's forces that he could acquire trained in a different part of the base. Suigetsu had been easy to recruit since he had gathered five of the seven swords from Kirigakure and had promised him the other two once they were taken. Karin had proven troublesome but his promise of giving her to Sasuke had settled that matter. Jugo had been the most difficult due to his madness. However once he told him that Kimimaro had died for Sasuke and that it was now his duty to work for the Uchiha he had instantly calmed down and was now working on controlling his abilities even better.

Sasuke's scream as he was freed from the illusion, his eyes changing tore Tobi from his thoughts and the masked man nodded as he saw the Uchiha staring at him, his new eyes bleeding from the shift.

"You're ready now. Now you can take your revenge on all those that have wronged you. Itachi, the remains of Konaha, and Naruto Uzumaki."

The last one earned a snarl from the Uchiha's throat as he grabbed his blade and slashed through a wall.

"When do we start?" he asked with a grin as he faced his benefactor.